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Typical Chilean Foods + Chilean Drinks To Try

Typical Chilean foods are many and varied: from seafood, to cheap options and even some very exotic ones. Check out our list below.

Chile is practically all coastal, so the main food is seafood. Dishes with lots of rice, beans, meat and salad are also common.

A warning: we like to travel to taste street foods and browse supermarket shelves to find interesting and different things. So don’t expect to see gourmet dishes around here ūüėČ

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Typical Chilean Foods

1) Curanto

Curanto (pictured at the beginning of the post) is a typical dish from the island of Chiloé composed of beef, pork and chicken cooked with many shellfish and shells, inside a giant hole in the earth, with hot stones at the bottom, and covered with tree leaves.

There’s still potatoes, a bread made with a crazy chilota dough that’s too good, and other things. The idea is: everything will taste like everything. And, yes!, it is one of the greatest delights you can eat in this universe.

The difficulty is that this curanto made in stone is hard to find, usually at a party or something, because it’s a lot of food that is made at once. It’s called Curanto de Hoyo.

The good part is that there is a simplified version: Olla’s Curanto. This one is made in a very large pan (to fit everything), but the principle is the same. According to the locals, the taste isn’t even that different.

In Dalcahue, a small town near Castro on the island of Chiloé, you can find a lot of curanto (olla) stalls, in a gastronomic center. We ate at the first one right at the entrance (the one on the left), on the recommendation of a local friend, and, asking for one, it was enough to fill the stomachs of two people.

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2) Seafood

Many species of shellfish and fish can be tasted in the city markets in Chile, one more delicious than the other.


3) Complete (the Chilean Hot Dog)

The Chilean hot dog is called Completo and it is everywhere. It often comes with avocado on top, but there are several other types as well.

typical chile food
Photo: Rodolfo Ditzel Lacoa [CC BY-SA 3.0]via Wikimedia Commons

4) Chilean Ceviche

It’s also very popular in Chile, although they do it a little differently than other Latin countries.

It is served in a small glass or container, and basically consists of some almost raw seafood (here the difference, because it is usually raw) that is cooked in the mixture made with numerous acidic seasonings, mainly lemon and onion.

Chilean food and drinks

5) Chilean Empanadas

A type of baked pastry that is typical in several South American countries, including Chile. The most common fillings are meat, chicken or cheese. In each region of the country the empanada has a special touch.

argentinian foods

Gabriel Avellaneda’s image

6) Lomo a lo Pobre

You know when you’ve been walking for hours, visiting beautiful places, and you get hungry? You look around and only see expensive and gourmet restaurants, wanting to make as much money as possible with tourists.

If you want to escape this situation, just look for a place selling Lomo a lo Pobre. This hearty and cheap meal is the equivalent of the Prato Feito here in Brazil, and is always a guarantee of a good homemade taste.

It usually comes with fries, steak and egg.

photo: James

7) Choclo Pastel

Unlike the empanada, which I mentioned above and which looks like a pastel, the Pastel de Choclo does not look like a pastel. I know, it’s confusing. In fact, the Pastel de Choclo is more like a escondidinho made with a corn dough.

Chilean drink

8) Mote with Huesillos

At first glance you won’t want to taste this drink full of strange things at the bottom of the glass, but trust me: how delicious!

Mote con Huesillos is sold on the streets of Santiago in a plastic cup. It is cold and consists of a very sweet drink, with peach juice, peach in syrup and wheat grains. Strange, but surprisingly good.

Photo: Ranstevens, CC BY-SA 4.0

9) Wine

Chilean wines are recognized as some of the best in the world. Blindly buying any wine on the market is no mistake.

argentine drinks

10) Earthquake

The ‚Äúearthquake‚ÄĚ is a mixture of barrel wine (of inferior quality) with pineapple and grenadine ice cream (in the original version). More common in the month of September, to commemorate the homeland festivals.

In the other months it is also easy to find it. La Piollera bar in Santiago serves the best earthquake in Chile, according to locals.

Chilean food and drinks

11) Robin

Pisco is also Chilean and very popular in the country. Pisco sour is the most frequent drink in bars.

It is made with pisco (grape brandy), sugar, lemon juice, ice, egg white and a few drops of angostura (a bitter liquid made from herbs).

chile drinks typical chile food
pisco sour
Photo: Luis Tamayo from Dallas, Texas, USA, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0]



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