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What is the best flight search engine? Find out here!Vou na Janela

They always ask me where I find tickets, what is the best flight search engine? Well, this is a great subject that we are going to address in this post, I will list the most known search engines, point out the differentials of each one of them and finally, make a search comparison in each one so that we can see which is more worthwhile. .

What is the best flight search engine?


One of the most famous and most used in the search for tickets, it has an easy-to-use interface entirely in Portuguese. A positive feature of is that it has a tab that appears just above the search results where we can see the evolution of airfare prices over 12 months, offering the possibility to choose a period where the fares are lower. also offers a series of search filters to make it easier to find the ideal ticket. They also have a price alert, where you can be notified when the price of that ticket drops.

One disadvantage I see on is that they don’t list several companies from other countries. also doesn’t have partnerships with many low-cost airlines that always have good prices, especially European and Asian ones.

Submarine Travel

Alongside, Submarino Viagens is another giant of the online travel agencies. Submarino Viagens has a very intuitive website, despite being a little heavier than its competitors, but it is also very simple to use and has good navigability.

The site has good rate filtering tools, but it doesn’t show price changes like On the other hand, it has a great tool, the “Price Map” where we put our departure city, how many days we have to travel and the preferred month and the site shows a map with prices in all corners of the world. for that period. You can still filter by price, theme (beach, shopping, mountains, etc), type of audience and the site shows you the most suitable destination for you.

Submarino Viagens’ range of airlines is a little bigger compared to, they also list some regional European airlines, such as Vueling and Aegean.


ViajaNet is another well-used search engine, compared to the other two above, it is the one with the simplest navigation and in a few clicks you can buy your air ticket without major mysteries. It also doesn’t offer many tools, some filters and a price alert, which is much simpler to use than

On the airlines menu, he has the biggest on the market and some smaller European and Asian ones. But overall, it’s less than what the two search engines above offer. But a feature of ViajaNet is that among the prices of the airlines, it shows some train sections, such as the Eurostar, the train that connects London to Paris. The idea is good, but showing it together with the results of the airlines can confuse the user.


It has not been long since Kayak arrived in Brazil and has already landed with the title of one of the most used search engines by Americans. Kayak, unlike, Submarino Viagens and ViajaNet, is not an “online travel agency”, it is a price aggregator, the final transaction takes place on the airlines website and because of that, if it is a company without store in Brazil, you will certainly pay IOF when purchasing your ticket, as it is an international transaction.

Among the tools, they have a very nice chart that indicates the evolution of prices and based on this data they can make a forecast for the next 7 days, whether it will rise, maintain or even if the price may fall.

Kayak also has a ticket price alert tool and a huge range of ticket price filters.


Skyscanner is another giant that arrived in Brazil not long ago. Like Kayak, it is not an “online travel agency”, it is an index that gathers prices for airline tickets from both agencies and airlines around the world.

What I think is good about Skyscanner is that it already displays the prices with the boarding fare, that is, there is no scare afterwards, but the coolest thing is that they have a huge range of airlines. The big, medium, small and low-coast ones around the world are all there: Ryanair, Easyjet, AirAsia, etc.

However, like Kayak, transactions take place on companies’ websites and you will be subject to paying IOF on transactions made with companies that are not registered in Brazil.


Expedia is well known abroad, precisely because it was one of the first in this segment, but here in Brazil it didn’t catch on. Its navigation is not the simplest and the number of clicks to purchase is much higher than competitors.

The purchase is all done on the website and all the time it keeps insisting that you add a hotel to your reservation, it gets annoying. The site does not offer any attractive tools and the range of airlines is average. In my opinion, it is the weakest search engine of all.


These search engines listed above are the largest and most used in Brazil, but there are also much smaller ones that I have never tested, so I cannot recommend them. Like Mundi, Trabber, Zupper, Rapi10 and Momondo.

Which one has the best airfare prices?

Simple, there is no direct answer to this question. The reason? Each of the search engines can individually negotiate better prices and conditions with the airlines. I’ve had occasions to find lower prices on and on other occasions on Submarino Viagens.

What do I do?

I always search on more than one search engine and then check directly on the airline’s website. Because most of these sites charge a service fee, the guys’ profit and buying directly on the company’s website we don’t pay this “commission”. I’ve had cases where the ticket cost R$223.00 less on the company’s website.

When is shopping on these sites worth it?

Of course, when they present better prices and when the airline is not registered in Brazil, because that way we avoid the IOF paid in an international transaction. But I always recommend doing the simulation on the company’s website (adding up to 6.38%) and seeing if it’s worth it to buy on the search engine’s website.

Shall we do a simulation?

Let’s imagine an international trip and make a comparison with all the sites. Let’s say we go from São Paulo to London in September of this year on Air France:

What is the best ticket search engine: No Decolar: R$1,804.00 + Decolar fares and tax = R$2,782.00

On the Submarino: BRL 1,804.00 + tariffs and fees = BRL 2,889.62

On the Submarino: BRL 1,804.00 + tariffs and fees = BRL 2,889.62

On ViajaNet: BRL 1,804.00 + tariffs and fees = BRL 2,835.51

What is the best ticket search engine| On ViajaNet: BRL 1,804.00 + tariffs and fees = BRL 2,835.51

Kayak: BRL 2,618.00 including rates

Kayak: BRL 2,618.00 including rates

Skyscanner: BRL 2,601.00 including rates

Skyscanner: BRL 2,601.00 including rates

Expedia: BRL 2,656.00 including rates

What is the best ticket search engine | Expedia: BRL 2,656.00 including rates

Directly on the Air France website: R$2,601.00

What is the best ticket search engine: Direct on the Air France website: R$2,601.00

It saw? See how buying directly on the Air France website made the trip much cheaper.

The secret is to research a lot.

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