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One of the best places to swim in the sea Boipeba Islanda Cueira Beach not far from the village of Old Boipeba and worth the visit. There is no shortage of beautiful beaches here, but this one stands out for its coconut groves and good structure to spend the day.

In this post we talk about what to do on the beach, where to eat and how to geteither by the easy trail from the center, which passes by other beautiful beaches, or also by quadricycle.


As I anticipated, Cueira is one of the Boipeba beaches most visited, both for being excellent for those who want to swim and also for the very good structure. There are several tents side by side right at the beginning of the beach that are an invitation to enjoy the day.

If in a corner of the beach are the restaurants and the buzz of the movement, it only takes a few steps to find the practically deserted sand, always surrounded by coconut trees as far as the eye can see. The warm and clear sea is also a must for those who like it.

Farm and coconut groves in Boipeba (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

Continuing further, at the end of Praia da Cueira, you will arrive at Rio do Oritibe. During low tide, you can cross it and arrive at moreré, one of the most famous beaches on the Island of Boipeba. But don’t take chances if the tide is high.

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The most frequented restaurant is Guido’s tentwhich serves the famous lobster in bottle butter.

Guido's Lobster in Cueira (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)
Mr. Guido and his famous lobster in bottle butter

The only negatives are that most tours coming from Sao Paulo hill they stop here and end up filling the place, in addition to the prices being a little steep. It’s what you pay to eat an iconic dish on the island.

Barraca do Guido (Photo: This World Is Ours)

The times we went we ended up spending the day at the neighboring tent, the Tropical Flavor Cabin, which has great service and good prices, although the menu is shorter. Besides her, the Cueira tent it’s the Carol’s Pastel (the octopus and the shrimp are the most suitable) are also worth it.


THE trail between Velha Boipeba and Praia da Cueira is easy and very pleasant. The path of about 30min is by the sea and passes through the Boca da Barra and Tassimirim beaches (this one is right on the side). It’s already a great opportunity to meet them too.

Another very interesting alternative is to make a farm guided trail. The path is shorter and you hear good stories, as well as passing among the coconut trees.

There are those who risk going on their own, but it’s always good to talk to a resident to understand the way. Mr. Guido, the one from the lobster stall, usually helps with information for those who want to return along these trails.

Those who do not want to walk or have small children can combine with a quadricycle in the village to take you there (about R$15 per person). You can check with your inn as well or speak directly with the drivers, who usually stay at the tractor-gardener stop that goes to Moreré.

Praia da Cueira in Boipeba (Photo: This World is Ours)
Cueira Beach


Unfortunately there are no hostel options at Praia da Cueira. We stayed in Velha Boipeba, at the inn Vila da Barra, and we liked it a lot. There are those who prefer the tranquility of the neighboring beach, so we also publish tips for where to stay in Moreré.

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As you can see, Praia da Cueira is one of those that should be included in your itinerary. But also try visiting our favorites, which are bainema, Castilians and moreré. To see more tips, you can consult all the information to travel to Boipeba in this post that we have already published.

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