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Valentine’s Day Gift! romantic places

Valentine’s Day Gift!

Valentine’s day is coming! And a lot of people like to give the loved one as a gift or do something special on the date.

But if you don’t plan months in advance, you’ll notice that restaurants sell out reservations, beauty salons run out of hours, AIR TICKETS go up infinitely in value and when you see it, OPS! Maybe it’s hard to find some creative and urgent program!

A good Valentine’s Day gift starts with a surprise, so why not a weekend-sized trip?

List of romantic places to gift your love.

It was with this in mind that I suggested travel-themed Valentine’s Day gifts!

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You decide what is and is not within your reach. I think it will be the solution to your problems for this 12th.

You can combine a destination close to your city OR you can even plan the trip for the next weekend, when the places are quieter and you can enjoy more alone.

Keep reading and you will find what suits you best and at the end of the Post there is a list of cities to visit, with love ♥

Valentine’s gift for a romantic place close by

Think about the following, sometimes just the fact of changing the routine, the places you go and the time to wake up make the experience new, and new experiences renew the relationship.

Surely, there is a place there on the side of your city that would make a good setting for affection, for breakfast in bed. Is not?

Here on the blog I’ve already made lists of super romantic destinations in southern Brazil! Check out.

Traveling nearby is good because it can be done by car or bus and doesn’t require much planning. Hotels may not have vacancies in large centers, but what about in the neighboring town? Maybe you can still find them at good prices. Look, you will find.

If you can’t travel on the 12th, sleep with your love and leave early to travel on a Saturday.

The road alone and all the green will bring great weather. And suddenly this trip goes towards our next tip… ♥

A romantic place on the beach is also a great gift!

Who doesn’t have a nearby coast to call their own? There are those who live on beaches and don’t even attend!

In some places it is even possible to set up your breakfast in the canga, but in any case, the scenery of vacations, sea and beauties always inspires a romance.

Enjoy and eat oysters, they say it’s an aphrodisiac.

place-romantic-beach-couple Valentine's Day gift!  romantic places

Rio receives flights from all over Brazil and almost every half hour, there is still time to make a reservation or enjoy a day trip.

Northeast and North also please with their summer climate all year round. Maceió, Fortaleza, are some of the places you can start researching now so you don’t regret it later. ♥

Gift your love with a romantic place a little further away

I’ve already commented here that some itineraries in neighboring countries are even possible to do in an extended weekend, isn’t it? If you are planning a trip to Montevideo or Buenos Aires for that date, know that they can be very romantic places.

Punta del Leste is also good for having the beach atmosphere that I mentioned above, and for being luxurious, trendy is called Monaco in South America, and the cool thing? It has a freshwater and saltwater beach.

OR, follow the tip given above, schedule today but enjoy on another date, on the holiday of September 7th or even on a quieter weekend. ♥

Travel without leaving home, a romantic homely place

I think this is my happiest option, although the post is intended to encourage you to travel.

romantic-places-homemade Valentine's Day gift!  romantic places

Traveling without leaving home can include a movie, series, candlelight dinner, a lazy day… but it can also include different metropolitan programs.

Do you already know the cinema that turns into a bed? Some cities have it and you can have dinner while watching the latest movie, right?

A romantic place in the cold

Have you ever thought about going to a cold place, CONGRATULATIONS, you nailed it! They say that European people spent a lot of time in bed due to the cold, and that’s why they always had many children hahaha.

Legend or not, the feeling is true, who doesn’t like to stick nose to nose this winter season?

There is something for all tastes here, both places in capitals, which have airports and are therefore easier to reach, and cities close to capitals, which will require an extra transfer.

The good thing is that from north to south you can find a small town with a European climate where you can take your beloved blanket with you. Want to see? Look at some destinations that I separated thinking about the nice cold climate and full of romance for you.

Curitiba, the capital of Paraná.

for-couples-who-want-to-escape-from-the-routine-on-Valentine's-day-tip-and-enjoy-the-tourist-spots-of-curitiba-in-the-botanical-garden-that- has-as-scenery-a-greenhouse-with-plants-and-various-c Valentine's Day gift!  romantic places

Gramado and Canela, near Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul.

Campos do Jordão, on the side of the capital of São Paulo.

Montes Verdes, in Minas Gerais.

Petrópolis and Itaipava, near the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

Guaramiranga, a find in Ceará.

Domingos Martins, a Germany in Espírito Santo.

Snail-Chocolates-300x200 Valentine's Day Gift!  romantic places
Gramado restaurants have a sheepskin on the chairs. The experience is incredible!

In these places, be sure to drink hot chocolate, eat fondue and wear all the elegance that the cold brings with boots, scarves and warm clothes.

Take the opportunity to read more about the winter suitcase, what to bring and how to dress in these cold destinations.

( ! ) I tell you more about these places HERE… ♥

Choose your destination and your valentine’s day gift

Now it’s easy, don’t you think? With all these romantic places tips and ideas to make your valentine’s day unforgettable. Choose what suits you and your love the most (and your pocket too).

Until the next trip, a passionate Valentine’s day for everyone!

cold-romantic-places Valentine's Day Gift!  romantic places
The cold asks for an ear blanket, or a love to call yours.

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