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What to do in Lindóia, LINDA city in the interior of SP

In this post we are going to talk about what to do in the small and beautiful city of Lindóia – SP, which has many interesting sights for a tour. Not to be confused with Águas de Lindóia, a neighboring and better known city.

Lindóia is one of the 11 cities in São Paulo that have the status of Hydromineral Resort, and, in addition to this title, it still has an impressive number: it is responsible for 40% of all mineral water in Brazil!

The city of Lindóia is in the heart of the Circuito das Águas Paulista and has a tourist structure, such as hotels, bars, restaurants and interesting sights to visit.

We passed by there on the way to Águas de Lindóia. Watch our video and be sure to subscribe to follow our trips through the countryside of São Paulo:

A curiosity about the water in the city of Lindóia: maybe it was taken to the moon, in the Apollo 11 Mission.

At least that’s what one of the city’s water companies says, which has the sales receipt to prove the event.

Journalists contacted NASA to confirm the story, but did not get a definitive answer. There is no document that proves where the water referring to the invoice was sent.

Water Bottle Monument

Where to stay and how to get there in the city of Lindóia – SP

The city of Lindóia is 155km from the city of São Paulo. The roads there are good, although some sections are not duplicated. There are 2 possible paths:

  1. Via Atibaia and Bragança Paulista (155 km, but with fewer duplicated roads), or
  2. Via Jundiaí and Mogi-Mirim (185 km with more double roads).

From Viracopos Airport, in Campinas, it is 120 km to Lindóia.

Click on a point on the map to see its legend

If you travel by bus, it is possible to arrive from São Paulo with Viação Bragança, or from Campinas with Viação Metrópolis.

It is worth mentioning that the city is only 13 km from Serra Negra, 20 km from Socorro and 6 km from Águas de Lindóia, so it is very worthwhile to fit more than one city in the same itinerary.

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Where to stay in the city of Lindóia – SP

The city is small and few people choose to spend the night there, but if you are looking for a destination to have total peace and tranquility, this is the one to ask.

To stay in the city and be able to do some walking tours, choose the Hotel Santiago or the Pousada do Grande Lago, which has this beautiful view:

Photo: Pousada do Grande Lago Lindoia
Photo: Pousada do Grande Lago

If you are looking for a true retreat in nature, take a look at Pousada Estância das Montanhas, which is on the way to Águas de Lindóia:

Photo: Pousada Estância das Montanhas
Photo: Pousada Estância das Montanhas

Or at the Hotel Fazenda Vale da Cachoeira, close to the road to Socorro, another very interesting town in the region:

Photo: Hotel Fazenda Vale da Cachoeira
Photo: Hotel Fazenda Vale da Cachoeira

What to do in the city center of Lindóia – SP

Lindóia is a very small and quiet town, so in less than 2 hours it is possible to visit all its attractions.

Click on a point on the map to see its legend

Main Square

Our first stop is Praça da Matriz, which is in the upper part of the city, overlooking the surroundings.

It is a very beautiful and well-kept square, with a bandstand full of details:

things to do in Lindoia sp Praça da Matriz downtown
Lindoia center

Our Lady of Brotas Parish

In the same square you will find the Parish of Nossa Senhora das Brotas, church of the patron saint of the city.

things to do in Lindoia sp Parish of Nossa Senhora das Brotas
Mother Church of Lindoia

Fountain of Sprouts

In front of the church is Fonte das Brotas, one of the many springs of mineral water in Lindóia. Don’t forget to bring a bottle to fill.

things to do in Lindoia SP Fonte das Brotas
Fountain of Sprouts

Water Bottle Monument

Certainly one of the most unusual sights in Lindóia is this: a giant water bottle!

things to do in Lindoia sp Water Bottle Monument
Water Bottle Monument

The Bottle Monument symbolizes the natural wealth of the municipality, which is responsible for 40% of all mineral water in Brazil.

Water Bottle Monument
Water Bottle Monument

Great Lake Lindóia and Esuador

The most beautiful place in the city is certainly the Great Lake and its Escape, a small lagoon that receives its waters.

What to do in Lindoia SP Grande Lago
Great Lake of Lindoia

In addition to being a super pleasant space to walk and listen to the sound of the water, the beauty and care of the park around the lake and the drain are surprising.

Outlet of the Great Lake of Lindóia
Great Lake Outlet

Christ the Redeemer of Lindoia

At the top of one of the mountains that surround the city of Lindóia there is a statue of Christ the Redeemer, where you will find a viewpoint overlooking the city and surroundings.

It is possible to arrive by car, but be prepared for some steep climbs. I, who don’t have much experience driving, was content with the view from down there:

Christ the Redeemer of Lindoia SP
Christ the Redeemer

And you, do you know this beautiful city? Tell us in the comments if we left out any tourist spots in the city of Lindóia.

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