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Visiting the Pablo Neruda House Museum on Isla NegraVou na Janela

On the last trip to Chile I went to see the last Pablo Neruda house that was missing from my collection. If you’re skydiving, Neruda had 3 houses: one in Santiago, called La Chasconathe house of Valparaíso better known as e La Sebastiana and the house of Isla Negra.

Winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature, Neruda is one of the most important Spanish-speaking poets. He died in 1973 in Santiago, shortly after the military coup and Chile plunged into years into the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

Pablo Neruda’s house

The house is divided into two parts

The house on Isla Negra is the most beautiful of all the houses and it was where Neruda spent his last years next to Matilde Urrutia, the “Chascona”.

The house is large and divided into two parts: the first refers to a boat, with a domed roof and narrow doors with many nautical themes. The second part refers to a train car. Oh, and you can’t take pictures inside.

The view that Neruda had

The bar facing the sea

The visit passes through different environments, except for one of the rooms, which is very small, the bar and the kitchen, which for Neruda, was an environment that should never be seen by visitors. Okay, Pablo, your wish is being respected.

The tour is done with audio guides, they are available in several languages, including Portuguese. As we walk through the house, audio recordings explain what we are seeing and why. I say this because the house is full of small and also large details that reveal a lot of Neruda’s personality and genius.

The small circular room that cannot be visited is in this tower.

Another detail from the outside of the house

Like the craziest collections of parts from boats to insects. It’s a lot of clutter my people, but with the audioguide it makes total sense. And all those pieces actually served as inspiration for Neruda to write.

One of the most curious pieces is one of the tables he used to write on. One day he was looking out to sea and saw a piece of wood floating. He and Matilde ran to the beach and spent most of the day waiting for the sea to bring that piece to the beach. Legend has it that Matilde went into the sea to look for such an object.

The fish that is the hallmark of the Pablo Neruda Foundation

Neruda would have said “See, the sea brought a table for the poet“. This piece was a heavy wooden door from a vessel and Neruda turned it into a work table.

It’s stories like this that we hear when visiting the Casa de Pablo Neruda on Isla Negra, a real gift, whether for those who admire Neruda’s work, or for those who like a good story.

How to visit Pablo Neruda’s House on Isla Negra

Despite the name, Isla Negra is not an island. The house is in El Quisco south of Valparaíso. You can get there by bus from Terminal Alameda or Pajaritos in Santiago to El Quisco. You can ask the driver to drop you off near Casa de Neruda or take a taxi from the bus terminal to the house. Entrance costs 7,000 pesos

But the most practical way is to hire a tour, because you can combine it with other tours, so you save time, in addition to all the comfort. I recommend to Bar Tours, a company from Santiago, founded by a Brazilian and focused on the public that comes from Brazil. They make several itineraries departing from Santiago and offer excellent value for money and the tour already includes admission to the Casa Museu.

The house is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm in the months of March to December and from 10 am to 7 pm in January and February.


Here on the blog there is a super complete post with tips on where to stay and where not to stay in Santiago: Read here. But I will leave some tips below.

For me, Providencia is the best neighborhood to stay in Santiago. In the neighborhood we have easy access to most of the city’s attractions.

On my first trip I stayed at Hotel Boutique Tremo and it was an excellent choice. It was a small hotel, brand new, comfortable, with a good breakfast and a nice hot tub in the room.

On the second trip I stayed at another hotel nearby, the Mito Casa Hotel Boutique, which was also a great choice. The third time I was in Santiago, I stayed at the NH Ciudad de Santiago, which is a good chain hotel, so you can’t go wrong and I highly recommend it.

Another popular neighborhood is Bella Vista, I have friends who stayed at The Aubrey Boutique Hotel and loved it. Next time I would try to stay there.

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