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Traveling alone and the issue of safety – Vou na JanelaVou na Janela

In recent weeks, the issue of safety for those going travel alone has been widely discussed, a subject that has always been on the agenda among the communities of travelers and blogs that talk about the travel experience, but which reached the mainstream media after the murder of two Argentine women in Ecuador. If you don’t know the case, it’s worth taking a search to understand better.

And the internet is a land where everyone has an opinion to give and many times they go beyond the limits of democracy and leave for ignorance and lack of respect. Then we read (incredulously) things like “they should be traveling with a man”, “which mother would allow this” and so on. From the simplest of people to journalists have spewed abominable things on this subject.

Traveling alone for me is the ultimate expression of freedom. Of being the owner of one’s own nose and of all the inner transformation that a trip does to us. Anyone who follows Vou na Janela knows that this is my way of traveling and the vast majority of travel bloggers do the same.

Everyone has their own safety tips and for those who live in a big city like São Paulo, some precautions are already part of our daily lives, but sometimes we let our guard down when we are traveling, thinking we are in a safe place.

What actually happened to the Argentine girls, we may never know. It is sad, regrettable and unacceptable any kind of violence. But let it not serve as an excuse to prune anyone’s dreams, whether woman or man.

Speaking of safety days, I have mine, maybe they’ll work for you too.

Tips for traveling alone

share your script

Two friends of mine always know about my itineraries and what I’m going to be doing on those days or which hotel I’m staying at, there’s always someone “on the lookout”. Let your family members know about your plans, be present on social networks.

On the cellphone

It has a very nice personal security app for iOS and Android, bSafe. With it we can create zones of trust with our script and when we leave it, our contacts will be alerted so they can check if everything is ok.

bar care

Never accept drink in someone else’s glass unless it’s a bottle and it’s closed. This is a care that we need to take wherever we go, whether at a club close to home or in a strange country. Ever heard of “good night Cinderella”? So.

Don’t spread that you’re alone

Never tell strangers on the street that you are traveling alone, nor say where you are staying, it is an invitation to malicious people.

Choose your hosting well

Read a lot about what other people say about a particular hotel or hostel, especially about the location and what the surroundings are like at night. I stayed in a hotel in Frankfurt on a street I already knew, but for a few years it has become a cracolândia in the financial heart of Germany. It was not pleasant to walk there at night.

You know the mother’s advice: “don’t talk to strangers”? Well, they know everything! These are basic precautions for those traveling alone to have a smooth trip.

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