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Universal Kensington Adapter – Rodei Viagens

Updated November 23, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

I finally managed to buy my Kensington universal adapter. We had been dating for a few months, but his price was always a barrier between us – a difficult relationship, you see.

Of course, you can have any universal adapter, but this one has an extra borogodó: in addition to adapting to more than 150 countries, for 20 dollars it also comes with a USB port.

Now you can recharge your iPhone directly from the wall, by the way, be careful not to buy the old version without a USB port.

The one I bought, and which appears in the photo, is the international travel plug adapter with USB charger bought on because you don’t often find it in stores.

Anyway, essential for international travel and even more important for those who will pass through several countries in the same trip.

The Kensington adapter is all built-in, that is, the adaptations are all internal, just pull or push the side pins to change the socket of the output – and goodbye to the thousands of different heads!

Have you decided where to stay during your trip?

A lot of people are insecure before hitting the hammer about the hotel when they still don’t know the destination, so I gathered some of the last experiences I had in the United States:

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