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Waterfall Complex in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Valley of the Moon? Santa Barbara? Leather Falls? All these tours are a must in Chapada dos Veadeiros, but how about giving a chance to a lesser-known, but no less charming, place. The Macaquinho Waterfall (or Macaquinhos Waterfalls) is a circuit not yet very famous there.

To get there, there’s not much of a secret. But access has some difficulties, which is probably the reason why the Macaquinhos Waterfalls are still not so well known.

The place is beautiful. In a circuit of several waterfalls, with different beauties and attractions, the visitor can find wells of crystalline and emerald green water. The falls range from small ones, which form natural whirlpools, to larger falls. There is even an exclusive waterfall for the practice of nudism.

Check out below some images and tips of Cachoeira do Macaquinho.

Macaquinhos: Waterfall Complex in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Check out the tips on how to get to Macaquinhos and the main falls of this waterfall circuit near Alto Paraíso de Goiás

How to get

Access is not so easy, but not too complicated either.

Departing from Alto Paraíso de Goiás (closest base), it is necessary to take the road towards Brasília. The path is the same as for those who go to Catarata dos Couros, but it is an earlier entrance. Then, just take the entrance (signposted) to Cachoeiras dos Macaquinhos and do the rest on a dirt road.

Sign on the road to Brasília indicates the distances to some of the Chapada waterfalls
Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Entrance to Macaquinhos, from this point there are 31 km of dirt road

The dirt road route is not short (about 1 hour by car) and involves some ascents and descents. But the road is relatively quiet, well signposted and the landscapes are very beautiful.

The question is when you are getting close to the campsite, where the entrance to Macaquinhos is.

This tip is very important. When you see the sign (about 900 meters from the finish, when a big descent begins), you must park your car. The next section is very bumpy and problematic, and going down with the car can be easy. But climbing back up can represent a stuck car. Several cars have already been through difficulties, so only get off if you have a 4×4 vehicle or are a very experienced driver.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros
When you see this sign, do not continue in the car. It’s time to park and continue on foot

Parking the car there, it is necessary to do this final stretch on foot. Going down is easy, on the way back up is complicated. But it’s still better than having the car in trouble in the terrible conditions on that part of the road.

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Input and General Tips

Arriving at Camping Macaquinhos, we went to the entrance control, where it is necessary to pay the visitation fee of R$ 40.00. They give you a wristband for identification.

There are restrooms and a structure where they sell drinks, but on our visit they only had water. On the way back I was dying to have a soda, but I felt like it.

The trail is relatively quiet, so you don’t need to be accompanied by a guide.

In the last waterfalls, we had a little more difficulty finding the way because the signage ends, but the tip is always to look for the most open trail.

Remembering that it is good to bring water, snacks, sunscreen and repellent, before starting the trail. We did the sandal trail and it was easy, we think it’s more practical to enter the waterfalls. But in tennis, of course, you have a little more security.

1 – Monkey Bath

This is the first drop and ideal to do on the way back. As it is formed by a set of falls, it can be a great natural whirlpool.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to enjoy it, because on the same day we made Macaquinhos, we had to return to Brasília. So the tip is to leave a whole day to enjoy the Cachoeira do Macaquinho complex. So you can enjoy each waterfall with more time.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros

2 – Serene Well

This seems to be the quietest and most suitable well for bathing. It’s also a great place to relax on the way back.

So the tip is to follow the path to better enjoy the last three waterfalls of the circuit, which are the best.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros

3 – Luna Waterfall

I didn’t see any indication of this waterfall on the trail, so we ended up not knowing what it was exactly. The complex is made up of several smaller falls, so it could be any one of them.

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4 – Pierced Stone

With a structure that resembles the Moon Valley, Pedra Furada is a narrow canyon through which the waters of the Macaquinho River flow.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros

5 – Naked Bath

This is the most difficult waterfall on the circuit. The trail is quite steep and you can’t see the waterfall from the main trail.

Maybe that’s why it’s the perfect place for a nude waterfall. Reserved, it has a small, deep well. A large smooth stone allows for sunbathing.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros

6 – Jararacuçu Potion

Another of the unmarked waterfalls along the way. We haven’t seen or seen and we don’t know what it is. So, at the end of the day, we really consider that the complex has 8 signposted waterfalls.

7 – Jump Well

Here it is much easier to identify. Poço do Jump is signposted and is one of the largest wells on the Macaquinho River circuit. The view from up there is dizzying and it even made me a little anxious to get close and imagine the jump from there.

But the whole well is very beautiful, with different shades of green.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Look at me at the top of Poço do Jump, trying to build up the courage to throw myself

8 – Waterfall of Light

Here begin the most beautiful waterfalls on the route.

The Cachoeira da Luz is formed by two small falls but of rare beauty. The set of waterfalls and emerald green water wells is stunning.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros

9 – Cave Waterfall

Those who arrive at Cachoeira da Caverna do not understand the name. The cave that gives its name to the waterfall is hidden, on the right side of the well.

To see the cave, you have to go swimming, or cross the water course (carefully) and walk along the right side. One way or another, the cave isn’t even the main attraction of the place. The beauty of the water and the high fall form one of the most beautiful scenarios in Chapada dos Veadeiros.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros
The beautiful well and waterfall of Cachoeira da Caverna: the cave that gives the place its name is hidden, on the right side
Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Cave of Cachoeira da Caverna seen from above

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10 – Encounter Waterfall

End point of the circuit. To get to Cachoeira do Encontro, the trail ends and you have to make your way through the rocks. But the path is very smooth.

From afar, you can see a waterfall near the rock you are walking on (it is possible to get very close to the top of the waterfall), and then you can finally see the “meeting” of two falls. There, the meeting of the Rio Macaquinho and the Rio Fundão forms the 50-meter high waterfall.

This is the well that has the busiest water, so it ended up being the one I least liked for bathing. But the beauty of the place is undeniable and represents the perfect conclusion to one of the best tours in Chapada dos Veadeiros. Do not leave out the Macaquinhos Waterfalls of your itinerary in Chapada.

Macaquinho Waterfall: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Cachoeira do Encontro, the last of the falls on the Rio do Macaquinho circuit

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Tour: Monkey Waterfall (Monkeys)
Directed by: Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Chapada dos Veadeiros
Production: R$ 40.00 per person (no guide needed)
Duration: The tour can last the whole day, firstly because of the distance to the arrival, secondly because of the number of attractions (there are 10 falls).
Photography: Fabio Pastorello
The best: The variety of falls allows a tour with different types of attractions, from quieter wells to others for jumping.
The worst: On the way back, having to go up the road to the point where we left the car was exhausting. Hopefully they provide improved access.
Year: 2017
Country Brazil
Rating: ★★★★★

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