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What to do in Curaçao?Looking for Curacao travel tips?In this article, we’ll share our curacao itineraryand the tips and information we collected on our last trip to this absolutely paradise island.

Curacao and Aruba they are two islands close togetherand, because of that, a very interesting pairing to do in the Caribbean.That’s why we decided to include both in this same trip.

Despite being close and having some things in common, the two islands have very peculiar characteristics.The comparison between Aruba and Curaçao is inevitable, so much so that later we will publish an article with some different items between the two destinations.But overall, you’ll find absolutely amazing beaches on either side.

And with our Aruba travel guide already out, it’s time to talk about Curaçao, a very popular island among Brazilians.It’s just that Gol had a direct route from Brazil to Curaçao, which took many people to the island.In 2012, the party ended and there are no more direct flights.

Would you like to discover this piece of Caribbean paradise?

What to do in Curaçao: Tips and Itinerary

Complete Travel Planning Guide

O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem
The incredibly blue sea of ​​Curaçao is one of the main attractions of this Caribbean island.In this photo, Klein Curaçao

Curacao Day to Day Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrival in Curaçao
Day 2 – North Beaches: Kenepa Grandi and Cas Abao
Day 3 – Port Mari and Willemstad (Otrobanda and Punda)
Day 4 – Jan Thiel and Mambo Beach
Day 5 – Klein Curaçao

Curacao Gay Friendly – ​​Review Floris Suite Hotel Spa & Beach Club

O que fazer em Curaçao: Dicas e Roteiro de 5 Dias de Viagem

O que fazer em Curaçao: Dicas e Roteiro de 5 Dias de Viagem

1 – Why Visit Curaçao

  • The first and most obvious reason to visit Curaçao is the beaches, of course.It is on the list of the 25 best beaches in the Caribbean, according to the TripAdvisor website.And what about Klein Curaçao???
  • One of our reasons for choosing Curaçao was the weather.In the second semester, some regions of the Caribbean are susceptible to hurricanes (in 2016, the hurricane of the time was Matthew).Curaçao is outside the hurricane risk area.
  • The amount of rain in Curaçao is very low, according to weather websites such as that the weather will remain sunny on Curaçao is a reason to choose the island.Even so, we caught 1 or 2 days of rain there.I didn’t like it.

According to information from Curacao Tourism Office (CTB), the island had a 57% increase in the number of visitors in 2021 (compared to 2019), receiving more than 265,000 visitors, of which 4267 are Brazilians.

Among the protocols established in the fight against COVID-19, the tourist must present a PCR exam (done within 48 hours before departure) and fill in two forms on the official website, where it will also be necessary to upload the result of the PCR COVID-19 exam.

O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem: Kenepa BeachO que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem: Kenepa Beach
How to resist the beaches of Curaçao: one of the main reasons to go to the island, of course, the beauties of the Caribbean Sea

Curacao in all its colors

  • The diversity of nationalities present on the island is reflected in its behavior.One of the factors that attracted us to Curaçao was the fact that the island is notoriously gay-friendly.By the way, we stayed in a hotel that perfectly translates what it means to be gay-friendly, it was sensational.See Where to Stay below.
  • Curacao has a very interesting and colorful capital, Willemstad, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Among the important factors for the capital to be elected are the authenticity, integrity and preservation of the Dutch-influenced city.Even when, in 2010, Curaçao ceased to be a colony and managed to become an independent country from the Netherlands, the place continues to preserve its historical heritage.

Willemstad é a capital e um programa imperdível no roteiro em CuracaoWillemstad é a capital e um programa imperdível no roteiro em Curacao
Willemstad, capital of Curaçao, has been declared a UNESCO Heritage Site for the integrity of its architecture

Practical Travel Tips

  • Moeda de Curaçao: o dólar também é aceitoMoeda de Curaçao: o dólar também é aceitoYou don’t need a visa to enter Curaçao, just have a valid passport.
  • After the Covid pandemic, the The island now requires an International Yellow Fever Vaccine Certificate.
  • The language spoken there is Dutch, and we saw many European tourists there.But they are very few, the business is to communicate in English or Spanish.

What is Curaçao’s currency

  • The currency in Curaçao is the Netherlands Antillean Guilder, but most of the time we hear it as Guilders.Dollars are widely accepted.
  • Still, I don’t recommend paying in dollars.They return change in local currency and you can hardly do the math to know if the change was wrong.We went to dinner at a restaurant opposite the bridge and the change came wrong 3 times in a row, so don’t trust it, unfortunately.

It’s worth buying a SIM card to use the phone in Curaçao.

We had bought the Digicell SIM card in Aruba and the question was whether it would work in Curaçao too.I just enabled roaming and it worked.That way, we can stay connected all the time, especially with Waze on, which makes getting around a lot easier.

Renting a car is essential.There are a few vans between the busier destinations such as Jan Thiel and Mambo Beach, but for the north of the island, public transport is non-existent.

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Stay tuned

Today, many articles on the internet are impersonal.The authors did not actually make the trip and work with content inspired by other sites rather than their own experiences.

Would you get travel tips from someone who hasn’t taken this trip?

Give credit to authorial work.All Viagens Cine articles are based on real experiences and on places we actually visit.Photos and videos are our own.

Car Hire in Curaçao

Our car rental experience in Curaçao was not very positive, so learn from our mistakes.

We rented a car, but the price did not include insurance.We activated the insurance via our Mastercard credit card benefits.

Because of an incident, we sent an email to the Mastercard insurance company asking for advice, but there was no response.In other words, this credit card insurance didn’t help us just when we needed it most.

2 – Getting to Curaçao

Direct Flights

  • As we said, unfortunately there are no more direct flights from Brazil to Curaçao.Even flights from Manaus, by InselAir, have been suspended (as of March 2017, Viaje na Viagem news).
  • The option is to take flights with a stopover in the United States, in Panama (Copa Airlines) or Bogotá (Avianca).
  • We chose the stopover in the United States because we continued our trip there after visiting the Caribbean.If you’re curious, check out our road trip through California, which we took just after Curaçao.

Curaçao - Mapa das Antilhas Holandesas. Aruba e Curaçao agora são países independentes da Holanda

Curaçao - Mapa das Antilhas Holandesas. Aruba e Curaçao agora são países independentes da Holanda

Traveling from Aruba to Curaçao by InselAir

  • But in reality, we ended up traveling to Curaçao from Aruba.The plane is necessary and the journey takes less than 30 minutes.
  • Among the airlines that fly Aruba Curaçao, we chose InselAir, which had the cheapest airfare.The airline doesn’t have a very good reputation, and believe me, it deserves that reputation.
  • On the way out, everything went well, the flight was delayed a little but nothing serious.Upon entering the aircraft, we felt a very bad odor and the hope of photographing Aruba from above went to space, as the glass was thick and dirty.In short, the flight would only serve for transportation.

O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de ViagemO que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem
Enjoying the crystal clear sea at Kenepa Beach in Curaçao

Arriving at the Airport

Arrival in Curaçao was smooth, we went through immigration, quick questions and we were allowed to pick up our luggage.Curaçao airport is quite small and practically all outdoors, so right away you feel the heat of the country you just arrived.They are in the process of being expanded, there will probably be improvements.

But on the way back to Aruba, we had problems.Our flight was brought forward about 4 hours to 7 am.This caused us a lot of inconvenience, as we had to return the rental car the day before, as the airport rental company only worked from 8 am.At least we were notified by email of the change, but imagine if I hadn’t checked my mail.

Taxis are pretty hard to find.We had to return the car and take a taxi back to the hotel.We waited about 20 or 30 minutes for a taxi to come by.

The ride to our hotel (in Piscadera Bay) cost US$30.00 (multiply that by two, as the next morning we had to return to the airport).Look at the expense for this change in InselAir’s schedule.

Once you’re in the taxi, start praying.It looks like something out of a movie lol.

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3 – Where to Stay in Curaçao

North of Ilha

We stayed in 2 hotels in Curaçao.The first one in the north of the island, our intention was to be closer to the most beautiful beaches in Curaçao, such as Kenepa Beach, Cas Abao and Porto Mari.The second hotel in Piscadera Bay, about 5 minutes away from Otrobanda, Willemstad’s historic center.

We traveled for the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival weekend and obviously the prices were not good.Therefore, this alternative of staying in the north for a few days also allowed us to save some money.

We stayed at the Boutique Hotel Blenchi, better known as Landhuis Klein Santa Martha, which is located in the town of Soto.The place is about 40 minutes away from Curaçao Airport.But the biggest problem is not the distance.The area is quite isolated and deserted, with little (if any) infrastructure.The region is also much more humble than the rest of the island.

If on the one hand, that region seemed much more authentic and Caribbean than any other on the island (even because of the apparent simplicity of the constructions) , is not what you would expect when arriving at a vacation destination, even more so in the Caribbean.You want to see trendy places and paradisiacal scenery.In Soto, everything is very quiet.It was definitely not the first impression I wanted to have of the island.

But other than that, the hotel is great, the service is very friendly and it has a very beautiful view of Santa Martha Bay.It has a very nice restaurant (considered one of the best restaurants in Curaçao), where we had dinner and breakfast.And above all, in 15 minutes by car, we were able to reach the best beaches in Curaçao.

Procurando onde ficar em Curaçao, há opções no norte da ilha, perto das praias mais selvagensProcurando onde ficar em Curaçao, há opções no norte da ilha, perto das praias mais selvagens
Welcome drink offered upon arrival at Landhuis Klein Santa Martha, hotel in northern Curaçao

Piscadera Bay: near Willemstad

The journey changed from water to wine when we switched to Floris Suite Hotel in Piscadera Bay.A very beautiful region, with good infrastructure, surrounded by good restaurants and great hotels in the surroundings.And what about the hotel???

O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem - Hotel Gay Friendly Floris SuitesO que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem - Hotel Gay Friendly Floris Suites
The swimming pool of the incredible Floris Suite Hotel in Curaçao, well located just 5 minutes from the centro

The Floris has beautiful facilities (the room was wonderful) and impeccable service.Many hotels don’t raise the flag, but Floris takes it with pride and the hotel staff even coordinates some Curaçao gay pride activities.

In addition to the very nice swimming pool, the hotel also has access to a private beach, which is inside the Hilton hotel (right in front of Floris).The beach is beautiful and super quiet, an oasis really considering that most of the beaches in Curaçao are super crowded.

Just to give you an idea, we arrived with a flat tire (which we had there in the north of the island) and one of the employees was extremely kind enough to take the tire in for repair.Honestly, there is no price to pay for this care.

And best of all, the Floris Suite Hotel is excellent value for money.

Floris Suite Hotel: um cantinho gay friendly nessa ilha do CaribeFloris Suite Hotel: um cantinho gay friendly nessa ilha do Caribe
The Floris Suite Hotel has access to a beautiful and private beach in Curaçao

Check prices and availability for the Floris Suite Hotel in Curaçao here

4 – When to Go – Best Season

  • As we anticipated, the weather is good in Curaçao every month of the year, because Curaçao is free from hurricane risk area in the Caribbean.
  • Apart from that, it also rains very little there.The worst months are from October to November (according to the Holiday Weather website), but even so, the amount of rain is low and does not interfere much with the trip.
  • According to the Praiometer of Viaje na Travel, which I always check out, Curaçao is not at risk of too much rain (in the amount that can really spoil the trip, above 100 mm) all year round.

5 – Things to do in Curaçao

  • You don’t have to be a guru to know that the best things to do in Curaçao are the beaches.From public beaches to paid beaches, there is a beach for all tastes.Curaçao’s unanimity is Kenepa Grandi, the most beautiful public beach there, located in Westpunt, in the wildest and most isolated area of ​​the island.
  • On the way to Kenepa Grandi , there are two other very popular beaches there, the paid beaches of Cas Abaoand Porto Mari.In the following article, we explain more about the public and paid beaches scheme in Curaçao.

Read more: How Public Beaches and Paid Beaches Work in Curaçao

O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem: Playa LagunO que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem: Playa Lagun
Playa Lagun is one of the public beaches located in the north of Curaçao

  • But Curaçao has other very interesting activities as well.The capital of Curaçao is divided into two main regions: Pundaand Otrobanda, separated by the Queen Juliana Bridge.
  • A very interesting tour is to explore the shops from Rif Fort, but the entire historic center has those pretty colorful houses.In the remote past, it is said that one of the representatives of Holland found the painting of the houses very monotonous and had everything painted in bright colors.Lucky for us.
  • Another center that I found very interesting is the region of Mambo Beach, full of shops and restaurants facing the sea.
  • We went to dinner there at The Green House, at the invitation of the Curacao Tourist Board.Dinner was great and on top of that, we enjoyed an unmissable sunset.On weekends, this is where beach parties take place.

Pôr do sol em Mambo Beach, também conhecida como Seaquarium BeachPôr do sol em Mambo Beach, também conhecida como Seaquarium Beach
Sunset at Mambo Beach , one of the most incredible places to spend the evening in Curaçao

  • The Curaçao Sea Aquarium is also located there, where you can swim with dolphins, among others. activities.The beach at Mambo Beach (called Seaquarium Beach) is paid and artificial, so better for families as the sea is very calm, almost like a swimming pool.
  • Finally not you can forget about the boat trip to Klein Curaçao, probably the most surreal place of the trip.The journey continues to a deserted island with an unbelievable sea.The place has little infrastructure, but we went with Mermaid Boat Trips, which has a great support point on the island, with restrooms, shower, viewpoint and breakfast + lunch included in the tour.

Stay tuned for all Curaçao stories here on the blog

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O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem

O que fazer em Curacao Dicas e Roteiro de Viagem

© 2016 Fabio Pastorello.Reproduction of texts and/or images is not permitted without the author’s permission.

Note:Accommodation at Floris Suite Hotel was complimentary.Although the accommodation is supported, the author’s opinions are independent and freely expressed.

The vehicle traveled to Curaçao with travel insurance from GTA – Global Travel Assistance.

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