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Traveling close to home can be quite a program, even more so if you live in São Paulo, in the capital or not.In addition to the great beaches on the coast, know that there are many cities in the interior of São Paulo that make for a busy weekendand well outside the routine.

We’ve already covered the 15 best beaches on the North Coast of SP that are easy to get to.But today our intention is to focus on cities located in the interior of the state, specifically on 12 of them that can be visited in a weekend.

Cities in the interior of São Paulo


Laundry room at sunset.Source: Wikimedia

Cunha is one of the most romantic cities in the interior of São Paulo, with attractions for different types of travelers.

This mountainous region full of nature has entered the itineraries of lavender fields, such as Contemplario and Lavandário, as well as ceramics.

Without a doubt, visiting the lavender fields, especially in spring , which is the flowering season, and buying a lot of handcrafted ceramics are attractions that are not to be missed.

But know that Cunha has a charming center, with trails and waterfalls in Serra do Mar Park and is very popular. well for those who just want to relax close to nature and with great food and drinks.

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Source: Flickr

Brotas is a popular adventure tourism destinationor for families, couples and adventurous travelers.

Located just 250 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo and 155 kilometers from Campinas, Brotas has become a city with organized tourismand that pleases many audiences interested in having contact with nature.

The city gained fame with rafting on the Rio Jacaré Pepira, but it delved into other types of extreme sports that can be practiced by ordinary people, such as float cross, zipline, tree climbing and others.In addition, Brotas has many waterfalls and trails.

As you can see, there is a lot to do in Brotas and on a weekend you won’t have time.The key is to list your priorities and also pay attention to the tours that fit your budget, as there are tours with different prices, including very expensive ones.

Also know where to stay in Brotas, both in downtown and in the countryside in inns and farm hotels!

Campos do Jordão

Capivari.So, during planning, choosing well when to go to the city is essential.

If you can, visit it before or after winter, because you can still get a little chill and the city will be less crowded, which it positively affects the experience.

But what to do in Campos do Jordão?There are so many attractions!The most unmissable thing is to photograph the architectural beauty, such as the center, called Capivari.

Exuberant nature is not lacking in Serra da Mantiqueira, such as the Campos do Jordão State Park (Horto Florestal) and the gardens of Amantikir.

The Felícia Leirner Museum has sculptures by the artist integrated into the environment.The São João Monastery is another attraction linked to nature, precisely because it has photogenic gardens with large trees, as well as a lot of peace.

Obviously, eating and drinking well are also part of the travel itinerary, but like Campos do Jordão is quite touristy, it is essential to carefully research the restaurants.

If you already know Campos do Jordão or have more days to visit, its less famous but no less charming neighbor, Santo Antônio do Pinhal.

Pico Agudo is one of the highlights, with a breathtaking sunset!On sunny days, the Jardim dos Pinhais Ecco Parque is also worth a visit, with its super photogenic themed gardens.

In addition, there is no shortage of beautiful viewpoints, great restaurants and accommodations in Santo Antônio do Pinhalwith great value for money.

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Devil’s Cave.Source: Wikimedia

Eldorado is one of the least known cities in the interior of São Paulo, but it is one of the richest in nature.

The Caverna do Diabo is the alto, being a very beautiful and very big place.The traditional tour includes 600 meters of guided tour, but be aware that there are longer tours.

You can still hike to Mirante do Governador near the Caverna.The highlight of this viewpoint is the preserved Atlantic Forest.

The weekend in Eldorado is complete with a hike to Cachoeira Queda do Meu Deus, one of the most beautiful in the entire state.Trust me!

See the best inns in Eldoradoon Booking and suggestions for accommodations in Eldoradoon Airbnb!


Source: Pixabay

Holambra is known as the main city of Dutch colonization in Brazil, this being a of its differentials.In addition, the large production of flowers has made it famous throughout the country.

Located near Campinas, Holambra is a great destination in the interior of São Paulo to spend a weekend.

Despite being a small town, Holambra is charming for tourism, with many Dutch-style buildings, bringing an extra charm, as well as great photo opportunities.

There are even windmills, like the city’s landmark, Moinho dos Povos Unidos, which can be visited from the inside!

For those interested in visiting the flower plantations, it is recommended to hire a tour with a local guide.

We cannot fail to mention ExpoFlora, which takes place in September.The highlights are: the Capela das Mercês (1814), the Igreja Matriz São Luís de Tolosa (1840), Igreja Nossa Senhora do Rosário and Capela de São Pedro, in addition to the Municipal Market (1885) and the house where Oswaldo Cruz was born, built in 1835.

In addition to the historic center, we recommend that travelers take the trails that leave from Núcleo Santa Virgínia (Serra do Mar State Park).

For the more radical, there are also rafting on the Paraibuna River.São Luiz do Paraitinga is also worth visiting during festive seasons, such as Carnival and the Festa do Divino.

Read our full post with more tips on tourism in São Luiz do Paraitinga.


View from the viewpoint of Pedra do Índio.Source: Wikimedia

Botucatu’s main differential is tourism focused on nature and the beautiful landscapes and viewpoints scattered throughout the interior of the municipality.

O Gigante Deitado is one of the best known, which allows you to see mountains that resemble a sleeping person.It is still possible to go zip lining there and buy some delicacies.

The visit to Pedra do Índiois more complete, with a perfect viewpoint for taking great photos, a restaurant and also trails that are not they are difficult to do and are well signposted.

Be aware that Botucatu also has waterfalls, ideal for hot days, such as the waterfalls at Fazenda Pavuna and the lush Indian Waterfall, the latter being more difficult to access.

In addition to the landscapes offered by nature, you can visit the beautiful Sant’Ana Cathedral, with its super photogenic neo-Gothic style, and the Demétria neighborhood, popular for handicrafts and organic products.

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Our Lady of the Rosary Church Source: Tripadvisor

Atibaia is one of the main cities in theSão Paulo city for families and for those who like quiet walks at good prices.

The focus of the city is not mass tourism, but attractions that even locals enjoy

Without a doubt, Pedra Grande de Atibaia, which really is above the clouds, cannot be overlooked.On clear days, you can see several nearby towns, but be aware that in addition to contemplation, Pedra Grande serves as a place to practice free flight.

In the central area of ​​Atibaia, the highlights are the Lake do Major, from where the cable car departs, charming and historic churches such as Nossa Senhora do Rosário Church and Igreja Matriz, and good green areas in Edmundo Zanoni Park.

Also know that Atibaia is very sought after for religious tourism at the Schoenstatt Sanctuary, a preserved, peaceful and super photogenic place.

Also know where to stay in Atibaia, with accommodation suggestions for all budgets!

Serra Negra

Alto da Serra.Located in the Circuito das Águas Paulista, just 150 km from the capital, Serra Negra offers a variety of activities, ideal for discovering on a holiday or weekend.

The Alto da Serraone of the attractions that should be on your itinerary, after all, it is a viewpoint at 1300 meters above sea level, with beautiful views.Another attraction that tourists like is the cable car, which takes you to the statue of Christ the Redeemer.

We should mention rural tourism, both in inns in the midst of nature and in visits to farms that produce different types of colonial products. which are the best souvenirs in Serra Negra.

Those who like buying leather clothesalso include this tour in their itinerary, especially on cloudy days.

Also read our special article on where to stay in Serra Negrafor accommodations that are worth the money!


Source: Flickr

Socorro is known as the city of adventure at the foot of Serra da Mantiqueira.Tourism in Socorro revolves around the sports that can be enjoyed in its privileged nature.

In addition to the beautiful viewpoints, such as Pedra da Bela Vista, there are rafting trips on the Rio do Peixe, trails with waterfalls along the way. and paragliding at Pico da Cascavel.

The best thing is to hire an agency in the city to carry out the tours safely and guarantee unforgettable moments.Please note that there is an official website for Tourism in Socorro with suggested agencies that you can hire.

In addition, Socorro also has good clothing shopping opportunities, an option for rainy days.There is also no shortage of popular festivals throughout the year.

See the best pousadas in Socorroon Booking and suggestions for accommodations in Socorroon Airbnb!

Águas de Lindóia

Source: Booking

Águas de Lindóia is one of the cities in the interior of São Paulo more suitable for mature travelers and families with children, as it combines thermal waters and pleasant weather.

Tourists can choose between the slides and pools at Balneário Municipal or at Thermas Hot World.

A stroll through Praça Adhemar de Barros is essential, after all, this square is more like a park, full of attractions and of great size.

It is worth going up Morro do Cruzeiro for views of downtown or Morro Pelado for wider views.

As souvenirs of Águas de Lindóia, in addition to photos, you can buy sweets, cheeses, clothes and handicrafts.

Also know where to stay inÁguas de Lindóiawith good value for money accommodations!


Source: Tripadvisor

Olímpia makes it very clear who her audience is: travelers who enjoy water parks.By clicking on the “button with arrow”, you access the map legend.

Book your accommodation using the links in the post or the search box and help maintain the Digital Nomad Guide, without paying a penny more for that.Thank you!

Also read our special article about the 15 beaches on the North Coast of São Paulorich in nature and easy to reach!We also have an article on day trips from São Paulo, capital!

Have a nice trip!

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