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What to do in Gramado and Canela?Sights of Gramado and Canela

Gramado and Canela are the most visited cities in Serra Gaúcha, a travel destination just a few hours from Porto Alegre, but completely different from the capital.In just one post, we’ll show you what to do in Gramado and Canela, because both cities are visited on the same trip.

Gramado is more famous and more popular to stay than Canela, having an architecture that really takes the visitor to Europe.The greatest beauty of Canela is priceless, it’s the privileged nature of the region.

There are a variety of tourist attractions in Gramado and Canela, which mainly appeal to families with children, but make for a good romantic weekend for couples.

Then, also read our posts on where to stay in Gramadoand the best inns in Canela!

What to do in Gramado and Canela?

Sights of Gramado

What most surprises visitors is the beauty of Gramado’s architecture.On sunny days, you can see details of the beautiful buildings.

Even with the typical fog of Serra Gaúcha, the city remains beautiful.

As for the tourist attractions in Gramado, there are several places to visit without paying anything.However, museums focused on specific themes and with very high prices should be analyzed carefully, because not every attraction is worth it.

Here’s tips and information about what to do in Gramado in detail, including with our opinion on what it’s worth.

Lago Negro

O que fazer em Gramado e Canela

When the sun comes out, there’s no place more photogenic in Gramado than Lago Negro.

Early morning is a great time to visit the lake, when tour groups haven’t arrived and the sun’s rays are perfect for taking pictures.

The Black Lake is an artificial lake built in the middle of the last century, a revitalization project by Leopoldo Rosenfeldt, after a fire destroyed the region.

From the Black Forest in Germany, trees were brought to the shores of the .Hence the name Lago Negro.

Visitors can take advantage of the pedal boats or take a walk(760 meters) around the entire lake.It is well worth walking along the banks, as each meter brings different angles.

The highlights of Lago Negro are the charming buildings nearby, the huge araucaria trees and the beauty of the region’s greenery.

Between November and February, you can see the hydrangeas that adorn the Serra Gaúcha, with their heyday in December and January.

Extra tip: Not far from Lago Negro is one of Gramado’s most beautiful porticoes. .

Practical information– The Black Lake has free admission and offers free public restrooms.There are also craft shops.Pedal boats usually cost between R$20 and R$30 for two people for 20 minutes.

Attractions in downtown Gramado

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Avenida Borges de Medeiros

Tourists often pass through the center of Gramado, which has Avenida Borges de Medeiros as the main street.

There are several tourist attractions to see in the Center of Gramado, but it doesn’t take long to see.

Rua Cobertais one of the most famous areas, being truly a covered street with several restaurants (very touristy) and with the pedestrians only.

In the vicinity of Rua Coberta, there are also several shops, as well as in Largo da Borges (a type of covered street).

Across the street is the Palácio dos Festivais, where the Gramado Film Festival takes place.The architecture of Palácio dos Festivais also deserves attention and many photos.

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Cucas and breads at Casa do Colono, Palácio dos Festivais and images of Rua Coberta

In front of the Palace, visitors will find a Brazilian walk of fame, with the handprints and signatures of famous actors in the country.

An area of ​​downtown Gramado that is worth Praça das Etnias, where craft shops and Casa do Colono are located.

The Casa do Colono sells handcrafted products such as jam, honey, biscuits, sausages , cheeses and candied orange peel.Some days of the week, wood-fired ovens are used to bake cuca, bread and the delicious bread with sausage.

These products are only sold on days when wood-fired ovens are used .In the months with fewer visitors, the breads are baked from Friday to Sunday.In high season, there are also batches on Wednesdays.

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Lago Joaquina Bier

It is worth mentioning that the they are great and fresh and the prices are very reasonable for Gramado’s standard.The bread with sausage is very tasty and soft and costs only R$2.50.

Near Praça das Etnias, visitors can stop by Lago Joaquina Bier, also designed by Leopoldo Rosenfeldt, in this case in honor of his wife.

Lake Joaquina Bier is very central and has less green area than Lake Negro, but it makes for beautiful photos.

Still downtown , it is worth taking pictures of the “descent” of Avenida Borges de Medeiros.During the night and in the morning, this region is very beautiful and photogenic.The City Hall Building is another construction that deserves to be photographed.

St. Peter’s Church in Gramado

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela

Located in In the center of Gramado, the Igreja Matriz São Pedro Apostolo is the city’s main church and one of the beautiful stone buildings in the Serra Gaúcha.

The Igreja de São Pedro is a building with the exterior and interior of stone, built in the mid-20th century.The interior decoration of the church is very simple, but the facade is very interesting.

With a tower almost 50 meters high, the Igreja de São Pedro is even more beautiful with night lighting, as well as stained glass windows. paintings that tell the life of the Apostle Peter.

Next to the Church, the Fountain of Eternal Lovewas built, a fountain to put padlocks on.Visitors tend to get lost with so many options.

The main chocolatiers in Gramado and Canela are: Lugano, Florybal, Prawer, Planalto and Caracol.In the center of Gramado, you can find shops from all these companies, after all, tourists are not lacking in this region.

We tasted the chocolates from Lugano, Prawer and Planalto.For those who like stronger flavors, without so much sugar, Planalto’s chocolates are worth it, not least because they tend to have good prices.

Lugano has one of the best chocolates in Gramado, with very tasty and great bars. chocolates to give away.

As we visited Gramado during off-peak season (after Easter), we got great deals at Lugano.Always ask for specials!

In addition to tasting Prawer’s chocolate, we also visited the factory.The visit is free, but the tour is too fast.After the visit, the pressure from the store attendants is unbelievable, super uncomfortable, so we don’t recommend visiting the Prawer factory.

In addition, we found the Prawer chocolate too sweet , even tasting the most artisanal bitters they had at the time.

Lugano has a very interesting themed café and shop in the Carniel neighborhood (between Gramado and Canela).

In the same neighborhood, there is the Planalto factory, which offers a guided tour for R$10, which is the best guided tour of a chocolate factory.

Before planning any guided tour, contact the location chosen, because there are usually changes in schedules between the low and high seasons.

Also in the Carniel neighborhood, there is the Reino do Chocolate da Caracol, a small interactive museum (ticket R$18), counting There is also a café and shop.

Caracol’s hot chocolate is highly praised and has good prices.In other words, hot chocolate is better than taking a tour of the Chocolate Kingdom.

Near by is the Florybal Theme Shop, which is just a conventional shop with sculptures.Florybal’s prices are often praised.

In the center of Gramado, there is another attraction dedicated to chocolate, specifically the sculptures of famous monuments made of chocolate.The Chocolate World has 7 rooms with chocolate sculptures of different sizes, including some very large sculptures.

For travelers with children, the Chocolate World can be a good choice, especially on rainy days. .At the end of the visit there is a chocolate tasting.

It is worth mentioning that Florybal has the Terra Mágica Florybal Park, with several themed areas for young children.Without a doubt, this is not a tourist spot for adults.Terra Mágica Florybal Park is located in Canela.

Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Lavenders were not in bloom in April

When the day is beautiful, with sun and good weather, a different attraction of what to do in Gramado is to visit Le Jardin Parque de Lavanda, a beautiful green area in entrance to the city.

Le Jardin focuses on lavender and cosmetic products made from it.In addition to areas with lavender, which bloom from October to December, there are several species of flowers, guaranteeing color and beauty throughout the year.

Le Jardin is worth a visit to take beautiful pictures and discover some lavender cosmetics. and also visit the charming little café, known for its good apfelstrudel.

Without a doubt, Le Jardin is an attraction on what to do in Gramado for couples.

Practical information– Free entry.There is free parking.Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm.For more information, check the official website.

Beer Route in Gramado

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Gram Bier beer

Whoever visits Gramado in the summer notices that the city is very hot.Gram Bier works with eight types of beer and draft beer and offers tours on demand, including tastings, but you have to book in advance.

Even those who don’t want to visit the brewery can enjoy the pub and the great draft beer.

One of Gramado’s best-known breweries is Rasen Bier.Although they offer a guided tour, the tour is very quick, the highlight being the tasting.Rasen Bier also has a pub on site.

In addition to the breweries in Gramado, visitors can visit Cervejaria Farolin Canela and Edelbrauin Nova Petrópolis.Cervejaria Farol has a guided tour with tasting, as well as a restaurant and some nights with live music.

Snowland Park in Gramado

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Source: Wikimedia

Located a few kilometers from the center of Gramado, Snowland Park is an attraction that is usually part of the itinerary for what to do in Gramado and Canela.

The Parque Snowland is the only one in Brazil with a real snow mountainand also has a skating rink, restaurant, shop and equipment.

This is not a cheap attraction, as the entrance It costs around R$130 per adult (may vary), plus the amount charged separately for skiing and snowboarding.

This way, Snowland makes sense for those who dream of seeing snow or for those who like lots of this kind of place.But be aware that the number of attractions is limited.

Extra tip: Outside the holiday and summer months, Snowland tickets may be offered on collective purchase websites.

Practical information– Most months the park is closed on Wednesdays.For more information, check the official website.

Mini Mundo

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Source: Flickr by Carlos Varela

The Mini Mundo is one of Gramado’s most popular attractions, reproducing scenery and monuments from different parts of the world, but 24 times smaller.

The richness of detail in the miniatures is something that surprises visitors.To make the tour more interesting, it is very important to participate in the guided tour offered at no extra cost, as the monitors bring more information to the tour.

Without a doubt, the Mini Mundo is a good attraction for what to do in Gramado for those with children.

Practical information– Open daily from 9 am to 5 pm.Adult ticket R$ 42. Free only for children up to 2 years old.For more information, check the official website.

Museums in Gramado

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Hollywood Dream Cars.As rainy and cloudy days are common in the Serra, these museums can be the solution for what to do in Gramado in the rain.

It is worth mentioning that closed museums in Gramado are very expensive when purchased separately.

The group purchase sites(Groupon, Tchê Offers and others) have combos with tickets to several of the museums mentioned in this post.

The Dreamland Wax Museum is a museum for who is very interested in seeing wax sculptures of internationally known personalities.Anyone who has visited another wax museum will not find Dreamland very interesting.

There are also exhibitions focused on motorcycles and cars, such as the Harley Moto Show, Hollywood Dream Cars and Super Cars.

The Harley Moto Show is a themed bar that charges admission (R$60).In particular, it only makes sense to visit the Harley Moto Show when you are a huge Harley-Davidson fan and entry is part of a ticket combo.

The Hollywood Dream Cars is a small museum dedicated to the most iconic cars in the world. 20th century, mainly from the 50s and 60s. The tour of the exhibition is quick and the single ticket is quite expensive (R$ 60).

Super Cars, on the other hand, focuses on modern and expensive cars, such as Ferraris .There are tours with some of these cars for those willing to pay (a lot).

In particular, museums and exhibitions with specific themes appeal to travelers with particular tastes.Even so, the cost-benefit ratio of these museums in Gramado is not the best.

Christmas Luz de Gramado

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Source: Flickr by Rosenatur

Natal Luz is Gramado’s biggestevent, attracting millions of visitors from late October to mid-January (varying year by year).The city is decorated with Christmas elements and many events are organised.

There are paid performances and parades (between R$140 and R$170 per person), as well as free performances, which are always well organised.The main thing is to plan your trip well, as this is the busiest time of the year.

We haven’t seen Natal Luz de Gramado yet.This party is certainly on our wish list, but it is worth mentioning that we would avoid the months of December and January due to the high costs of accommodation and capacity.

Other Tourist Points in Gramado

  • Cristais de Gramado: With a beautiful store, Cristais de Gramado also opens the doors of the factory to visitors, quickly showing how the production process is.There is no entry fee, but travelers are often tempted to buy crystals.
  • Ravanello Winery: A family-owned winery near downtown Gramado, offering good guided tours for R$35 per person.

Sights of Canela

Canela is a much more popular town than Gramado.Downtown, there are chocolate shops, various shops and the beautiful Catedral de Pedra, but Canela’s main highlight is its natural beauty.

Caracol Park and Cable Cars

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Cascata do Caracol

What to do in Gramado and Canela almost necessarily includes visiting the Caracol State Park, located just 7 km away from Downtown Canela.

The main viewpoint of Parque do Caracol is easily accessible and offers a beautiful view of Cascata do Caracol, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Brazil.

Visit the park from the morning, to see the best light over the Cascade and, consequently, take the best pictures.

Besides the viewpoint, there are easy trails that allow you to get very close to the water.There are 731 descending steps, corresponding to a slope of more than 130 meters.

When we visited Parque do Caracol, the staircase was closed for maintenance.It is worth mentioning that the staircase requires good physical condition and the best view is from the viewpoint.

Currently, there is another viewpoint in Parque do Caracol, called the Ecological Observatory.There is a separate entrance fee for this observatory and it is expensive, with the entire ticket being R$ 24. The amount charged is exorbitant, as visitors have already paid to enter Parque do Caracol.

In addition to Parque do Caracol, there are the Parques Da Serra Aerial Cable Cars(R$46 per adult), with a privileged view of the waterfall.The cable car ride is short, but interesting for those who enjoy this type of ride.

Extra tip: Visit Parque do Caracol and Parques Da Serra Aéreo Cable Cars on a clear, fog-free day.It is important to pay attention to the weather forecast when planning your itinerary through Gramado and Canela.

Practical information– Parque do Caracol: Adult ticket costs R$ 20. Open daily from 9 am to 17:30.

Ferradura Park

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Source: Wikimedia by Rodrigo Mazzola

The Ferradura is one of the ecotourism attractions in Serra Gaúcha.Located a few kilometers from Parque do Caracol, Parque da Ferradura has a wilder nature, with the trails and beautiful viewpoints being the highlights.

The most interesting trail leads to the Caí River, but it’s a very steep trail, after all, it’s a descent of more than 400 meters.

We didn’t have the opportunity to visit Ferradura Park, but it will definitely be one of our priorities on what to do in Gramado and Canela on the next trip to Serra Gaúcha.

Cathedral de Pedra de Canela

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela

The Cathedral of Stone de Canela (Igreja Nossa Senhora de Lourdes) is one of the most beautiful churches in Brazil.

The size of the Cathedral is impressive, with its tower 65 meters high.The external beauty is very incredible and it is worth walking around the Cathedral admiring its different angles.

The interior of the Stone Cathedral has beautiful stained glass windows and paintings, being a church without exaggeration in decoration, but better decorated than the St. Peter’s Church in Gramado.Admission is free.

Mundo a Vapor

O que fazer em Gramado e CanelaO que fazer em Gramado e Canela
Source: Wikimedia by Larissa Fraga

Mundo a Vapor theme park is one of the oldest indoor museums in Gramado and Canela and one of the main attractions for fans of engineering and science.There is a mini paper mill, hydroelectric plant, pottery and much more.

Practical information– Adult ticket R$40 (varies by month).Normally, the museum is closed on Wednesdays (except during the summer).For more information, visit the official website.

Other Tourist Points in Canela

  • In the center, there is a stone house and a square with handicraft shops.
  • Castelinho Caracol: Castelinho Caracol was one of the first residences of the region’s elite.With beautiful architecture, Castelinho Caracol has a museum dedicated to antique furniture and a café praised for its apfelstrudel.The problem is that to go to the café you have to pay the entrance fee to the museum, which is pointless.So just one outdoor photo is a good size.
  • Alpen Park: Alpen Park is an amusement park in Canela.The park’s location is surrounded by nature, but there aren’t many rides.
  • Valley of the Dinosaurs: The Valley of the Dinosaurs is a theme park with dinosaurs that make sounds.The park is not big and is recommended for small children who like dinosaurs.The ticket is expensive, so it’s only worth it when you buy the combo on collective purchase sites.
  • Ecoparque Sperry: Located between Gramado and Canela, in Vale do Quilombo, the Ecoparque Sperry is the new point of ecotourism in Serra Gaúcha.The easy trails with waterfalls along the way attract many families.

Map with things to do in Gramado and Canela

Check the location of all tourist attractions in Gramado and Canela mentioned in this article on the map.Simply click on the “arrow button” to access the map legend.

We hope that the tips on what to do in Gramado and Canela are useful for planning your trip!Check out other articles about our trip to Gramadoand Canela!

Have a nice trip, Traveler!

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