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What to do in La Paz: Best Tours

A mandatory stop for anyone visiting Bolivia, La Paz is a city that has a lot to do. Check out our tips below.

The capital of Bolivia is well known by everyone who grew up listening to Galvão Bueno shout about the difficulty of a soccer team playing at that altitude, and about the need for the team to travel there a few days before the match to get used to the lack of oxygen in the air.

La Paz seen from above

For us travelers, the city promises breathtaking views, hours wasted in craft markets and iconic walks such as the Death Road and Valle de la Luna.

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What to do in La Paz

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Calle Sagarnaga

The most colorful street in town! There are hundreds of craft stalls, selling everything you can imagine. Prices are much lower than in smaller cities, and the variety is greater. On this street are also many hostels, cafes, travel agencies and typical food stalls.

Calle Jaen

Street with well-preserved old buildings, many of which are museums.

what to do in la paz bolivia
Photo: User: (WT-shared) Shoestring at wts wikivoyage [CC BY-SA 1.0]via Wikimedia Commons

Camacho Market

One of the hottest places to find street food and buy cheap drinks.

Las Brujas Market

On Calle Linares. The best place to buy herbs, pau santo, handmade soaps and the like. It also brings together many typical musical instrument stores.

Also, here you’ll see weird things like dried frogs and stuffed llamas.

la paz what to do
Photo: User: (WT-shared) Shoestring at wts wikivoyage [CC BY-SA 1.0]via Wikimedia Commons

Main Bate and Volta de La Paz:


Chacaltaya mountain is a disused ski resort as there is little snow nowadays.

It’s almost 5,500m in altitude and, although the tour van will take you very close to the top, the final hike is quite difficult.

As far as I know, there is no way to go on your own, so book a tour in La Paz. The tour can be 2 in 1, including Valle de la Luna.

What to do in La Paz

Valley of the Moon

If what you want is scenery from another planet, then this is the place. The rock formations give the impression of being on the moon, in fact.

The most common way to get there is by the same tour hired to go to Chacaltaya.

What to do in La Paz
Valley of the Moon

Downhil on Death Road

Probably the most famous attraction in La Paz. A van drops you off at the top of the mountain, and from there you have to go down 60 km along the steep and narrow road, bordering abysses.

what to do in la paz bolivia
Death road
what to do in la paz bolivia
Death road

Where to stay in La Paz

La Paz has hotels and hostels for all tastes and budgets.

For budget travelers like us, the best hostels are:

Photo: Wild Rover
Photo: Loki Hostel
Photo: The Adventure Brew Downtown
Photo: Wooden Wasi Hostel

How to get around La Paz

The center of La Paz is not large, concentrating the fairs, squares and interesting markets in an area that could be easily explored on foot. The problem is that the city has many slopes, and due to altitude sickness, the effort to climb is even greater.

The alternative is shared vans, buses and taxis. All of them cost very little and take you anywhere. There is also a regular taxi, in which you must agree the price with the driver in advance, and which is also usually very cheap.

How to get to La Paz

Coming from Uyuni there are night buses which are incredibly comfortable. They leave at 8pm and arrive before 7am.

When you’re at the bus station, take the opportunity to buy a ticket to your next destination. If you go to Copacabana, the buses always leave in the morning, at 8 am.

If you want to go later, take a taxi to the cemetery, and from there take a van. These come out all the time (at least in the morning), in the “full, left” scheme.

Bolivia Travel Insurance

It is always essential to take out travel insurance, even for countries where it is not mandatory. Think of it this way: in case of need you will have to:

  1. seek a private doctor, which will cost you dearly, or
  2. seeking assistance in a large hospital (in case of an emergency, for example), and depending on the country’s health system, it will also be very expensive!

And most importantly: you can buy insurance with COVID-19 coverage! You can travel much more smoothly that way.

Buying travel insurance is simpler than you might think: on the Seguros Promo website, for example, you can get insurance with good coverage for just a few reais a day, valid for all countries in South America!

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