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What do you do with your life besides working every day?

What do you answer when someone asks “What do you do for a living?”. It is very likely that you, like me, have thought of something related to your career.. We almost always answer “I work in such a place” or “I am trained in such a course”.

But is that what you do with your life? Is work so important to the point of being the answer to this question?

What is the first thing that appears under your name on your Facebook profile? For many people it is the place where they work. Is that what you want people to associate your name with right away?

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I know people who seem to have forgotten their own lives and live for work.. And it’s not just the owners of their own businesses. They are employees that all business owners dream of having. People who work a lot more than the agreed hours and don’t charge overtime out of love for the company. People who really wear the shirt and become volunteer lawyers for the place where they work. Of course, everyone can do and be as they think is right, But what about when all this is over? Will these people be ready?

That good old cliché phrase: Do you live to work or work to live? I’m not here to criticize those who put work first, but what about when the work is done, the company closes or someone joins in its place?

What do you do with your life besides working (Photo via Shutterstock)

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You can put work at the top of your list, but how long will you be at the top of your job? What would happen to you if you were fired today? Besides thinking about the financial side, how would you feel if that job suddenly stopped being yours? Are you ready to have someone in your shoes doing what you do and often reusing what you’ve created?

Do you really do anything with your life other than just work? We all need money to live, but are you earning your money really to live or just to survive? Have you lived or survived?

How many hours do you work per day? Are you able to see your child grow? How many important dates have you missed because of work? Have you ever stopped to think about what doesn’t come back? That people, including you, are just passing through? Money buys a lot, of course… It even buys the long-awaited trips… But when you travel, can you relax 100%? On the weekend when you are with your family and friends at a restaurant table, can you stay away from your cell phone all the time? Don’t receive messages from the boss on WhatsApp?

What do you do with your life besides working (Photo via Shutterstock)

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We need to think about the path our life is taking to try to fix it before it’s too late. If work really is the only thing that makes your life meaningful, great! Just don’t forget that suddenly everything can change. We are just numbers for companies and from one moment to the next we may not be so useful to them anymore.

If moments with family and friends are very important to you, maybe it’s time to learn to dose. Balancing work with personal life so that years from now you won’t look back with regret for not being able to enjoy everything you wanted next to those who are no longer close to you.

Now answer again: What do you really do with your life? And what do you want to have done with your life when you look back?

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Adolfo Nomelini

Journalist graduated from PUC-SP and post-graduated in Communication in Digital Media, he is passionate about music, coxinha, television, his glasses and the internet. He has been working with online content for more than 13 years and spends much of his time “throwing his body out into the world, walking around and, by the natural law of encounters, leaving and receiving a little”.

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