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What to do in Cabo Frio at night: 8 must-see tips

Post updated on 05/03/2022

What to do in Cabo Frio at night – 8 must-see tips
who accompanies the D&D Worldwide knows that we hardly do activities at night when traveling. But, from time to time, we take the opportunity to walk around the cities after the sun sets.

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It was the case of Cabo Frio, in Rio de Janeirowhere we stayed for four days in October 2016. Being a beach destination, walking along the boardwalk is always a good option. Seeing the sea or visiting fairs can also be part of the itinerary. We did some of these things and if you want to know too what to do in Cabo Frio at nightfollow this post until the end. There’s a lot of good advice.
Things to do in Cabo Frio - Praia do Forte - Rio de Janeiro

Ah, then take the opportunity to check other attractions to enjoy in the city.
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Where to stay in Cabo Frio

And in addition to having beautiful beaches and a wide variety of attractions, the city is also well served by accommodation. There are options for all tastes and pockets. So, before listing our 8 must-see tips on what to do in Cabo Frio at nightcheck out 4 hotel/hostel options in the city. They are rated exceptional/fantastic and located on the beaches of Forte and Peró.
Cambucá in Cabo Frio: rating – 9.6 (exceptional)
Pousada SUN Victoty: rating – 9.3 (fantastic)
Paradiso Pero Praia Hotel: rating – 9.2 (fantastic)
Pousada Valle Verde: rating – 9.2 (fantastic)

| For other options, we suggest reading the post Hotels in Cabo Frio or check out the others more than 850 hosting options.

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1 – Ride a train – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

Every city nowadays has those famous, noisy, bright and colorful little trains. They circulate around the city with several characters on board, to the sound of striking and unforgettable children’s songs by Xuxa, Balão Mágico, Trem da Alegria and many other successful artists, especially in the 80’s and 90’s.

What to do in Cabo Frio at night - ride a little train
Ride a train – What to do in Cabo Frio at night

And riding one of these little trains was one of the first things we did in Cabo Frio at night. It circulates through the main streets and you can get a brief idea of ​​the place. We found it very fast for the price charged (R$8 per person, in 2016), but it is quite fun. Some circulate during the day. But at night it is always busier and livelier.

What to do in Cabo Frio at night - ride a little train
What to do in Cabo Frio at night – ride a little train

2 – Enjoy the beach or contemplate the sea – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

Can you enjoy the beach at night in Cabo Frio? From the. If you have the courage to face very cold water and a lot of wind, it can be a good activity to do in the city.

We didn’t go in, but we were contemplating the beauty of the sea from the boardwalk. And can we say one thing? It’s beautiful.

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4 – Enjoy the squares – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

In addition to walking along the boardwalk, you can sit in the squares and be “silly”, enjoying the night in Cabo Frio. In the centre, there is Citizenship Square and the Water Square. Praça da Cidadania is the meeting point for tourists. There it is possible to see children running or walking skateboard and skates; sit on benches and loiter; or shopping at the fair.

Things to do in Cabo Frio at night - Praça da Cidadania
Things to do in Cabo Frio at night – Citizenship Square
Things to do in Cabo Frio at night - Praça de Cabo Frio
Moms in the Square

The Praça das Águas is located in Praia do Forte, close to the Food Square. At night, it is all lit up with colorful LED lights.

Things to do in Cabo Frio at night - Praça das Águas
Water Square

5 – Shopping at the Praça da Cidadania market – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

If you are in Praça da Cidadania at night, take the opportunity to do some shopping at the market. The place houses dozens of tents (boxes) with clothes, bikinis, food, jewelry, souvenirstoys, crafts and other items.

What to do in Cabo Frio at night - Praça da Cidadania market
Praça da Cidadania market

We didn’t waste any time either and went to the fair twice in the evening. There was a lot of cool stuff and great prices.

6 – Shopping on Rua dos Bikinis – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

We didn’t go to Rua dos Bikinis at night. Only during the day. But the shops are open until 9 pm, so it’s a great place to stroll at night in Cabo Frio. Outdoor shopping is the bane of pariah fashion consumers. It has everything that is model, color, material, size and prices. There are around 150 stores and, of course, we take home several pieces.

Shopping on Rua dos Bikinis
Shopping on Rua dos Bikinis

7 – Eat at the food court kiosks on the beachfront – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

To complete the list of things to do in Cabo Frio at night, how about having dinner or snacks by the beach? There in Cabo Frio there is a super charming food court with several kiosks.

Eat at the boardwalk food court
Eat at the boardwalk food court

We had lunch on one day and the food was delicious. Only the wind didn’t help much, taking my farofa away kk.

Eat at the boardwalk food court
Food served at the boardwalk food court

At night, we even tried to have dinner there, but as it was very windy in October, we couldn’t stay because the kiosks are open and it was very cold.

8 – Enjoy the Boulevard Canal – what to do in Cabo Frio at night

A region known for being the starting point for boat trips from Cabo Frio, the Boulevard Canal is also the point city ​​night. It is a boardwalk on the banks of the Itajuru River and is full of restaurants and bars.

Boulevard Canal
Boulevard Canal

Cabo Frio still has several other things to do at night, like going to bars, restaurants and pizzerias.

Things to do in Cabo Frio

And in addition to these 8 tips to make night in Cabo Friowe also have a list with 39 other attractions to enjoy in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Check out some of them:

  1. Enjoy the beaches (Praia do Forte is one of the most sought after by tourists);
  2. visit the Japanese Island;
  3. hire a city ​​tour maritime or a boat trip;
  4. shopping at Rua dos Bikinis during the day;
  5. visit the International Surf Museum;
  6. visit the São Mateus Fort;
  7. stroll through the Boulevard Canal region with restaurants and bars, in addition to being the starting point for boat trips;
  8. visit Ilha do Papagaio, the largest in Cabo Frio;
  9. see the city from the top of Mirante do Morro da Guia;
  10. know the history of Cabo Frio in the Casa dos 500 anos.

And you, have you been to Cabo Frio? Did you go out at night? What did you like to do? Tell us!!!

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