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Vacations make me tired… – Mariana Viaja

Yes, that’s what you read. Vacations get tired of me and it’s not because I keep kicking around non-stop. It is another type of tiredness, although the first one exists as well. I talk about the desire to go back to my house soon, sleep in my bed, take a bath in my shower, resume my life, update myself…

It’s not the work itself that I miss, nor exactly the routine of someone who does everything the same every day (hello, Chico!), which I don’t like. But to have my daily life, in my own way, even if it’s to have a different day from the other. That thing of being able to leave without knowing when and, even better, being able to come back whenever I want (hello, Bituca!).

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Of course I like and need vacations, to travel, to rest, to give my head a break – although I open my work email at least every other day, in addition to saving links that might be interesting to read later. #meinternem

But, even if one day I win the lottery, I know I’ll find things to do – like writing a blog, getting some freelance work, getting involved in volunteer work, in short, all the things I already do today, only in a more carefree way. and pleasurable.

Hanging around, sleeping, reading, watching a movie, spending hours on the beach, watching life go by, all this is great, I don’t deny it! But I’m only okay with these situations because I know they’re temporary and I’ll soon have things to do. I need to create a root, although I’m on the team that flaps its wings without fear (or scared, but I flap, but only because I know I have somewhere to go back to).

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Long or short vacation?


In my ideal world, I would split the 30 days of vacation I am entitled to into six five-day seasons, meaning I would have six free weeks a year. It would give time to take a trip and/or rest and come back happy, knowing that in a little while I would have it again.

But in my real world, I can only split the vacation into two parts – so I prefer two periods of 15, or 12/18, depending on what I’m doing. Sometimes, I confess, I go back to the “45 of the second half” needing another day or two to rest. But, in general, with fewer days the vacation ends up being just as profitable and, professionally speaking, I am even more productive.

Maybe it’s a Capricorn thing. Or some anxiety symptom, I don’t know. Maybe I’m a little crazy. It’s quite paradoxical. I just know that I think it’s good to feel bad waking up with the alarm clock, knowing that I have something to do, writing things down on the agenda, crossing out what has already been accomplished and so on, until you feel like having a vacation again, which you don’t usually to take time. How long is it for the next ones?

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