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What to do in Amsterdam

Here is a post that will give you all the tips you need for your trip to Amsterdam. When to go, how many days to stay, what to do, where to stay (hotels with great value for money like Mr. Jordan and Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht), must-see attractions and much more. Don’t forget to get your travel insurance! Whenever I travel to Europe, I do mine, it’s very important.

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Amsterdam – Complete City Guide

Amsterdam is a dream destination for many travelers. The Dutch capital has many amazing attractions, beautiful landscapes and LOTS of bikes! If you want to plan your trip there, check out all the tips we have for you to optimize, save and enjoy this beautiful place even more!

When to go and how long to stay

If you suffer from the cold of the European winter, I strongly recommend you to go in the summer. Even being the period when the city is most crowded with tourists, there are almost no rainy days, being much longer, and it only gets dark around 10pm. Spring and autumn are good times to visit Amsterdam too. In spring, it rains a little, but the streets are very flowery and in many places you can find beautiful tulips. In autumn, it gets dark earlier and it starts to get very cold in the city, reaching 10ºC. Visiting Amsterdam in winter can be bad for those who don’t like the cold! The temperature can get negative, it gets dark around 4 pm and the days can be quite rainy. But if you don’t mind putting on several layers of clothing to keep warm, winter is a good time to visit the city!

How to get there and where to stay

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands (or the Netherlands, depending on your point of view) and therefore it is in Europe. But the question is: how to get there? Do you have a direct flight? What company? Don’t worry, all these questions will be answered below.

How to get to Amsterdam

Yes, there is a direct flight to Amsterdam depending on where you are departing! The company KLM operates direct flights from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. If you are not in either of these two cities, you need to take a flight to one of them and then go to Amsterdam. If you are already in European territory, everything is easier (close and cheaper). Click here to search and buy your ticket! Enjoy, because you can always have promotion huh.

The name of the airport through which you arrive in the city is Schiphol, and amazingly, it is the oldest airport in the world which is still located in the same place since its construction in 1916. Fun fact: it is the third largest airport in Europe, covering an area nothing less than 2,787 hectares (which gives 27.87 km²).

Budget hotels in Amsterdam

Where to stay in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is lovely, but it takes a lot of planning to travel there! One of the reasons is that accommodation in the city is expensive, so researching a lot before deciding where to stay is a good option. With that in mind, I selected some hosting options for all tastes.

The ideal is to book your hotel well in advance of the trip to take advantage of possible promotions and to optimize your trip even more. A good option for those who want to save as much as possible is to stay in hostels. They are usually cheaper and great for those who want to walk around all day and use the accommodation to sleep and shower basically hahaha.

Jordan: The most charming region

Jordaan is the most residential neighborhood you will find in Amsterdam. It is bordered by four canals (Prinsen, Brouwers, Ljinbaans and Eigelandsgracht) and enchants everyone with its alleys and friendly houses. Anyway, it is a well located region and with easy access to the main attractions of the city. In addition, you will find charming restaurants there.

O Linden Hotel It is a great option for those who want an excellent location (it is just 500 meters from the Anne Frank House, one of the main tourist attractions in Amsterdam). The building on the outside is beautiful, being a historic building from the 18th century. Another alternative with an excellent location is the Hotel The Craftsmen, which has a super different vintage design. If you want to save a little more, choose the Mr. Jordan or Mercier Hotel which are two hotels located in great points of the region and with a more modern air.

grachtengordel: The channel region

Grachtengordel is the region located right on the banks of Amsterdam’s canals. It is a great option to stay there, since you are practically in the center of the city and close to the main tourist attractions. It is a very busy area and hotels usually have a beautiful view.

For comfort and quality, choose the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht, a hotel with super modern design. Another option is the Hotel The Craftsmen with a more vintage style and beautiful views of the canals. The Dylan Amsterdam It is also a good choice for those who want a more luxurious accommodation. The most economical alternatives are Amsterdam Wiechmann Hotel, The Times Hotel, Sebastians Hotel and Ambassade Hotel.

Center: The region close to the Central station

Staying in the center of Amsterdam has its advantages and disadvantages, of course. The main positive point is that you are close to the Central Station and, therefore, it is much easier to get around the city to see the sights. On the other hand, the negative point is that many points in this region are usually very crowded, especially the Bairro da Luz Vermelha. If you want to book your hotel in the center, be careful to choose it on a quiet street so you don’t have a headache.

One option is the Damrak Short Stay Amsterdam, beautiful apartments with a 10 on A sure choice is one of the Ibis branches, the ibis Amsterdam Center. A very economical option in a quiet place is the The Flying Pig Downtown.

Sloterdijk Station: The region for those who want to save as much as possible

This region is a little far from the central part of Amsterdam, about 20 minutes by metro. But that’s where you’ll find the cheapest hotels for those who want to save as much as possible on their trip. A good option in this situation is the MEININGER Hotel Amsterdam Amstel. Simple but modern! In addition, even though it is a little away from the center, it is close to attractions such as Rijksmusieum Museum, Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum. Another option is the Mercure Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station.

We also have an option for those who want to stay close to the airport, the ibis budget Amsterdam Airport.

What to do: attractions and sights

There is no shortage of things to do in Amsterdam. The city is full of museums, parks, squares, fairs, beautiful views and incredible tours. I decided to split this part of the post into two: tours you can’t miss and worthwhile tours if you have more time.

attractions in Amsterdam

Tours you can’t miss

As soon as you arrive in Amsterdam, after checking in at your hotel and dropping off your bags, I suggest you do the canal boat tour. Thus, you will have your first contact with the city and you will have some rest from the trip, since it is a calm and relaxing tour. If you want to do the night boat ride, is a good option too. Be aware that daytime boat trips are usually a few euros cheaper than nighttime ones.

If you prefer not to close a tour, then be sure to plan your itinerary correctly to visit must-see places such as Anne Frank House. If you buy the pass Amsterdam City CardAnyway, admission to almost all the main attractions is included. There are more than 20 attractions for a price that is worth it, apart from the convenience of already having the ticket for all the places in one.

Other attractions not to be missed are: Van Gogh Museum, Heineken Experience, Rijksmuseum and Vondelpark.

Tours that are worth it if you have more time

In Amsterdam there is no shortage of things to do! One attraction is more incredible than the other, it makes you want to go everywhere 😂 Evaluate the time of your trip and if you have a few extra days to enjoy the city, choose these attractions: House-Boat Museum, Begijnhof, Flower Market and Stedelijk Museum.

General Attractions Information
  • Anne Frank House: Open from Monday to Saturday, from 9 am (check the exact times at official site so there are no surprises). Attraction included in Amsterdam City Card. Tickets must be purchased online at the official website at least 3 months in advance. The full price is 10 euros, the half price is 5 euros, entry for children under 9 is free.
  • House-Boat Museum (Houseboat Museum): Open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am (check exact times at official site). Attraction included in Amsterdam City Card. The value of the entire ticket is 4.50 euros and children from 5 to 15 years old pay 3.50.
  • Van Gogh Museum: Open every day from 9 am (check the exact times at official site). Attraction included in Amsterdam City Card. The value of the whole is much more salty than other attractions, 19 euros. Young people up to 17 years old do not pay admission.
  • Rijksmuseum: Open every day from 9 am (check the exact times at official site). The value of the entire ticket costs 19 euros and children under 18 have free admission. Attraction included in Amsterdam City Card.
  • Begijnhof: Open every day (check exact times at official site). Entrance is free for everyone.
  • Flower Market (Bloemenmarkt): Open every day (check exact times here). Entrance is free for everyone.
  • Rembrandt’s house: Open every day (check exact times at official site). Attraction included in Amsterdam City Card. The value of the whole is 14 euros. Children from 6 to 17 years old pay 5 euros.
  • Vondelpark: Open every day, 24h. Entrance is free for everyone.
  • Heineken Experience: Open every day (check exact times at official site). The value of the whole is 21 euros when buying on the spot and 18 euros in advance when buying online. Children from 12 to 17 years old pay 14.50 euros and children under 12 years old have free admission. buy the cheapest ticket by GetYourGuide. This attraction has a 25% discount with the Amsterdam City Cardbut you must queue right away to validate your ticket.
  • Stedelijk Museum: Open every day from 10 am (check the exact times at official site). The value of the whole is 18.50 euros buying on the spot. Children under 18 have free entry. buy the skip-the-line ticket via GetYourGuide. This attraction is included in the Amsterdam City Cardbut you must queue right away to validate your ticket.
  • concertgebouw: Open Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (check exact times at official site). The value of the entire ticket is 12.50 euros and children under 18 have free admission. Watch a free concert on Wednesdays at 12:30 pm (ticket distribution starts at 11:30 am).

What’s up? What did you think? Do you want to visit Amsterdam? What are you most interested in visiting?

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