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What to do in Fethiye, Turkey?Fethiye tourist attractions

Fethiye is one of the main cities on the Turkish Riviera, pleasing different audiences, as it mixes nature, old towns and good infrastructure.Know that there is a lot to do in Fethiye and we have selected the best attractions.

But first we recommend that you carefully read the article on where to stay in Fethiye, as there are three good neighborhoods to stay and each one tends to appeal to a specific audience.

Now let’s get to know the main tourist attractions in Fethiye!

What to do in Fethiye, Turkey?

Attractions in the center of Fethiye

O que fazer em Fethiye, Turquia? Pontos turísticos de Fethiye

Every Turkish city has a charming center.There aren’t many ancient monuments left in Fethiye, but the center is still interesting to visit.

Tuesdays are ideal days to go downtown, as the largest open-air market takes placeOf region.On the banks of the canal, there are large tents with various products, mainly fruits and vegetables.

There are also many spices, typical Turkish food stands, cheese shops and various foods from the region.Of course, there is no shortage of places to sell clothes, including counterfeits.

Also visit the fish market, which is small but very organized and has restaurants nearby.

What can’t be missed is the waterfront region, well-kept and wooded, in addition to having a beautiful marina.Know that several boat trips depart from there.

For us, the highlight of the ancient rock tombs, located in the upper part of the center.

These tombs have more than 2 thousand years of history and were part of the city of Telmessos, as Fethiye was called in era.The museum completes the tour of the ruins.

What to do in Oludeniz?The Blue Lagoon of Fethiye

O que fazer em Fethiye, Turquia? Pontos turísticos de FethiyeO que fazer em Fethiye, Turquia? Pontos turísticos de Fethiye
The Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz is a vibrant town with a life of its own, after all, It has a long beach with clear seas and an exuberant lagoon.

14 km away from the centre, Blue Lagoonwas better known as Oludeniz, Turkish for dead sea, after all its waters are calm compared to the waves on the beach.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Turkey, a favorite destination for Brits in the country.Such beauty has turned the nearby region and Lagoa Azul into a protected area.


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