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What is it like to fly with Interjet, a low-cost airline from MexicoVou na Janela

What is it like to fly with Interjet, one of the Mexican airlines in the segment low cost? Interjet, alongside competitors Volaris and Viva Aerobus, has completely changed the way Mexicans travel. The precarious buses leave and the Airbuses, the standard model of these companies’ fleets, leave, the long hours on the road leave and the agility of air travel enters.

In fact, flying with these companies is very cheap, proof of this is the absurd amount of Mexicans who have been discovering the country.

Interjet’s network covers the entire Mexican territory, but it also flies to Guatemala, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Peru, Canada and the United States. Operating a fleet of Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft and the Russian-built Sukhoi Superjet 100-95.

I flew Interjet from Mexico City to Guadalajara and back. A 1h journey on flight 2209 and in this post I will explain what is it like to fly with Interjet.

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What it’s like to fly with Interjet: A320

What is it like to fly with Interjet

ticket purchase

I bought the ticket from Brazil to Mexico with Latam, the sections were São Paulo x Mexico City with Latam and Mexico City x Guadalajara with Interjet. I bought everything through the website of Latam Brasil, which has a partnership with Interjet for domestic flights in Mexico.

Check in

After disembarking in Mexico City, passengers must remove their bags and complete the immigration and customs procedure, regardless of whether their bag is tagged to its final destination in Mexican territory.

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Interjet check-in only opens 3 hours before the flight, I tried to check-in before but I couldn’t, not even in the machines that are available in the company’s check-in area in Terminal 1 of the Benito Juarez International Airport in the city from Mexico.

I had to wait approximately 2 hours before doing the procedure and checking the suitcase. The wait was terrible, as Terminal 1 has nowhere to sit. Think about the chaos of people sitting and lying on the floor?

Check in

When I went to check in, I had a problem. As the ticket was purchased with Latam, I was entitled to checked bags to Guadalajara and remembering that Interjet is a low-cost company and these companies usually charge for checked bags. Latam had not passed this information on to Interjet, which was allowed to charge my checked bag.

As the check-in lady knew that as I was coming from Brazil and in this case the baggage allowance was already included, she called the supervisor to resolve the issue. I imagine I wasn’t the first passenger to have this problem, so much so that I didn’t even have to ask or argue anything, she identified Latam’s error and went to solve it. The supervisor crossed Terminal 1 to the Latam office to get the authorization. Their proactiveness was amazing. If it were the other way around, I would be f***ing because Latam would never have such proactivity.


Boarding was organized by priorities and followed by groups, passengers at the back of the aircraft boarded before the passengers who would be seated further forward. Boarding was very busy as the passenger area next to the gates of Terminal 1 in Mexico City is super tight. Can you imagine if it were a boarding on a Boeing 747 or on the Airbus A380 of Air France that operates in this same terminal?

the aircraft

Both the outbound flight and the return flight were operated by the Airbus A320 and you know, it’s that classic 3-3 seat layout. Now here comes an excellent surprise, is that despite Interjet being a low-cost company and these companies have a reputation for cramped seats, Interjet’s seats are wider, covered in leather and with excellent legroom.

What is it like to fly with Interjet

Just to serve as a comparison, they place 26 rows of seats totaling 150 seats. Latam, on the other hand, places 29 rows with a total of 174 seats, 24 seats less, which guarantees excellent comfort for passengers. The plane was just over 7 years old and was well maintained and clean.

Emergency exit space

Interjet does not offer any comfort items and also does not have an in-flight entertainment system, only the company’s magazine, which is quite average. But being a short flight, you can take it. If it was a flight to New York, from where this same aircraft had just arrived, it would be complicated.

Legroom in regular seat

Flight and on-board service

The plane left the gate on time, but due to the heavy traffic at the Mexico City airport, we took a while to take off. Shortly after takeoff, the crew began complimentary and paid in-flight service.

But what about complimentary in-flight service on a low-cost airline? Yes, my friends, Interjet charges for the dispatch of the suitcase, for the appointment of the seat, but offers a snack. As an option, they had potatoes or Doritos and to drink they had soft drinks (600ml bottle), water, juices, coffee and even beer and tequila. A service much superior to Brazilian companies and once again I say, Interjet is a low-cost one.

Free on-board service

Even alcoholic beverages

Right after they picked up the garbage, we started the descent procedures to Guadalajara, where we arrived a few minutes ahead of schedule, even with that delay there in Mexico City.

It is worth mentioning that on the return flight, where I would make the connection to Brazil, the Check-in employee in Guadalajara managed to send my suitcase straight to Brazil and even gave me an upgrade to a seat in the emergency exit, which is sold by Interjet.

smooth flight


Flying with Interjet was great, the impeccable service and just their proactiveness in solving problems caused by Latam would already make me want to travel with them again. The beautiful space between the seats and the complimentary snack add up significant points in Interjet’s evaluation. Super recommended.

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