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Voodoo Donut: Universal Studios’ donut shop

Updated May 26, 2022 by Thiago Khoury

I finally got to know the Voodoo Donutthe donut shop at Universal Orlando Resort’s CityWalk.

Some friends and readers asked me if it’s worth facing the queues, which at the end of the afternoon can be a little longer than bearable, and the answer is yes – if you like a sweetie, the Voodoo Donut (click to access the website) can be one of your best pitstops of the day.

Of course, I would try to place this visit (which is basically getting in line and choosing which donuts to buy until it’s your turn to pay) in the middle of the afternoon and not at the end of the day, because between 5 pm and 7 pm the probability to catch at least half an hour of queue is great!

The Throne at the Entrance Voodoo Donut

Have you ever heard of Voodoo Donut?

Voodoo Donut was founded by two friends from Portland, Oregon, in the early 2000s.

They’re two pretty eccentric guys (maybe, you go to the kind of store they created), but the idea of ​​opening a donut business didn’t come from the need to move the market, came from the idea of ​​creating a new market – for some reason Portland didn’t have a only donut shop until then.

When the first non-standard donuts appeared, the press loved it: the store was so booming that within a year it spread to nine American states, including California and Florida in partnership with Universal Parks.

Voodoo Donut at CityWalk
I really liked this slogan, “good things come in pink boxes”, and you will understand why

Where to eat donuts in Orlando

Orlando is a great place to eat donuts (or donuts, it’s the same thing), but the best ones are in the parks: the Mickey-shaped donut at Magic Kingdom, Homer’s donut at Universal Studios and the Voodoo Donut on CityWalk.

Another tip I give is the traditional Krispy Kreme that currently has a store in Orlando, at Millenia Plaza, where the Mall at Millenia is located.

Voodoo Donut at CityWalk

O Voodoo Donut Orlando’s CityWalk opened in May 2018, a year after debuting at Los Angeles’ CityWalk.

The store is beautiful, and full of instagrammable walls, but it’s small, so be prepared to face a line most of the day.

There are more than fifty different flavors of donuts, I photographed some of them:

Where to eat donut in Orlando
The names are all very creative and usually make no mention of the flavor itself…
Where to eat donut in Orlando
The business is to innovate in the format and get away from that round thing that everyone knows….
Where to eat donut in Orlando
Of course most donuts are sweet…
Where to eat donut in Orlando
…but they also have dulce de leche donut with bacon
Voodoo Donut at CityWalk
These are the pink boxes that people carry around the park…

I try the plain donut, it was delicious. I would have liked to be accompanied by several friends so that each one could choose one of the 50 options on the menu, so I could intrude on several, but unfortunately it was not this time.

If you’re staying at one of Universal’s hotels, the little boat that transports between them and CityWalk leaves and arrives right there, so you can afford to eat a donut late at night and be back at your hotel in less than a minute. five minutes.

And while we’re on the subject of dunut, let me remind you of a cousin of his that I also really like, the cupcake.

I have a post talking about the best cupcake in Orlando at Disney Springs: I ate Sprinkles cupcakes at Disney Springs.

Santa casadinha this: cupcake at Disney Springs and dunut at CityWalk.

Other blog tips for planning your trip:

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