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What to do on Canoa Quebrada Beach

Planning a trip and don’t know what to do on the beautiful Canoa Quebrada Beach, in Ceará?Check out in this post our tips on where to stay, how to get there, which tours are worth it and what to enjoy at night.

Raft on Canoa Quebrada Beach

I think I’ve been to Canoa Quebrada more than 20 times, so when it comes to what to do there, you can count on my tips.

As I’ve always traveled there on a very cheap basis, I decided to write here my tips on how to get to know Canoa Quebrada on a budget, doing everything there is to do there.

The last time I was in Canoa Quebrada was in 2019. All values ​​and information here on the blog are based on this last visit.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
How not to smile?



Art from one of the beach huts

Where and how to get there in Canoa Quebrada

A Praia Canoa Quebrada is 160km from Fortaleza, on the east coast of the State of Ceará.The ticket costs around R$28 and the trip takes 3 hours.The bus leaves from the Fortaleza Terminal (Eng. João Thomé).

Here you have two

  1. Take a direct bus to Canoa Quebrada (few times per day );or
  2. Take a bus to Aracati, the municipality to which the beach belongs, and from there complete the journey in a van.

This is the São Benedito website (you can buy it online line): sbautovia.

I recommend staying at least one night in Canoa Quebrada to enjoy everything there is to do there, but for those on a tight schedule, a good option is the 3 Beaches tour in 1 Day from Fortaleza, which also includes Praia de Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes.Click here to see prices and book online.

A tried and true tip: you can take this tour of 3 beaches in 1 day, discover Morro Branco and Praia das Fontes (which are beautiful, but where it’s not worth spending a lot of time), go to Canoa Quebrada and stay there, without going back with the tour.

That way, you get to know 2 more beaches, avoid going to the bus station and even choose how long you’ll stay and what you’ll do in Canoa Quebrada.

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Where to stay in
Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada has numerous options for hotels, inns, hostels and campsites.You can check all the options directly on

Hostel in Canoa Quebrada (Budget Accommodation)

For those who are used to staying in a hostel, in Canoa Quebrada there are great options:

Photo: Canoa Roots Hostel

Hotel and Inn in Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada has many options for hotels and inns at good prices and in a great location.At that time, a group of
French filmmakers arrived at the place and mingled with the residents, creating an atmosphere of
fun and freedom (you can imagine, right?).

In the 1970s, travelers
“hippies” from several European countries discovered the place and settled there
as well.

The result of this
mixture is a beach paradise with a quiet village, where the good vibes
prevails and everyone smiles all the time.The inhabitants of Canoa are a
beautiful mix of fishermen, artisans and artists of all kinds.

Blue skies and calm

Rua Dragão do Mar, the “Broadway” of Canoa Quebrada

The main street of Canoa Quebrada earned the nickname “Broadway” because it was where artists gathered every day to show their performances and sell their crafts.

que fazer canoa quebradaque fazer canoa quebrada
Gateway at the beginning of Broadway

The official name of this street is Dragão do Mar, in honor of the abolitionist jangadeiro who was born in Aracati (the city to which Canoa Quebrada belongs) and actively participated in the abolition of slaves in Ceará.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada

Canoa Quebrada Symbol (Moon and Star)

The Broken Canoe Symbol (moon and star) is of unknown origin.

Others say that a Moroccan of the Islamic religion (whose symbol is the moon and the star), who was part of the filmmaking team, carved the symbol of his belief in the cliffs as a way of asking for forgiveness for sinning .

Symbol on the cliffs of Canoa Quebrada



What to do in Canoa Quebrada: Beaches and Tours

You can stay several days enjoying the calm of Canoa, but there’s a lot to do there, and some tours are really nice and worth it.

Click on a point on the map to see your caption

Buggy Tours in Canoa Quebrada

There are several options for buggy tours in Canoa Quebrada.On the main street you will find buggy drivers offering the service all the time.Tours vary from 1h to 3h in duration.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Buggy ready for the ride

Among the attractions, you will pass through lagoons in the middle of the dunes, sometimes with zip lines and ski-bundles;going up and down giant dunes (guarantee of a lot of butterflies in the belly);pass the cliffs with the moon and star symbol (which you can also do on your own) and visit the sunset dune (ditto).

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Quiet beach

Canoa Quebrada Symbol

As I said above, the famous moon and star symbol carved into the cliffs it is located on the main beach of Canoa, easily accessible in a short walk.A little after the Freedom tent you will find the symbol.

Canoa Quebrada cliffs

The cliffs of Canoa Quebrada are the main “culprits” for the unique beauty of this beach.They are prettier when you arrive at the beach from Broadway.

Cliffs, rafts and blue sky

From there you can descend to the sand where There are beach huts.There are stairs or you can go through the cliffs (carefully and consciously not to spoil nature).

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Down to the beach through the cliffs
o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Beach shack at the foot of the cliffs

From the top of the cliffs you have an incredible view from the sea and surroundings:

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Canoa Quebrada seen from the top of the cliffs

Beach of Canoa Quebrada

I’ve always enjoyed Canoa Quebrada beach in the area that is right on Broadway, more precisely the Freedom Bar tent.

Freedom Bar

To the left (from those looking at the sea) I think they are the most “family” tents. ”, large and well-structured.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Larger tents

To the right are smaller and simpler tents (which I I like it better).

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Smaller tents

If you walk past the Canoa Quebrada symbol, you will find a A bit of a different beach, with some reefs and finer sand.

Pôr do Sol Dune

In a 20-minute walk you can easily reach the sunset dune Canoa Quebrada sunset.Unlike its more famous sister, the Jericoacoara sunset dune, here the sun does not set over the sea, but behind more dunes and wind turbines.

On the map above, I indicate the beginning of the trail to the dune and its location.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
End of day at the beach

Paragliding flight in Canoa Quebrada

When the afternoon starts to fall in Canoa, it is impossible not to notice the paragliders that fly over the beach and the cliffs.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Paragliding and cliffs

The view is beautiful and in
you are never taken too high or very far away, so even for
those who are less brave (like me) it’s okay to go.The price of the flight is around
R$100, to be agreed at the time.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Paragliding Flight in Canoa Quebrada

Canoe Walkway

Called for the
Sol Nascente Walkway, because of the view it provides in the morning, this walkway was a
great attraction and guaranteed great photos for visitors to Canoa

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Walkway overlooking the sea

In January 2019 I had the
it has been banned, apparently for lack of
maintenance.A pity… Still, it’s worth walking to its beginning, at
Praca dos Pescadores, and enjoying the view.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Passover overlooking the sea

Fisherman’s Square (Overview)

Walk down towards the beach along some street and turn left off Broadway and you will find beautiful viewpoints, including Praça dos Pescadores, where the Passarela begins.New colors, smells and flavors appear there, and you don’t want to miss it.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada

That’s why I say it’s worth staying at least one night in Canoa Quebrada.If you can spend a weekend, even better!

In addition to the beautiful view and the movement of the hippies, on Broadway there are great bars and restaurants, some that go until later, ideal for those who like to stay on the street having some (don’t forget to call me!).

Later in this text I’ll tell you which ones are the best.

Tree of Happiness on Broadway

Echo Aldeia Flecha da

A little far from the beach Eco Village Flecha da Mata is located, a place of permaculture, bio constructions and spiritual experiences.A true connection with nature!

Echo Village Flecha da Mata

In 2014 I spent a
night there with a friend who was a volunteer and it was an amazing experience.It is important to reserve

If you want to spend the
day at Eco Aldeia, but not sleep there, that is also possible.A
financial and food contribution is requested (used for the community meal of the day).

In addition, events are also held in the eco village and it is still possible to work as a volunteer.Check out all the information on their website.

Eco Village Flecha da Mata

What to do in Canoa Quebrada: Bars, Restaurants and Parties

I must confess that I have never
explored Canoa Quebrada’s restaurants much, but I cannot say the same
of the bars and of parties.I’ll leave here the tips of the places I think are the most

Freedom Bar

A place that I
have memories of magical nights.On Saturdays (and Fridays in the high
season) there is a reggae party at the Freedom Bar that is not to be missed.A
fire is lit and the view of the cliffs with the starry sky is something

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Freedom Bar

Because of this party, Freedom Bar has hosted numerous international reggae attractions and organized memorable festivals.A documentary was even filmed about the place.It’s on youtube.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Freedom Bar

During the day, the
Freedom Bar works as a normal beach shack, with food and drinks at
a good price.It stays open late.

And it’s impossible not to
notice the immense (and curious) replica of Captain Cave on the bar’s facade.

o que fazer em canoa quebradao que fazer em canoa quebrada
Bar Caverna


I’ve never been to the clubs in Canoa Quebrada, but there are at least 2 on Broadway.The crowd is usually younger there, dancing to pop/electronic music and lots of alcohol.

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