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What is it like to visit New York in June

Updated July 5, 2022 by Thiago Khoury

Oh, how can you not love New York in June, especially during the first two weeks of the month?

June in New Yorkhas the best summer benefits without the peak periods that happen in July and August: it’s in June that spring still flirts with the weather and keeps temperatures within the bearable.

By the way, did you know that there is often a cold breeze at the end of the day? ?Nothing I can promise, but it doesn’t hurt to pack a blouse in the back of your suitcase.

This is the June 2022 guide to New Yorkwith everything you need to know to get ready and plan your trip with up-to-date information from there, including sports, events and Broadway musicals.

The June 2023 guide is due to go live in February 2023, but until then you can guide yourself by the tips that are here.

What is New York like in June

New York in Juneis a mixture of spring and summer: the city is still neither as crowded nor as hot as July , but it is worth taking precautions and booking what needs to be booked as soon as possible.

As people get excited about the arrival of summer, the flow of people in parks and squares increases a lot: you will see people using the lawns as if they were on the beach, by the way, speaking of the beach, in June Coney Island bomb since the wee hours of the day.

Coney Islandbomb, Governors Island bomb… Seriously, June is It’s delicious, I just don’t like it when it rains (and it always rains), but they are usually quick and isolated blows.

This post is a summary of everything that happens in New Yorkduring the month of June, so this is a great way to kick-start your travel plans.

Even with seasonal tips, practical weather information and athe list of shows and events is up to date, you will still need to consult other content on the blog to create your travel itinerary.

Touring Coney Island in June in New York

Tips for those going to New York in June

If you are going to New York during these off-season months, such as June and November, it is worth following the weather forecast more closely: a We never know when June will look like spring and when it will look like summer.

You’ll be hot, I can predict that, so don’t underestimate the June sun and always wear sunscreen.

A tip I give is to intersperse long walks with moments of air-conditioned rest: are you going to walk around Battery Park?, so take the opportunity and stop by Le District at Brookfield Place;are you going to cross the Brooklyn Bridge?, so it’s time for lunch at the TimeOut market.

To enjoy the best of both worlds, bring comfortable and practical clothes, because we usually spend most of the day walking.

I’ll start by suggesting some posts that go well with the month of June, so you already know where you can continue your research. trip:

Summer activities in New York

I made a list of some attractions that I love to do in New York and that I think go well with the month of June, some with a spring vibe and others

I placed the link to purchase the ticket in installments and in reais next to it, so you don’t pay IOF and still manage to dilute the purchase:

New York in june in Williamsburg

Is New York crowded in June?

Yes, New York is full in June, not as crowded as July, but still TheYes, that’s a lot, but a lot of people!

To give you an idea of ​​the discrepancy between one month and another, in the first month the city receives an average of 6.1 million foreign tourists, but in the second this number jumps to more than 7.6 million!

Since summer doesn’t start until the end of the month, and school holidays the following month, that first phase of the New York summer, when it still gets mixed up with spring , it is much more empty and pleasant.

A tip I give is to prefer hotels closer to the parks, so you can enjoy the best of what summer has to offer – apart from the fact that in the months of June , July and August rates are more expensive in Times Square:

Be sure to read about the Hotel Belleclaire, one of my top tips on where to stay in Manhattan.

June is high season in New York?

Yes, June is high season in New York.Those who want to visit more than one paid attraction can get much better prices when they buy a CityPASS or Sightseeing Pass.

You can save on food(I’m ashamed to give this tip, but here goes ): you know what I do when I want to eat somewhere like Olive Garden or even a local restaurant?I go to the restaurant’s website first and wait for it to pop up a pop-up offering me a discount.

Seriously, try it yourself and then let me know.

Lastly, you can save shopping: I save money by shopping online, usually on tip is to put the trip on the eve of a holiday that month, which is when stores sell out.

There are many blog posts with tips for shopping in the United States and our shopping guide is available at New York.

What are the American holidays in June?

There is an important date in June that you should be aware of if you are planning a trip to New York:

  • June 19, 2022: Juneteenth

Juneteenthcelebrates freedom in honor of the end of slavery.It’s a national holiday, but since this year it falls on a Sunday, there’s no school on June 20th.

Father’s Dayis always the third Sunday of the month, i.e. this year it also falls on June 19.Keep an eye out for promotions running this weekend.

What’s the weather like in New York in June?

New Yorkis hot in June, but it’s a much milder heat than in July, at least it’s a constant lower heat, with faster and more isolated peaks.

I always say that the city adapts very well to the climate, in fact, New York is famous for reinventing itself every season with new attractions that keep you going, regardless of the weather.

For up-to-date information on New York weatherand For the latest forecasts, go to and search for the zip code of the hotel where you will be staying.

Average temperatures in New York in June

Average temperatures in June and July are very similar, the difference is that in June there are lower lows:

  • Highs: 26oC
  • Lows: 17oC

Rain and snow in NovaYork in June

June is a month that flirts with both spring and summer, and this difference is clearer for those who have the opportunity to visit the city both in the first and second fortnight of the month.

New Yorkhas an average of eleven days with some type of rain in June, there may be two or three days of moderate rain, but these are usually isolated and transient showers.

There’s no snow in New Yorkin June.

What to wear in New York in June

Always have that sweatshirt or sweatshirt, especially if you’re visiting New Yorkin the first half of June, but generally wear light clothes, sunglasses and sunscreen.

Take a less casual outfit if you plan to visit restaurants and clubs less touristy that are inevitably more formal.

I wear shorts and a t-shirt all day, in addition to comfortable sneakers and lots of face protection.It starts on June 11, 2022and runs until August 28, 2022with nearly one hundred free concerts on various dates.

  • Summer on The Hudson: various piers Hudson River Park serves as a venue for recreational, aerobic, sporting and musical activities during this free event which begins on 1theMay 2022and continues through 30 September 2022.
  • Bryant Park Film Festival: Dates for free movie nights at Bryant Park have not yet been announced for the 2022 season.
  • Tribeca Film Festival: cinema conceived by Robert De Niro is already one of the most important in the world.With at least a hundred exhibitions, some outdoors, it usually takes place in April, but this year it will be between 8and June 19, 2022.
  • BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!Festival: BRIC is the annual free event that starts on 8th June 2022and runs until 6th August 2022.There are dozens of musical performances in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.
  • Taste of Times Square: This Times Square foodie event brings together more than 50 nearby restaurants offering some of their best cuisine.It starts on June 6, 2022and ends on June 13, 2022.
  • Museum Mile Festival: theoretically on the second Tuesday of June, the “museum mile” becomes a huge closed block with nine museums open for free from 6pm to 9pm, but there is no information about the 2022 season.
  • River To River Festival: between 12and June 26, 2022, this free festival of performing arts and expressions occupies several buildings in the city for almost fifteen-day event.
  • Coney Island Mermaid Parade: The Mermaid Parade is Coney Island’s most traditional annual event.It takes place every third Saturday in June, 18.
  • NYC Gay Pride: The New York Gay Pride Parade always takes place on the last Sunday in June, 26, but the entire month of June is full of parties, clubs, concerts and awareness events.
  • Gay Pride in June in New York

    What are the best shows in New York in June?

    Among the most popular shows of June in New Yorkare Justin Bieber, Coldplayand Paul McCartney.Get your pockets ready!

    June also has Ringo Starr, Mandy Mooreand the tour of the American version of the show The Masked Singer.

    Top Shows First Week of June in New York

    • June 3, 2022: Justin Bieberat 7:30 pm at Barclays Center (shop here!)
    • June 3, 2022: NYC Philharmonicat 8 pm at Lincoln Center (shop here!)
    • June 4, 2022: Coldplayat 7 pm at MetLife Stadium (buy it here!)
    • June 4, 2022: NYC Philharmonicat 8pm at Lincoln Center (buy it here!)
    • June 5, 2022: Rufus Wainwrightat 5pm at City Winery (buy it here!)
    • June 5, 2022: Coldplayat 7pm at MetLife Stadium (buy it here!)
    • June 6, 2022: Ringo Starrat 8pm at the Beacon Theater (buy it here!)
    • June 7, 2022: Rufus Wainwrightat 8pm at the CityWinery (buy it here!)
    • June 7, 2022: Years and Yearsat 8pm in the Great Hall (buy it here!)
    • June 7, 2022: Bastilleat 8pm at Terminal 5 (buy it here!)
    • June 7, 2022: Ringo Starrat 8pm at the Beacon Theater (buy it here!)

    Top Shows Second Week of June in New York

    • June 8, 2022: Rufus Wainwrightat 7pm at City Winery (Buy Here!)
    • June 8, 2022: Ringo Starrat 8pm at the Beacon Theater (shop here!)
    • June 10, 2022: Billy Joelat 8pm at Madison Square Garden (buy it here!)
    • June 10, 2022: Rufus Wainwrightat 9:45 pm at City Winery (buy it here!)
    • June 13, 2022 : Justin Bieberat 7:30 pm at Madison Square Garden (buy it here!)
    • June 14, 2022: Justin Bieberat 7:30 pm at Madison Square Garden (buy it here! )

    Main Shows Third Week of June in New York

    • June 15, 2022: Mandy Mooreat 8pm at Webster Hall ( buy it here!)
    • June 16, 2022: Paul McCartneyat 8pm at MetLife Stadium (buy it here!)

    Key Shows Fourth Week of June in New York

    • June 18, 2022: The Lumineersat 6:30 pm at Forest Hills Stadium (shop here!)
    • June 18, 2022: The Masked Singer National Tourat 8pm at the NJ Performing Arts Center (buy it here!)
    • June 24, 2022: Corinne Bailey Raeat 7:30pm at Webster Hall (buy here!)
    • June 28, 2022: Machine Gun Kellyat 8pm at Madison Square Garden (shop here!)
    • June 29, 2022: Leonat 8pm at Brooklyn Steel (buy it here!)
    • June 30, 2022: Macy Grayat 8pm at the Blue Note (buy it here!)
    Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden in New York in June

    One tip I always give to those who aren’t going to enjoy a concert in New Yorkis take the tour at Madison Square Garden.

    In an hour and a half tour you get to know the courts, locker rooms, press room… It’s a really cool experience!

    What games and sports take place in New York in June?

    In June you have the chance to watch MLB and NBA matches in New York, the Baseball Leagues and Basketball:

    • MLB in New York: In June the Mets and Yankees are in full swing for baseball season.

    + Buy Yankees tickets in dollars or reais in installments

    • NBA in New York: In June, the Knicks and Nets may or may not be playing in the NBA Finals.

    + Buy Knicks tickets in dollars or in reais in installments

    What are the Broadway shows in June?

    In June the Broadway musicals start later, many of them at 8 pm, but don’t forget to check out any matinee sessions at 2 or 3 pm.

    I’ve separated the most popular shows of the season into categories: the most traditional, Disney musicals, the most popular, the latest news and theOff-Broadway shows.

    The most famous and sought after shows are highlighted in blue:

    The most traditional Broadway musicals:

    Disney musicals:

    The most popular of the season:

    The latest news:


    Tudo sobre os teatros da Broadway
    Broadway in New York

    Other tips for traveling to New York in June

    Be sure to travel safe: use the coupon up to 15% offexclusive to blog readers and quote several travel insurances at once at Seguros Promo.

    If you need to know a little more about travel insurance before buying yours, start here: Which is the best travel insurance for the United States?

    If you’re still not sure if it’s worth it or not buy travel chip with unlimited internet before your trip, read: What is the best travel chip for the United Statess?(there’s an exclusive discount coupon too!).

    As I said above, all the New Yorktips on the blog are on the index page, -york, there you will find all the content that has already been published, updated and checked.

    Enjoy the arrival of summer and give preference to open-air walks, longer walks and take the opportunity to enter as many parks as possible. public in your itinerary!

    Other blog tips for planning your trip:

    Do you know where to stay in New York? I made a selection of the best options around Times Square.They have an office in Brazil with service in Portuguese!


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