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What to do in Maceió: tips for tours in the city and back

I found out there’s a lot what to do in maceio during a trip I made to some cities in the Northeast. The capital of Alagoas was one of the places I loved visiting the most.

In addition to having a lot of cool things in the city itself, it is also close to other attractions that can be visited on a day trip. Gorgeous beaches, delicious food, stunning scenery, cultural programs… Great destination for the summer which, by the way, lasts all year – yay!!!

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What to do in Maceio – tourist attractions

Pajuçara and Ponta Verde beaches

I stayed more or less between one and the other, so I took the opportunity to get to know these two that are the main ones. Maceio beaches.

And I liked them both. They are beautiful, super clear water, coconut trees that guarantee a little shade, wind in the late afternoon, well-structured kiosks (some famous ones, like Lopana, where they usually have concerts), running and bicycle tracks…


Those who want can also take a raft ride in Pajuçara and discover the natural pools that are 2 km from the shore.

Other beaches, which I didn’t know, but I had good references, are Jatiúca and Cruz das Almas (both with strong waves and, therefore, very frequented by surfers).

Aresanato Fair

I’m suspicious to say because I LOVE one craft fair. It’s where we find everything – clothes, bags, accessories, souvenirs…

The one I went to, which is (I think) the best known, is on Pajuçara beach (Travessa Dr. Antonio Gouveia, 68) and there are also people offering bus tours to other beaches in the region.

Ponta da Barra

It is a very traditional neighborhood where lacemakers and fishermen live. On the doors of their houses, they weave the famous lace. It’s a charming, detailed work and the result can be seen on tablecloths, clothes and other pieces.

And the sunset from there is simply wonderful (and #nofilter), so the tip is to go in the late afternoon.

Cultural Attractions

The city has several museums, for those who want to get away from the beach. The day I booked for this was a local holiday (important tip: research this before going to any city) and many were closed. I only went to the Memorial to the Republic, which I liked a lot.

Typical foods

Anywhere in the Northeast, tapioca cannot be missed. I ate some wonderful ones at the entrance of Pavilhão do Artesanato, in front of the market (across the street), with delicious fillings. For ice cream with local flavors (or traditional ones), I recommend the Sorveteria Delícias do Serrado.

What to do in Maceió – day trips

Set aside two or three days to discover the places near Maceio. There are buses that do these tours for very affordable prices. At the hostel I stayed at, they already indicated me on arrival and, during the tour, the people I met were also there by indication of their respective hotels / inns. So I believe it is customary to offer. Ask at reception when you arrive. My favorites were:



At natural pools in Maragogi are amazing! I swear I didn’t give anything for the city when I arrived there, but later, on the boat, I saw the paradisiacal scenery, which is about 5 km from the sea shore.

There the boat anchors and, for a few hours, it is possible to swim in crystalline waters, as if it were a swimming pool, in the midst of fish.

The bravest can go scuba diving. Those who are more apprehensive, like me, can rent a snorkel to at least put their heads in the water and see the fish better. Unmissable program!

Frances and Gunga beaches

I made both in one day, in the same package. It was a quick stop at French Beach (photo below), just so we could get to know and then the Gunga Beachwhere we spent all day.

The place is structured, has restaurants, etc. And the stretch from one beach to the other can be done by land or by sea (payable separately).


The eponymous restaurant is located on the beach with transparent waters and full of coconut trees. The place is quiet and has a superstructure, including for children. You pay to enter and consumption is separate. That Hibiscus tour unfortunately I didn’t. But they say it’s always good to have something undone, because it’s a reason to come back to the city. Not that I needed to… =)

Where to stay in Maceio

I stayed at Maceió Hostel and Pousada, in the neighborhood of Pajuçara, a few blocks from the beach and very close to shops. There is a choice of shared or single or double room, with private bathroom, television… As I was alone, I stayed in a single. See more options and offers:

These are my tips tours to do in Maceioa destination that is certainly worth visiting!

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