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Traveling safely during the Covid-19 PandemicVou na Janela

The Covid-19 pandemic has arrived and hit us hard. The world almost completely stopped, travel was discouraged or simply prohibited, and we locked ourselves in our homes. After more than 6 months, the desire to travel becomes stronger and stronger. It will still take a long time to travel like before and safely, however I know everyone is tired of staying indoors. I’ve been living in my apartment in São Paulo for 6 months, following a routine of seclusion. Now I’m getting ready for my first trip since then and the challenge is to travel safely and responsibly.

It took a few months of planning and a lot of doubts: am I doing it right or wrong? Should I stay home until we have a vaccine? Where to travel right now when travel shouldn’t be a priority?

To this day I have not been to bars, restaurants, mall stores or used public transport and I am fully aware of how privileged I am and that I can just not leave the house if I want to. And for so many people who had to go to work during this pandemic, I did my part and locked myself in for long 6 months.

Here I want to share with you everything I did to plan a trip during the pandemic and, of course, travel safely and responsibly.

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How to travel safely during the pandemic

The choice of destination

First, we must choose the destination of our trip. The ideal at this time is to make short trips, which do not require large displacements and which can be done preferably by car. Outdoor places such as parks, with large open areas and not crowded with people. Speaking of which, the basic principle for traveling safely at this time is to avoid agglomerations.

Get informed about the destination

It is very important that you read as much information about your travel destination as possible. How are the numbers of cases, restrictions on movement and operation of commercial establishments. Are places like beaches, trails and parks open or closed? With or without restrictions for the entry of visitors?

the means of transport

As I have already indicated above, the ideal is that your trip is made by car. Thus, the risk of contagion when compared to traveling by bus or plane is practically zero. Of course, as long as the car is sanitized and you follow the hygiene and cleaning protocol.

the type of hosting

Many hotels are following international protocols for cleaning and sanitizing their establishments. But we know that the bigger the hotel, the more circulation areas it will have and that is dangerous. Many hotels have closed off common areas such as swimming pools, gyms and restaurants to reduce guest circulation, in addition to requiring the use of masks and face-shields. But at the end of the day, you’ll have to trust that the hotel staff actually followed the facility’s sanitization protocols correctly.

At this moment – ​​clearly within the possibilities of each one – the ideal is to rent a complete property through Airbnb. Make sure the house is sanitized before your arrival and afterward, just follow the same care you would in your own home.

In the box below you can search for the perfect properties on Airbnb to make your trip with complete safety.

Personal cares

However, it doesn’t hurt to remember that our greatest weapon against the coronavirus is personal care and social distance. Never leave the house or car without the mask, always have the bottle of gel alcohol close by and always leave your shoes outside.

When you get home, wash your hands. Some people may think it’s overkill, but I usually put even the clothes I was on the street straight into the washing machine. And everything I bring home from the street is sanitized. I know it’s boring and tiring to do this all the time, especially after 6 months, but it’s a really necessary measure.


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