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What to do, tents and how to go

The beautiful Praia do Amor in Pipais undoubtedly one of the most sought after by tourists in all of Rio Grande do Norte.

Located close to the center of the village , it is not only beautiful, but also the stage for surfing championships and has a great structure.

Guarda-sóis coloridos vistos de cima em frente ao mar na Praia do Amor em Pipa
Praia do Amor ( Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

In this post we will talk about the particularities of the beach, the best tents and restaurants, what to expect before visiting it, how to get there, how to find the famous sign and other tips to enjoy the day in this paradise in Pipa.

The Praia do Amor in Pipa

If you haven’t already seen it, this beach is surrounded by cliffs and there are many tents that offer great structure for visitors.

Despite the beautiful view from above, at low tide it is also possible to walk along the sandy beach from Praia do Centro in Pipa.But more on that later.

Espreguiçadeiras, guarda-sol e coqueiros em frente ao marEspreguiçadeiras, guarda-sol e coqueiros em frente ao mar
Photo: This World Is Ours

While at high tide it becomes the scene of waves that attract many surfers, at low tide it is possible to calmly enjoy the natural pools that form at Praia do Amor.In the background is one of the main attractions here, the famous Chapadão.This plateau at the top of the cliffs offers one of the most beautiful views of the beach.

It is still a hotspot for young people and surfers who visit Pipa.The famous Praia do Amor sign, which signals the staircase leading to the sand, is one of the most photographed places in the village.

The name of the beach

According to residents, the name Praia do Amor came about because of a formation that the rocks and sand make in the direct corner of the shore.If you look at it from above, you can see, especially at high tide, the shape of a heart drawn by the waters of the sea.

Praia do Amor em Pipa vista de cima: formato de coração na areia dá nome à praiaPraia do Amor em Pipa vista de cima: formato de coração na areia dá nome à praia
The heart shape gives the beach its name (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

One of the best points to see the design of this heart is from Chapadão.But it is also possible to see it from afar if you are at the famous sign that gives access to the beach.

What to do at Praia do Amor in Pipa

Of course the main attraction for those who come here is to enjoy Praia do Amor by itself.As soon as you arrive, for those who come along the sand of Praia do Centro or the stairs at the top of the cliff, there are the biggest and most crowded tents.

The stretch that I like the most is further on, passing through these first tents towards Chapadão.From there, the beach becomes empty, although it still has a bar and restaurant structure.

This stretch is less crowded and at low tide you can still enjoy the natural pools.

Águas cristalinas das piscinas naturais da Praia do Amor em PipaÁguas cristalinas das piscinas naturais da Praia do Amor em Pipa
Natural pools form at low tide (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

Speaking of the tide, you have to be careful ) when it rises.We often saw children and even adults who had been injured on a rock.

All the tents have tables and many of them have lounge chairs.In high season there may be minimal consumption, but during the three weeks of August that we were here there was no charge.

One of the most frequented was Ginkas Beach, which has a sophisticated menu and great service.I’ll talk about it and other establishments below.

Those who like surfor want to learn will also find teachers who give classes to tourists.So you can learn some techniques and face the waves if you want.

Surfista em meio a pedras na areia em frente ao marSurfista em meio a pedras na areia em frente ao mar
Photo: This World Is Ours

In addition to guaranteeing your photo at the famous sign at Praia do Amorand on the stairs leading to the sand, it’s worth including a trip to Chapadão in your itinerary.It is from here that you have one of the most beautiful views of the beach and also the “heart” that gives it its name.

Chapadão and Praia da Cancela

If you are on the sand, the closest way to get to it is through the Amô tent.It has a ladder that takes you to the top of the cliff.Access to it is at the very end of the beach, almost at the foot of Chapadão.

Faixa de areia com água do mar e coqueiros, com Chapadão ao fundoFaixa de areia com água do mar e coqueiros, com Chapadão ao fundo
Chapadão seen from the sandstrip (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

If the tide is low, you can walk along the right side of the beach towards Chapadão along the sand until you reach Praia da Cancel.But if the tide is high, it is best to avoid it, as there are many rocks.

At Cancela, in addition to enjoying the view, you can access a staircase carved into the cliffs to access the Chapadão and have a beautiful view from there.This is a small sea turtle spawning beach, so help to preserve it.

Praia do Amor em Pipa vista do alto do ChapadãoPraia do Amor em Pipa vista do alto do Chapadão
View from the top of Chapadão ( Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

It is worth mentioning that at Praia do Amor, around 3 pm, the cliffs already shade the sand and many tents begin to close.The tip is to go to Praia do Centro region to see the end of the afternoon.

We have already published a guide with tips on where to see the sunset in Pipa, which is beautiful by the way.

Where is the Praia do Amor sign?

Without a doubt, this is one of the most photographed places on Praia do Amor in Pipa.I’ve even seen many tourists who come from Natal spend just one day here asking for information on how to get there.

Placa da Praia do Amor em PipaPlaca da Praia do Amor em Pipa
Plate it is one of the most photographed spots (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

If you are coming from the center of Pipa, access is very easy.dos Golfinhos and turn onto Rua da Praia do Amor.Just go to the end, where the parking lot is, to find the sign.

Still at the top of the cliff, the view is beautiful and it is not uncommon to see lines of tourists waiting for their turn to take a foto ali.

Whoever comes from Praia do Centro for the sand, which is only possible at low tide, should pay attention to the first tents, such as Cabana da Carol.The stairs that go up the cliff to the sign are located in this region.

Barracas and where to eat at Praia do Amor

The entire stretch of sand is full of tents with good options for those who want to eat or drink something.We even published a guide on where to eat in Pipaand mentioned some establishments here in Praia do Amor.

Barracas e guarda-sóis em frente à Praia do Amor em PipaBarracas e guarda-sóis em frente à Praia do Amor em Pipa
The busiest area of ​​the beach (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

Some of the main places to spend the day are:

  • Ginkas Beach
  • Amô
  • 4:20 Beach Bar
  • Blue Point (lower prices)
  • Cabana da Carol

Ginkas Beach

Ginkas Beach(@ginkasbeach) is on the quieter side, as I mentioned earlier.What draws attention, in addition to great service, is the good taste of the music, in addition to having sun loungers and wooden umbrellas.

Espreguiçadeiras do Ginkas BeachEspreguiçadeiras do Ginkas Beach
Ginkas Beach (Photo: This World Is Ours)

As there are few places, you won’t feel overcrowded here even on the busiest days.

The menu is still quite sophisticated for a beach tent.Delicious!

Fresh spring rolls ou rolinho vietnamita do Ginkas BeachFresh spring rolls ou rolinho vietnamita do Ginkas Beach
Vietnamese rolls or fresh spring rolls (Photo: This World Is Ours)

Finally, Ginkas also has the most peculiar bathroom I’ve ever seen in the entire Northeast.

Barraca Amô Restaurante

The Amô Restaurante is a large tent that even receives tour buses from Natal and other cities with tourists who only come to spend the day in Pipa.

The main part of the restaurant is on top of the cliff, but has a staircase leading to Praia do Amor.

Despite having a good structure, including a swimming pool , and easy access to Chapadão, we found it very crowded and with a lot of confusion, in addition to extremely loud music.Perhaps precisely because of the large number of people arriving at the same time as the tours.

Turistas em mesas ao ar livre em fresnte à piscina do Amô RestauranteTuristas em mesas ao ar livre em fresnte à piscina do Amô Restaurante
Amô Restaurante (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

But on the other hand, Amô himself has a nice shack on the sandy beach, much more empty, but still with a good menu.

There are still some stretches of lawns and hammocks facing the sea.We’d rather stay here than in the main part of the restaurant.

4:20 Beach Bar

Finally, the 4:20 Beach Bar(@420beachbar_pipa) is very close to the staircase where the Praia do Amor sign is located.

The only flaw is that it is sandwiched between several other tents, so if you’re looking for peace, you won’t find it there.

Where to stay in Praia do Amor in Pipa

We have already published a guide to pousadas in Pipaand, among them, there are also good options for those looking for where to stay in Praia do Amor.

There are no beachfront hotels on the beachfront, but only on top of the cliff.See some of our favorites on Booking:

The Hotel Sombra e Água Fresca (9.5 rating) is one of the best rated in the entire village.It is close to the sign and stairs that give access to the beach.Even though you are in Praia do Amor, you can go for dinner in the center of Pipa at night, a walk of about 500m.

It is perfect for those who like a resort-style hotel, as it has three pools.There are many room categories, including some with sea views.

They also have the Sombra e Água Fresca Resort (grade 9.2), which offers accommodation in large individual beach houses, in addition to the premium suites of Sombra e Água Fresca Spa Floresta (grade 9, 3).

Piscina em meio à mata fechada do Sombra e Água Fresca Spa FlorestaPiscina em meio à mata fechada do Sombra e Água Fresca Spa Floresta
Shadow and Fresh Water Spa Floresta (Photo: Publicity/Booking)

The Pousada Xamã (grade 9.5) is just 250m from Praia do Amor and has well-decorated rooms with a balcony, including some with a bathtub with a view.The hotel also has a beautiful swimming pool and is just 300m from the center, where there are bars and restaurants.

Still close to the beach, those who prefer to stay in individual chalets will enjoy Terra Dos Goitis ( grade 9.7), a charming condominium with swimming pool and a large garden.

Pessoas no bar molhado da piscina da Pousada dos GirassóisPessoas no bar molhado da piscina da Pousada dos Girassóis
Pousada dos Girassóis (Photo: Disclosure) /Booking)

Those looking for cheaper options in the region, but still highly rated, might like Pousada dos Girassóis (grade 8.9), Bicho Preguiça (grade 8) , Pousada Praia do Amor (score 8.8) and Di Pipa Pousada (score 8.9).If the tide is low, you can walk along the sand of Praia do Centro, passing by Bar Orishas.It’s just a 15-minute walk.

If the tide is high, walking along the beach is impossible.Then you should take the main street of the village, Av.dos Golfinhos, and walk to Rua da Praia do Amor, which gives access to the parking lot and the stairs.In fact, the famous sign is located at the end of it.

Falésias e escadaria em frente ao marFalésias e escadaria em frente ao mar
Access from the Praia do Amor sign (Photo: This World Is Ours)

If you don’t know anything about tides, ask at your inn.Alternatively, you can check the tide table online.

Depending on where you are in the center of Vila de Pipa, the walk can take between 15 and 30 minutes.If you prefer, you can take a taxi on Av.dos Golfinhos or call at your inn.Uber doesn’t work very well here.

Going from Natal to Pipa

Many people come to visit the village in just one day of group tour that costs between R$50 and R$60 per person (Nov/21).

The distance between Natal and Pipa is only 85 km, but honestly I don’t think it’s worth it.You end up knowing very little and don’t have time to enjoy it properly.But if that’s the only option, try to plan well what you want to do.

These agencies, easy to find in Ponta Negra, are one of the alternatives on how to get from Natal to Praia do Amor, since that the tours usually stop at the Amô tent for lunch.

It is worth remembering that it is located on top of the cliff, so be sure to go down to the sand and also visit Chapadão, which is right next to

By rental car

If you want to have the freedom to discover more of Pipa’s beaches, such as the beautiful Praia do Madeiro, you can rent a car .

Our suggestion is that you search for daily rates on the Rentcars website, a search engine that compares prices between the main rental companies and payment can even be made in installments.

We rented with them on this trip to Rio Grande do Norte!

By taxi

If you prefer, you can take a taxi.And you don’t even have to ask the driver to spend the whole day waiting for you in Pipa, which would be more expensive.It’s quite common, and taxi drivers there are used to going to the airport, which is even further away than Natal.

The fare between Ponta Negra and Pipa costs around R$160 each way ( Nov/21).

Is it worth taking an Uber?

You can even get an Uber from Natal to Pipa.You can simulate the price and ask for the same app you use in your city.The big problem will be the return, as it is very complicated to use app cars in the village.

So, if you choose Uber, know that you will probably need a taxi to get back to Natal.

By bus from Natal

Those who want to save money can still visit Praia do Amor by bus from Natal, but be aware that the journey takes a long time.You can check the updated schedule on the @viacaoriograndense account on Instagram.Tickets cost around R$20 (Nov/21).

When to go to Praia do Amor

You can visit all year round, but the best time is to go to Praia do Amor and also Pipa as a whole runs from August to March.

Homem em pé no alto da falésia na Praia do AmorHomem em pé no alto da falésia na Praia do Amor
Pipa on a August (Photo: This World Is Ours)

The wettest period is between April and July.We went in August, but we also had some rainy days.The driest season actually takes place in October, November, December, and often even in January.

But in Pipa it is worth mentioning not only the weather, but also the capacity.We spent almost a month here in the low season, but every weekend the village was crowded, due to the proximity to Natal and João Pessoa.

So if you want to go to the beach in peace , avoid weekends and holidays, in addition to the high season that goes from New Year’s Eve to Carnival.

In any case, Praia do Amor still has stretches that are quiet even when the village is full.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s on Praia do Amor?

This beautiful beach also has natural pools that form at low tide, cliffs and a good structure of tents.By the way, don’t miss the Chapadão and also the famous Praia do Amor sign.

How to get from Pipa to Praia do Amor?

Praia do Amor is in the village of Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte.It is located between Praia do Centro and Chapadão.At low tide, you can walk along the sand.At the top, it’s best to take the stairs near the famous sign.

Do you have parking at Praia do Amor?

Yes, at the end of Rua da Praia do Love there is a parking lot.The value can vary from R$ 10 to R$ 20 (Nov/21) depending on the time of year.From there you can access the stairs that lead to the beach.

How to get from Natal to Praia do Amor?

You can choose between tours with an agency , rental car, taxi or even bus.See how to get out of Natal with these options and prices.

By the way, have you already visited Praia do Amor in Pipa?Have more tips?Leave your comment!

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A fan of chicken with okra and good beer, he currently lives in São Paulo.He has worked for companies such as SBT and Jovem Pan FM.Passionate about travel, he founded Esse Mundo É Nosso and travels around Brazil and the world all year round, always looking for tips to share.

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