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what to do, how to go, inns and 8 best tips

Sana, or Arraial do Sana, is a district of Macaé located in the mountainous region, about 160 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro.

The village is capable of enchanting anyone who appreciates tranquility and beautiful landscapes.

Sana is a popular destination for those seekingcontact with nature, trails, waterfallsand rusticity .On the few streets of Arraial do Sana, we see many young people enjoying the good energy there.

Check out what to do in Sana, see how to get to the village and the waterfalls, where eat, where to stay, best time to visit, events and manytips to enjoy.

Sana, RJ: where is it located, how to get there, inns, what to do and tips

  1. Where is Sana?
  2. How to get there
  3. Pousadas
  4. When to go
  5. What to do in Sana
  6. Trails
  7. Nightlife
  8. Restaurants

Sana (6)
Pigeon Chest Valley

sana rj
The village of Sana, district of Macaé, has several waterfalls

Arraial do Sana: where it is

Sanathat kind of place that a lot of people never heard of and the rest even heard, but alwaysand imagined that it was very far away.In fact, it is a village with few inhabitants, an inland climate, hospitable people and a dirt road to get there.

The village of Sana, 6th district of Macaé, part of a Nature Conservation Unitof sustainable use, of the Environmental Protection Area (APA) type, and is surrounded by several rivers that make the region one of the preferred destinations for those who want shade and fresh water.The place offers fun in the most perfect way possible: with several corners to explore or just sit around feeling the time barely pass.

Before arriving at Arraial, the first stop is Barra do Sana, where the Sana River meets the Macaé River.

After more 6 kilometers of dirt road in reasonable conditions, the Arraial where most of the population lives proves to be a welcoming place.

And there is still the region of Cabeceira do Sana, where the river that gave the place its name is born and which cuts through the entire district, receiving in its course small and medium tributaries such as the Peito de Pombo stream, the Andorinhas River, home to the Andorinhas Waterfall, the São Bento and Boa Sorte streams, among others.

In fact, both the Sana and other streams cut through the village, and many prefer to stay there.Thank you!)

If you are looking for a campsite, I suggest check out ArtCafé Camping, where I camped and enjoyed it.I also suggest Camping Jatobáand Sana Camping, which also has wooden tents and trailers.I was there at their reception and they seemed good and organized.

When to go and how many days to stay

The village has a pleasant climate and well-defined seasons .

The best time to hike in Sana is between May and September, when the rains are dry.To enjoy the waterfalls, go in summer, but remember that in any chance of rain, it is dangerous to stay close to the waterfalls.

To enjoy the Sana Reggae Festival, go during the month of January .

One weekendis enough to get to know the aforementioned waterfalls.Keep in mind that the Pedra do Pombo trail can take a whole day, depending on the group’s fitness.In this case, if you want to do the trail and enjoy the waterfalls better, try staying 3 days.

If you want to find the most empty city, avoid holidays.

What to do in Sana – Water Circuit waterfalls:

  • Escorrega waterfall
  • Recanto das Borboletas
  • Cachoeira 7 Quedas
  • Cachoeira do Pai
  • Waterfall da Mãe

The waterfalls of the water circuit are on the same path, accessible by a fast and signposted trail.

In the center of Sana, there is a sign indicating the “Waterfalls Trail”, which is less than 1,500 meters.

It is possible to reach the beginning of the trail by car, but here’s the tip: between running the risk of not finding a place to leave the car and enjoying a leisurely walk in the middle of nature, the second option is better.Payment is made near the parking lot and a wristband is placed on the visitor’s arm.

Parking:R$10 for cars, R$5 for motorcycles and R$15 for vans, but it’s better to walk.

Operating hours:from 8 am to 4 pm.The one at Escorrega is open until 5 pm.

Get to know Sana’s waterfalls better:

1.Go down the natural slide at Cachoeira do Escorrega

It’s nice because it has a little stop in the middle, before reaching the well.

This is where most familiesare, as this is the easiest waterfall to access in Sana.It has a calm well and several rocks where people like to sit.

This is the first waterfall after a signposted, quick and light trail through the Vale do Rio do Peito de Pombo.

The entrance is at the first gate on the left as you go up the trail to the waterfalls of the water circuit.

Vida sem Paredes - Sana (8)
Escorrega Waterfall

2.Try to find Recanto das Borboletas

This small waterfall is right next to Cachoeira do Escorrega, but its access is more complicated, due to a trail full of falling rocks.

The bath well is smalland the most important thing is the adventure, and of course, finding some colorful butterflies.

Vida sem Paredes - Sana (10)
Valley full of waterfalls

3.Take a natural shower at Cachoeira 7 Quedas

This sequence of small falls is just above Cachoeira do Escorrega.

The entrance is at the third gate on the left as you go up the trail, there are signs indicating it, and there is a stall selling natural products at the entrance.

The natural stone staircase that forms this waterfall, located in the Sanaa water circuit, allows you to enter under water for a shower.

This is one of the popular spots for photos, and is usually full of visitors in summer and on holidays.

Vida sem Paredes - Sana (11)
Natural showers at Cachoeira 7 Quedas


When you enter this gate, the feeling of discovery envelops you in such a way, as the waterfalls are half hidden in the forest.

After crossing the river that forms the Waterfall 7 Quedas, on the other bank, the trail continues, now, descending and passing to the generous “family” of delicious waters of Sana.

The Pai Waterfall is about 7 meters and the well invites you to take a radical dip in those icy waters.

cachoeira do pai sana
Cachoeira do Pai

5.Lie under the sun on the rock of Cachoeira da Mãe

With a few more steps along the open trail, you reach the Cachoeira da Mãe, the largest of them, where you can also dive or go down the slide next to it.

After the deep well, there is a stone slabto sit in the sun admiring the beauty around.It is Sana’s “beach”.

The waterfall at Mãe’s waterfall is about 12 metersand the well is great for bathing.

Cachoeira do Filho, on the other hand, is protected in the middle, between Mother’s and Father’s, and can only be accessed from inside the water, for those who come from the inside of Cachoeira do Pai, in the so-called “water circuit”.

Vida sem Paredes - Cachoeiras do Arraial do Sana - RJ(3)
Mother’s Waterfall

6.Look for the other waterfalls in Sana

The village still has several other waterfalls and I would like to highlight the Complex of Cachoeira do Segredo, where the Cachoeira do Segredo is located.

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