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What to do in Gramado: travel guide

Gramado is a very special destination, full of attractions that appeal to the most diverse audiences.To help you organize your trip to Serra Gaúcha, here are some tips on what to do in Gramado.What are the best tours, tips for trips with children, with teenagers and also where to go in Gramado when it rains.Oh, and we’ll tell you how to save!

We have already been to Gramado on another occasion and have written several articles with our experiences.You can check everything we’ve written here.

melhores passeios em Gramado, lugares incríveis em Gramado

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To get to know Gramado, a good idea is to start with its main tourist attractions.Most of them are in the city center and you can visit them on foot.

These places are the face of the city and deserve to be in your plans.They are:

Lago Negro

Lago Negro is one of the city’s main tourist attractions and one of the most photographed.So if you want to guarantee a good photo of it, get there early!

Its winding shape is reminiscent of Lambard Street, a famous street in California.

Rua Coberta and the Festivals Palace

Rua Coberta is located in the center of the city of Gramado, close to the São Pedro Church and the Festivals Palace.A good option is to visit all three places on the same day, optimizing your trip.

Rua Coberta connects Av.Borges de Medeiros, Gramado’s main avenue, Rua Garibaldi, is 100 meters long.It got its name because it is covered by a beautiful glass structure.

Along Rua Coberta there are numerous bars, restaurants and also some shops.At night it becomes the point of the city and is usually crowded.Make sure to go there.

The Festivals Palace, as it is known, is actually called Cine Embaixador.

The Palace has a very important mission: to host the Gramado Film Festival, which takes place in the city in August.

The Palace also provided the Christmas Lights Ascension Show, one of the Christmas Light Shows in Gramado.If you are in Gramado between October and January be sure to go there and watch it.The show is beautiful and free.Our son loved it!

St. Peter’s Church

principais pontos turísticos de Gramado, o que fazer em Gramado
Main sights in Gramado: Igreja São Pedro

The Igreja Matriz São Pedro is located right on the downtown and is super charming.That’s why there are an Italian house, a German house and a Portuguese house there.

The best known house, Casa do Colono, represents the German house.It sells various items produced by farmers, from bread, cakes, jams, among other delicacies.

Fonte do Amor Eterno

pontos turísticos de Gramado
Fonte do amor: one of Gramado’s main tourist attractions

Place not to be missed in the itinerary of couples in love who visit Gramado.The fountain of Eternal Love is located next to St. Peter’s Church.

So if you’re in love, don’t miss the opportunity to go there, seal your love and put on a padlock!We did this the first time we went to Gramado.

Santa Claus Village

Aldeia do Papai Noel em Gramado
Village of Santa Claus in Gramado

The city of Gramado is famous for having the most beautiful Christmas in Brazil and also for hosting the event Natal Luz, which takes place between the months of October and January.

Aldeia do Papai Noel is one of Gramado’s main tourist attractions and also one of its oldest attractions.You will be able to see Santa’s clothes and visit every room in his house.

An amazing place in the Village is Santa’s office, which is full of letters.Be sure to visit, to enter once and for all the magic of Christmas.

Mini World

parques de Gramado, passeios em Gramado,
What to do in Gramado: Getting to know the Mini Mundo miniatures park

If you’re looking for tips on what to do in Gramado, you’ve certainly heard of Mini Mundo.

The Mini Mundo is a park built entirely in miniatures.It features buildings from around the world, made 24 times smaller than their original size.

There you can find the Neuschwanstein Castle, Hamburg TV Tower in Germany, the Prince’s Castle of Monaco, the Botanical Garden of Curitiba and many other places.

The Mini Mundo is a big city, so you can find houses, castles, airport, railway, town hall, churches and much more.Oh and all the trees in the sculptures are real!We were even more in love with the park when we learned of this fact.Don’t miss out, it’s worth it.

Please note that the park is all open, so it’s not a good choice for rainy days.

Gramado Gates

The city of Gramado has two porticoes, both very photographed by tourists visiting the city.

The oldest is the Portico de Nova Petrópolis, on the romantic route, located on the ERS 235.

The Portico of Taquaras was opened in 1991 and is located on ERS 115.

Both are beautiful, each with its characteristics and both with beautiful flower beds.

Joaquina Rita Bier Lake

Lago Joaquina Rita Bier em Gramado
Joaquina Rita Bier Lake in Gramado

Joaquina Rita Bier Lake is located in the city center and is famous for hosting one of Christmas shows Luz de Gramado.

This is an artificial lake measuring 17,000 square meters.This photo was taken from the hotel’s restaurant.Amazing view, right?

What to do in Gramado: 5 Best Day Trips

What to do in Gramado with children

Gramado is a perfect destination for a family vacation.It has attractions that will please not only children, but also teenagers.

We have an article with 10 things you need to do in Gramado with kids, check it out.In this article we give details of all the places, in addition to telling the tours that our son didn’t like in the city.We also offer tips on places to visit in Gramado with young children.

But as this article is a travel guide to Gramado, we couldn’t help but include walks for children right?

Check out all of Gramado’s best tours for families:

  • Santa Claus Village ;
  • Snowland;
  • Mini World;
  • Parque Terra Mágica Florybal;
  • Enchanted Germany;
  • Valley of the Dinosaurs;
  • Dreamland Wax Museum;
  • Gramado Zoo.
  • School of Magic ;
  • Fantastic House;
  • Aerial Cable Cars;
  • Kingdom of Chocolate;
  • Alpen Park;
  • Parque Olivas;
  • Valley of Dinosaurs Park;
  • Selfie Gramado;
  • Dreamland Wax Museum;
  • Fantastic House;
  • Cara de Mau Pizzeria, themed with pirates;
  • Hector Thematic Pizzeria that reproduces a school of magic;
  • Kongo Pizzeria inspired by a forest.

What to do in Gramado with teenagers

Are you going to Gramado with teenagers or young people?So it is necessary to include a little bit of adventure in your script.We are going to share with you some tours that our son enjoyed a lot in the city.They are:

Law School of Magic

o que fazer em Gramado com adolescentes, passeios em Gramado com adolescentes
Best tours in Gramado for teenagers: Escola da Magia

Escola de Magia is a great choice for those traveling to Gramado with teenagers, it was the tour chosen by my son as his favorite on our last trip.

This is one of the newest attractions in town and promises moments of fun and magic…

Upon entering the school, everyone must take a quiz to find out which house they belong to, inspired by the houses in Harry Potter.After that, classes begin.

Students go through several classes, where they learn to handle wands and perform some “spells” by speaking the magic words.They learn how to use the invisibility cloak, how to make potions, among others.

At lunchtime or recess, there is a cafeteria that sells drinks and food, including Butterbeer and the elixir.We tried them and they were super tasty.

At the end of the visit, everyone receives a degree in magic.Too cool right?!


parque da neve Gramado
Buoying down in Snowland Gramado

Very popular with children, teenagers and adults alike, Snowland is the snow park.A must see for anyone visiting Gramado, especially for those who have never seen snow.

The favorite attraction for young people is tubing, which allows up to 3 people to slide on individual tubes.It’s super fun.The park has several other attractions.Check out the article that tells you all about Snowland and how to get a discount on your ticket.

Hector Pizzaria

Pizzaria tematica Gamado
Hector Pizzeria: Gramado-themed pizzeria

Pizzas are a big hit with teenagers, imagine joining a top-quality all-you-can-eat pizza to a magic-inspired themed space?

Hector is a school of magic.It’s super interesting.We had a lot of laughs during dinner.

You can already tell that it must be all good, right?It was the dinner that our son enjoyed the most in Gramado.In addition to the pizzas being super tasty, the service is top notch.Be sure to try the lemon meringue pie and banana split pizzas.They’re perfect!

Exceed Park

Parque dos games Gramado
Exceed Park Gramado: games and technology park

This park is a big hit with teenagers in Gramado, as it is a game park.

This is a space totally focused on technology and has several types of games and simulators.

It has ultra-realistic simulators, including military planes, a Formula I Ferrari, a Mercedes A250 on a Stock Car track, among others.

The park’s most famous attraction is the Hologate, a virtual space that is known to be the root of the metaverse.It was my son’s favorite attraction at Exceed Park.

Selfie Gramado

Selfie Gramado
Selfie Gramado: photo tour

If your child is one of those teenagers who loves photos, then this is the perfect place!Selfie Gramado has numerous instagrammable scenarios that yield perfect photos.As it’s an attraction intended for contemplation, it doesn’t go fast, but it still makes your stomach flutter.

Super Car Show

o que fazer em Gramado com chuva, o que fazer em Gramado com adolescentes
Best rides in Gramado: Super Car Show

The Super Car Show is that place that will certainly be successful with teenagers in Gramado.There are a lot of those very fancy cars on display and it is still possible to hitchhike in some of them.

In addition to the cars, there are several racing simulators, a 4D cinema and also an award-winning roulette wheel on the second floor.Biel got the big luck!He won the best prize in the park at roulette: driving a Mustang GT.She almost burst with joy.

You can check out this and other adventures from our trip in the highlights of the Instagram of Vamos Por Aí.You can also follow our posts through #vamosporaiporgramado.

Face Face Pizzeria

Another pizza roll famous in Gramado is Cara de Mau.The pizzeria is all decorated with the pirate theme.The pizzas are also very tasty

During dinner, there is a nightclub-style show, with lots of music and entertainment.This show is more geared towards teenagers than children.

Alpen Park Canela

Alpen Park is an amusement park located in the city of Canela and is very popular with young people.The park has a roller coaster, tree climbing trail, alpine sled with a route through the park’s woods and other attractions.

What to do in Gramado in the rain

Always have this list with you, because the chance of you getting rain in Gramado is great .The city has several museums, theme parks and restaurants.We’ve put together some places worth visiting to help you on this quest.

Here are 10 tips for you to do in Gramado when it rains:

Get to know Snowland Snowland

The park is fully enclosed and has several attractions such as the snow mountain, slides to go down on buoys and a slope for skiing or snowboarding lessons.

Allow a minimum of 4 hours to stay in the park.Less time than that will leave you wanting more.Can you see how Snowland is a good choice?It will fill a good part of your day.

Taste a sequence of fondue

fondue em Gramado
Beef fondue in Gramado

Anyone going to Gramado should try a fondue sequence, as it’s super traditional in the city.And they are delicious!!!

Three types of fondue are served: cheese, meat and chocolate.There are several places in the city where you can try it.Check out tips on places we have approved and recommended in the article: fondue in Gramado: 5 amazing and affordable places.

Target a photo with your idol at the Dreamland Wax Museum

The museum is super fun.It exhibits wax sculptures of various personalities such as Elvis Presley, Marylin Monroe and Barack Obama.

Dinner on a themed all-you-can-eat pizza

The all-you-can-eat pizza in Gramado are all good!!!In addition to the pizzas being super tasty, characters interact with the audience during dinner.Several of them are exposed on site!!!There are still several incredible simulators on site!

Try a delicious colonial coffee

o que fazer em Gramado com chuva, passeios em Gramado na chuva
Colonial Café in Gramado

The colonial cafés in Gramado are a doom!And they are served all day.On our trip we went there for lunch, but you can choose the time you prefer.

Some of the items served: grape juice, wine, coffee, hot chocolate , cold cuts, breads, cookies and cakes.

Visit a chocolate factory

In Gramado there are There are several chocolate shops and you can choose to visit them and taste the traditional chocolate from Gramado.

But there is also the possibility of visiting a chocolate factory.Oh and this experience is not paid.Prawer offers this opportunity and at the end of the tour, you can taste chocolates.

Relax in the thermal pools of Acquamotion

Acquamotion is a park with thermal pools and water slides that promise lots of fun, especially on rainy days in Gramado.

Get to know the Hard Rock Café

The Hard Rock Café is internationally famous, especially for rock lovers.Unfortunately, it still doesn’t exist in many cities in Brazil, so don’t miss the opportunity.Being in Gramado, go there and see it.Especially if it’s raining, it’s a great option.

Go to Canela

In Canela there are also several amazing places to enjoy in the rain.We do this through the Offer Lacer.

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On our last trip to Gramado we bought the following vouchers in Laçador:

  • Snowland;
  • Kongo Pizzaria;
  • La Divina Fondue;
  • Chocolate World;
  • Maria Fumaça Walk, among others.

In all these places the minimum discount we got was 20%.This represents great savings at the end of the trip.Don’t forget to write down this tip and save, huh?!

That’s all, I hope you enjoyed our tips on what to do in Gramado.The city has a lot of cool stuff.Do you know of any other cool places in town that are worth visiting?Tell us, we’d love to know!Just leave a comment below.

Extra Tip: Photoshoot

ensaio fotográfico em Gramado
Photoshoot in Gramado

We are passionate about photos, which is precisely why we love to be photographed by a professional.It’s really worth it!!!Have you ever lived this experience?

In Gramado we did two photo shoots, one in Lago Negro and another in the city center and we loved it!It made for beautiful photos.

In downtown Gramado, we did the shoot with Fernanda.You can contact her on instagram @honeymoonsessions and at Lago Nego, we did it with Felipe from instagram @flopesfotos .

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We chose to write about the things to do in Gramado, a destination we love!!!We invite you to also read the articles below, as they are full of amazing tips!!!

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