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Vacations in Rome as on film • viajerAdicta

When I think about Pomegranate, on the ground floor in history, food, music and wine, also in the 50s cinema. Es que Roma es eternal en el cine y en la realidad. If you like to give a cinematic touch to your travels, keep reading to find out how to feel in Vacaciones en Roma.

“Rome; by all means, Rome. I will cherish my visit here, in memory, as long as I live”

1. Stroll through El Foro Romano

El Foro Romano is a place you have to see in Rome. As part of the film, the Roman Forum serves as the backdrop for the first meeting between Ann and Joe.

Guided tour of the Coliseo, Foro y Palatino

roman forum rome

2. Visit Joe Bradley’s house

Do you agree with Joe’s address? If you’re a film lover, probably you are. Joe la mentions it a couple of times: Via Margutta Nr. 51.

3. Enjoy a gelato on the stairs in the Plaza de España

On the stairs of the Plaza de España, one of the most remembered scenes from the film was filmed. After Ann leaves Joe’s house, she follows and is in these stairs where she approaches to speak while she eats a cold.

stairway plaza españa rome

4. Córtate along the front of the Trevi Fountain

Don’t lie. I believe that there are no peluquerías in front of la Fontana. What if you want to go back to Rome, you’ll have your back to the Fontana and take a coin with your right hand on your shoulder.

5. Drink champagne at the iced coffee in front of the Panteón

There’s no such thing as the Rocca café (which is where the protagonists are) there, in front of the Panteón there are many cafés where you can sit with the mouse and order a glass of champagne like Ann or a chilled coffee with Joe.

night pantheon rome

6. Walk on a Vespa!

Riding a motorcycle in Italy: a super cliché. If you know how to do it, rent one and walk through Rome! The price is around 50€ per day, and there are several “noleggio di scooter” where you can rent.

If you dare to do so, you need to have a driving permit (depending on the type of motorcycle, sometimes you have a car permit). Bring your passport and a credit card. You know that managing in Rome is not easy.

Motorbike rental in Rome

vespa moto rome

7. Know the Coliseo Romano

Do you know someone who has gone to Rome and hasn’t entered the Coliseo? Entering the Coliseo is something you have to do in Rome.

Guided tour of the Coliseo, Foro y Palatino

roman coliseum rome italy

8. Put your hand in the Boca della Verità

The scene in the Boca della Verità is also one of the most remembered from Vacaciones en Roma. According to Joe, the legend that you hear and metes the hand, the mouth falls with her.

9. Dance on the banks of the Tíber River, in front of Castillo Sant’Angelo

The pier where salen de fiesta Ann y Joe, no longer exists. I imagine that it must have been incredible to go from the fiesta to the edges of the river, in front of the castle. Equal, nadie stops you dancing! But be careful with the river, I doubt it will be as romantic as in the film.

castillo sant angelo rome

10. Royalties at the Colonna Palace

Do you agree with the final scene of the film? It is in the Palacio Colonna where Ann offers the rueda de prey. If you want to visit the gallery, you have to send an email in advance or visit it on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.

Just say 10, but let me decide 1 thing more that you have to do in Rome if you are a lover of Vacaciones in Rome:

11. Ask for a wish on Mura Aurelane

There is a scene from the film where Ann and Joe are in front of a wall full of inscriptions, which represent a wish fulfilled.

La dejé para el final, because it differs from previous scenarios, it is not known with exactitude if the scene was recorded in Mura Aureilane. In any case, las plaques ya no estan y pueden no haber significa deseos complidos, sin commemoraciones a los muertos de la Second World War

If you think of doing something more to feel in Vacaciones en Roma? Leave it in the comments!


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