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What to do in Paraná?

Paraná is a geographically small state compared to others, but it is no less interesting for tourism, because it has unique places, most with rich nature.There are tourist cities in Paraná for a wide range of travelers.

In this article, we’re going to present 14 excellent cities for you to put on your Paraná travel itinerary, each one with its differences.

14 Tourist Cities do Paraná

Foz do Iguaçu

Source: MTur

The Iguazu Falls are a one of the main tourist attractions in the South and throughout Brazil, famous for their natural beauty and good tourist infrastructure.

At least once in a lifetime, the region is worth visiting, including the Argentine area in Puerto Iguazú. , where the unmissable waterfall called Garganta del Diablois located.

The Parque das Aves and the visit to the Itaipu Dam are other attractions that should be on your itinerary.

Without a doubt, Foz do Iguaçu is the most international city in Paraná that you will visit.

Also know where to stay in Foz do Iguaçunthe best regions to enjoy the city’s attractions.


14 Cidades Turísticas do Paraná: O que fazer no Paraná?
Botanical Garden

A Paraná’s capital is a city to visit, with all the good that a big city can offer.

Bars of all kinds, very good museums and also shopping options, Curitiba also has several urban parks, such as Jardim Botânicoand Parque Tanguá.

In addition, Curitiba can be used as a base city for day trips.

From a cultural point of view, it is extremely relevant in the south of Brazil, hosting various shows and shows.

See also which neighborhoods to stay in Curitibathat we recommend!

Ilha do Mel

14 Cidades Turísticas do Paraná: O que fazer no Paraná?
Miguel Beach with the Conchas Lighthouse in the background

Island of Mel is the best beach destination in Paraná, as it has several unspoilt beaches and good inns.

We have a very complete article on Itineraries for Travel to Ilha do Mel.

In any case, know that it is best to travel in the warm months, enjoy the beaches nearby do Farol and even go up the hill where the Farol das Conchas is.

Even an ancient fortress with cannons can be found on Ilha do Mel, a remnant of colonial Brazil and the need to protect the disputed southern coast of the country.and grandeur they possess.

There are talk of more than 100 waterfalls scattered throughout the city, but just over a dozen are open to visitors.

The Salto São Franciscois the most famous and visited waterfall, as it is easily accessible and even has a spectacular viewpoint.

Recanto Perehouski is another place with waterfalls and trails ideal for families, including camping.The structure is highly praised.

The Salto São João Natural Monumentcan also be visited by those who can enjoy a light trail.The views are breathtaking, with the nearly 90 meters of Salto São João and the well-preserved forest.

The Salto Barão do Rio Branco stands out for being good for bathing, in addition to having plenty of water. (depending on time of year).Salto São Sebastião is known for having one waterfall facing the other, but the structure of the place is not the best.

See the list of best accommodations in Prudentópolis, as well as houses for rent in Prudentópolis!

Ponta Grossa

14 Cidades Turísticas do Paraná: O que fazer no Paraná?
Vila Velha State Park.Source: Wikimedia

Ponta Grossa’s main highlight is the Vila Velha State Park, the first state park in Paraná and a very beautiful and different place.

There you will find rocks (sandstones) with unique shapes, carved over millions of years.There are also the furnas, which are holes with water at the bottom.

The Golden Lagoon is another attraction of the park, even more so when the sun hits its waters and, thus, it is understood why it is called Golden.To discover all this, there is transport in the park itself, as well as trails and even a bike ride.

Please note that in Vila Velha State Park there is a Visitor Center to answer all your questions about which trail to take.For more information, visit the official website of the Government of Paraná.

In addition to the state park, there are other tourist attractions in Ponta Grossa, but also natural ones, such as Buraco do Padre, a peculiar waterfall with excellent structure.Other natural attractions are the Canyon and Waterfall of the São Jorge River and the Mariquinha Waterfall, popular places for locals on weekends.

See the list of best inns and hotels in Ponta Grossa!


Guartelá Canyon.Source: Wikimedia

Tibagi is one of the strongholds of natural beauty in Campos Gerais do Paraná, both for more radical activities and for relaxing, being one of the tourist cities in Paraná focused on ecotourism.

The main highlight of the city is the Guartelá State Park, where the Guartelá Canyonis located.The Puxa Nervos Waterfall, on the other hand, makes for a more relaxed tour, because in addition to enjoying the waterfall, the property (site) where the attraction is located also offers lunch and a rural setting.

Much is also said about the attraction. Nick’s crevice, a path between two walls that extends for about 1 km.This tour requires hiring a guide and is not cheap (it is expensive), having become more famous for the photos published on Instagram.

For rafting fans, know that the Tibagi River is perfect for practicing this sport..

Antonina is also worth a visit for its conservedand photogenic house, in particular the Municipal Theater, the Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Pilar and Praça Coronel Macedo.

For the more adventurous, there is rafting on the Cachoeira River and the ascent to Pico Paraná, the highest in the state, a long and tiring trail, but with breathtaking views.

Check out the list of the best accommodations in Morretesand Antonina, as well as houses for rent in Morretes!


Waterfall of Corisco.Source: Wikimedia

Sengés is a small town on the border with the state of São Paulo, ideal to be visited together with the city of Itararé.

One of the main attractions of Sengés is to contemplate the Canyon of Jaguaricatú, and on the same tour you can access the beautiful Véu da Noiva Waterfall, which has a large volume of water in the rainy season.

It is possible to access these attractions with a higher standard car, as the road is unpaved.

Many travelers choose to hire local guides, which helps a lot in organizing tours in Sengés and Itararé.

Another attraction The natural way in Sengés is to contemplate the Corisco Waterfall from its viewpoint, being the type of tour for all ages.

In Itararé, the highlights are the Pirituba Canyon and Barreira Ecological Park.

In the case of Sengés, it is better to stay in accommodations at Airbnbin Itararé!

Castro and Carambeí

Castro e Carambeí
Centro Cultural Castrolanda.Source: Wikimedia

Castro and Carambeí are neighboring towns very close to Ponta Grossa and make for a great and peaceful day out.

In Castro, in the Center, the Parque Lake, the Church of Nossa Senhora Sant’Ana and the Museu do Tropeiro.

However, the main attraction is the Centro Cultural Castrolandawith a large and photogenic Dutch mill, as the The region was colonized by the Netherlands.

Another photogenic site inspired by Dutch architecture is the Carambeí Historical Park, in the neighboring city of Carambeí.In addition to taking the opportunity to photograph the buildings, try the typical sweets of the region, especially pies.

In the case of Castro and Carambeí, staying in Ponta Grossais even better!

Map with cities in Paraná

Check the location of the 14 cities in Paraná mentioned on the map.Thank you!

We hope you were inspired by this list of tourist cities in Paraná and now you know what to do there!

Have a nice trip!

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