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To make the most of your trip to Prague, it’s important to plan ahead and understand more about the city.There are many attractions, ranging from bridges, museums and castle to bustling streets, shops and bars.To help you organize your Prague tour, I’ll tell you everything we did during our 4 days in the city.


Before starting the tips for our itinerary in Prague, it is worth explaining that this is just a suggestion of the itinerary we did in the city.We have another post with all the tips on what to do therefor you to organize the itinerary according to what you prefer.

That said, we’re not going to the itinerary yet lol .I’ll give you some important tips about the city:

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)


The local currency is the Czech koruna and the official language is the Czech language.Do not change your money at the airport or train station.By the way, we have two very important posts that you should read before traveling there: how to avoid scams in the city andwhere to change currency.

The best way to get to know the city is on footbut it is well served by public transport.To go further afield, it is worth taking the subway or tram .

If you go in summer, get ready if to take the city full, but really full!The Prague Cardis also worth looking into, which can come in handy if you go to a lot of attractions and use public transport.By the way, you can still buy it in Brazil through Get Your Guide.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

We have a post with all the tips in town!It’s worth a read later.


Having said all that, let’s finally get to ourtour in Prague.We arrived in town at 2pm.So the first day was only “half”.The other three are integers.So, you can adapt well so that the script has only 3 days.We left early on the fifth day.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)



As we were already in Europe, we arrived in Prague by train.We exchange only what we need to use to get to the hotel.By the way, we stayed at Royal Prague City Apartments, which is well located and good value for money.We went there using the tram.


After checking in, we went for a walk around the city.The tip is to stay in Prague 1.We walked to Ponte Carlosand went to visit Cidade Velha.We took the opportunity to exchange our money at Alfa Prague (see the official website), tip doInsider Prague blog.

Alfa Prague (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Alfa Prague (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)


It was good to get to know a little of city ​​geography.Before we go any further, we stop to eat a typical dish of the country, which is the Smažený sýr(breaded camembert with tartar sauce).We continue to Cidade Nova and stop at Praça Venceslau, which was once the scene of important political demonstrations.

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Comida típica da República Tcheca (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Comida típica da República Tcheca (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Before heading back to the hotel, we stopped by a bar to try the famous Czech beer.


Our Prague itinerary officially starts now, as the first day was more about wandering around and getting a sense of the geography from the city.


We have already started our itinerary in Prague, passing by one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city: the Ponte Carlos.Be prepared to meet many tourists there.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

The bridge, which it connects Cidade Velha to Cidade Pequena, construction began in 1357and was completed in the 15th century.There are 30 baroque-style statues representing saintsalong its entire length.

Ponte Carlos (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Ponte Carlos (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Don’t leave the bridge without touching the statue of São João Nepomuceno.They say that whoever puts his hand on his coat of arms will have a wish fulfilled.When in doubt, it’s better to try, right?

We made a very complete post about the Charles Bridge.

End. :Karluv most
More information on official website


Take advantage of going up }Old Town Bridge Tower.By the way, get ready!In Prague, you will climb many towers.No laziness huh!From up there, there is an incredible view of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.It’s worth the effort to go up and to get a little space among the tourists.

Torre da Cidade Velha (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Torre da Cidade Velha (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:Karlův most
More information on official website


It’s time to officially visit the Old City (Staré Mesto).The square is beautiful and full of attractions.Every hour, the figures of the apostles and the zodiacchange and the position of the Sunand the Moon.

End.:Staromestské námestí 1/3

Brazilians are obligedto purchase travel insurance in most European countries.In addition to being required at immigration, it allows you to travel with peace of mind in the event of unforeseen health issues, delays or flight cancellations.Rafa has already fractured his spine abroad and had to be transferred by helicopter.Can you imagine how much it would cost if he didn’t have insurance?We suggest you make the quote on the Seguros Promowebsite, which is a search engine to find the best price.Use the coupon ESSEMUNDOENOSSO5 and get a 5% discount, which can reach 10% if you pay by bank slip.


Before or after you see the full hour, take the opportunity to climb the Clock Tower(I mentioned that there are many towers in Prague).From up there, there is a beautiful view of the Old Town Square, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the famous clock.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:Staromestské námestí 1/3
More information on official website


You might be wondering why I included a elevatorin the Prague itinerary, right?It’s just that this isn’t just any elevator.We even made a post just about him.In fact, it is an elevator with two entrances, without doors and that does not stop.One side will always be going up and the other will always be going down.

[ embed][/embed]

End.:Prague City Hall – Plaza Mariánské námestí 2/ 2
Hours of operation of the city hall, on weekdays normally during business hours |Not open on weekends.

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We were in Prague during the summer, when the days tend to be much longer, And this tip is just for the hottest days.How about enjoying the sunset in a park with a beautiful view of the city?If you can’t go to Letnáthis day, go another.

Letná (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Letná (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

The park is not close, but you can get there using the tram and it’s worth it.There, look for the Letná Beer Garden, with some outdoor bars, where you can sit down, have a beer and enjoy the end of the day.

See for more information. official website.



The third day of our Prague tourbegins with another important point of the city: the Malá Strana region and Prague Castle.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

The Prague Castledoesn’t have the traditional shape we’re used to.I got there and I was looking for a big building and it took me a while to understand that it is allthat complex, which includes historical monuments, churches, such as St. Vitus Cathedral and palaces.

Don’t miss the Golden Lane, an area full of colorful houses, and the Royal Palace, the St. George’s Basilicaand the Capela de S.You can understand more and buy on the website.


After visiting Prague Castle, take the opportunity to visit John Lennon Wall, a wall dedicated to the former Beatle, which began to be painted after his death in the 1980s.During the communist regime, the space was a representation of freedom.Every time the police erased an image, another one popped up in its place.To this day the wall is in transition.Probably the images you will see there will not be the same ones I saw.

Roteiro em Praga: John Lennon Wall (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga: John Lennon Wall (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:Velkoprevorské námestí, 100 00
In front of the French Embassy


If you have time, take the opportunity to go to Parque Petřín.The Petřín Lookout Toweris located there.Inspired by the Eiffel Tower, it was built for the Jubilee Exhibition of 1891.From up there, the view of Prague is beautiful.As it is located high in the mountains, we prefer to take the funicular to reach it.Then, the way is to go up the stairs.

Roteiro em Praga: Vista do Petrin (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga: Vista do Petrin (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End .: Petřínské sady 633, 118 00 Praha 1-Malá Strana
More information on the official website



The fourth day of our Prague itinerary starts with the Jewish Quarter, called Josefov.Although there are reports of Jews in the city since the 10th century, between 1890 and 1913, they demolished many buildings to remodel the region.That’s why, from that time, six synagogues, the old Jewish cemetery and the town hall of the districtremain.I’ll divide the attractions of the neighborhood to make it easier to understand:

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)


This is one of the most expensive streets in Prague.So you’ll probably just walk past it.Unless you want to leave a lot of Czech crowns there.As the name says, the street was inspired by Paris.Some of the brands that can be found there: Gucci, Prada, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Fendi.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)


The old Jewish cemeterywas one of the few buildings that remainedintactin the neighborhood.There, there are graves from 1439 to 1787.It is estimated that there are more than 100,000 bodies buried there.In addition, in the cemetery is a tribute to the Czech victims of the Holocaust.

Cemitério judeu (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Cemitério judeu (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

The entrance to the cemetery also gives access to some synagogues.As time was short, we chose only Española, the most recent, from 1868, and Maisel, from the late 16th century.

Sinagoga Espanhola (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Sinagoga Espanhola (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:Vezenská 1


You thought it wasn’t climb any more towers?The Torre da Pólvorais another one that has a beautiful view of the city.The Gothic building, dating from 1475, is 44 meters high.

Torre da Pólvora (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Torre da Pólvora (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:At Příkopě / náměstí Republiky 5
More information on the official website


We I had already passed Praça Wenceslausat night, but now it’s time to visit it during the day.In addition to being the setting for important political movements, the square has even served as a horse market.Among the attractions of the square is the National Museum.There are also many shops, hotels, restaurants and snack bars.

Praça Venceslau (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Praça Venceslau (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

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You may have already seen the photo of Casa Dançante, but seeing it in person has another flavor .This commercial building designed by architects Vlado Miluniceand Frank Gehryqueis successful because it looks like it’s moving.Reminds me of two dancers.If you have time, go to the bar on the terrace.

Casa Dançante em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Casa Dançante em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:Jiráskovo nám.1981/6, 120 00 Nové Mesto, Czech Republic


If you still have the time and the mood, take a closer look at the statue representing the bust of Franz Kafka , created by David Cerny.The writer was born in Prague in 1883. The work is located outside the Quadrio Business Centre.

Roteiro em Praga: Busto de Franz Kafka (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga: Busto de Franz Kafka (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

End.:Vladislavova 1390/17, Nové Mesto

If you have more time in town, try a tour by boat.We didn’t make it, but they say it’s worth it.

On Get Your Guidethere are several options for tours to do in Prague, including by boat, and you can even buy them in Brazil.It’s worth a look.

Be sure to check out our post with all the tips on what to do in the city.


Spend some time for lunch or dinner at Lokál (Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Staré Mesto).The restaurant is very good and the menu changes constantly.We enjoyed the tatarák, a steak tartare with fried bread and garlic so much, that we went there twice.I don’t really know how to explain what it is, but it’s something like a cone made with dough that resembles a donut and that is on a hot coal.Inside the cone you can put various fillings, such as Nutella or ice cream.

Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)Roteiro em Praga (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Finally, be sure to stop by supermercado to see how cheap beer really is.We found half-liter bottles for less than 60 euro cents.


Our tip is to try to be close to the main attractions, such as the Ponte Carlos, so you can do almost everything on foot.As we went in the summer, we ended up staying about a 10-minute walk from the bridge, which was great because it was close, but not in the middle of the hustle.

Royal Prague City Apartaments (Foto: Divulgação)Royal Prague City Apartaments (Foto: Divulgação)
Royal Prague City Apartments (Picture: Publicity)

We stayed at Royal Prague City Apartments , a charming boutique hotel with easy access to the city’s main attractions.


As in most European countries, those traveling to Prague need travel insurance.Even if it wasn’t mandatory, it’s always important to travel with insurance.

Rafa, who also blogs, fell down skiing in Valle Nevado, Chile, fractured his spine and had to go by helicopter to Santiago, in addition to being hospitalized for three days in the city.If he hadn’t taken out the insurance, he would have spent a fortune.

Other than the amount spent per day of travel with insurance is very low.It’s worth doing!

Our tip is to enter the Seguros Promowebsite, which works as a insurance comparator.Just enter your travel data, such as destination and round-trip date, and choose the insurance that best suits you.It is possible to place up to 4 insurances on the same screen to compare each item.This makes it much easier to decide which one to close.

Take the opportunity toquote nowand pay less.Use our coupon ESSEMUNDOENOSSO5 to get a 5% discount on the final price.If you have enough time in advance, choose to pay via bank slip to get a further 5% discount.

Have you any questions about the our itinerary in Prague?Leave it in the comments!

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