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WHAT TO SEE in GUATAPÉ, a beautiful pueblo in Colombia ❤️

If there is an unavoidable stop on any traveler visiting Medellín and the surroundings, this stop is Guatapé. I trust that Medellin I didn’t particularly like, but the surroundings of Medellin have several interesting pueblos. Two of the most tourist attractions in Guatapé and Jericho. Because we had a rather tight agenda, we had to decant ourselves for one of the two y el elect fue Guatapé. Both for its houses with colored zócalos and for its peñón I believe that Guatapé was the best choice. Don’t miss this post with everything you have what to see in Guatapé and all the information you need to organize your visit.

Guatapé, the most colorful pueblo in Colombia

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How to get to Guatapé?

Well, you’ve seen the first photo of Guatapé and the arrow effect has emerged, haven’t you? Quiet, I fall in love all the days of a new destination and with Guatapé, I also have love at first sight.

If you want to visit Guatapé, the best option is from Medellín. Guatapé is 84 kilometers from Medellín and the trayecto in coach takes approximately two hours.

A very comfortable option to arrive here taking it as an excursion from Medellin. In this way, you forget about the coach and get to know this wonderful pueblo in depth. I recommend you book ahead directly here.

There is also the option of book a private taxi that takes you to Guatapé. It waits for you during visits to the pueblo and the time you want, and you can take the tour for about 300,000 Colombian pesos, with exchange for about 90 euros. You have to know that the taxi is completely at your disposal and the price of the taxi, so you have to divide it between the people who are going to book the taxi. How many more are you better.

what to see in guatape peñon
Travel Magnets have everything you need to see in Guatapé.

What to see in Guatapé

Among the essential places to see in Guatapé. On the one hand is the Peñón de Guatapéa 220-meter high monolith that towers over this town, and the other essential plan consists of callejear por el own center of the pueblo.

El Peñon de Guatape

The first foot I put in this pueblo was to go to Peñón de Guatapé also called the Piedra del Peñol.


It was the first step of many, because before that, nothing more and nothing less than 658 steps were waiting for me. This is the exact number of steps that will take you to the top of the peñón. They look like a lot of stairs, but I assure you that from the top you can see one of the best views of the region of Antioquia.

what to see in guatape peñon
Peñón de Guatapé

How are the steps and the climb? Yo, honestly, when I saw the peñón a lo lejos I seriously planted myself if I climbed the no. 658 steps seemed like a lot to mebut once at the base of the peñón I saw it as high as I believed and encouraged me to do it.

Hay dos escaleras independientesone of the ascent and the other of bajada, but the mitad of the camino are communicated by you te lo piensas mejor y decides to change your opinion.

The stairs are perfectly packaged, all the climbs are zig zag ladders and are numbered from 25 to 25 so that you will be motivated little by little during the ascent. Also account with some steeper stairs to be able to take a little rest without getting stuck on the ascent of the rest of the tourists.

what to see in guatape
Up or not up this is the cuestion 😉

once up, take some air, rest a little and enjoy the views. At the top of the peñón there are several bars where you can have a beer. After the sweating you go to cook up this beer is well deserved. 😉

peñon de guatape views
Views from the Peñón

for sure, if you are not in good physical shape, or you have a problem on the rodillas, I advise you not to go up. It was especially hard for me to go up, but I saw people in trouble during the ascent, especially older and embarassed people.

Anyway, mi consejo es que do not remove the towel in advance, access up to the base and look like son las escaleras. If you do, cheer up! think that yo casi me rajo and at the end I went up as a champion. And, in fact, the views from above son la leche.

what to see in guatape
Molan, is it true?

Pueblo de Guatape

If you like the colorful places Guatapé will be your pueblo. It is known as the town of los zócalos because every house and every corner is decorated with picturesque reliefs of images of animals, flowers or just everyday scenes from the pueblo. The truth is that you are most curious.

what to see in guatape zocalos
Zócalos in the houses of Guatapé

I recommend you that alleys around the Plaza de la Iglesia losing a little bit. Also the pueblo is very big so if you get lost, you’ll find yourself quickly again. 😉

There are several streets with a lot of charm, but maybe there’s more photography and the most beautiful is the Calle del Recuerdo. You will easily recognize them because it is a very steep cuesta with a source of muñequitos in the lower part.

what to see in guatape colorful calle
Calle del Recuerdo, Guatape

La parallel to this calle tampoco has waste. You can find it on google maps as Carrera 29.

Also I liked the Plazoleta de los Zócalos a lot. When I was there, I had a lot of atmosphere until such a point that maybe there was something massified. También, hay que tener en cuenta that when I visited Guatapé it was festive. I imagine that a day in between Guatapé is something more relaxed (I hope so).

what to see in Guatape race 29
Carrera 29, Guatape

Where to sleep in Guatapé

You visit Guatapé as a day trip from Medellínbut if you decide to lodge in Guatapé, a good option is the accommodation Oak Tree house right in the center. Another option a little more alejada is Hotel Zocalo Campestre. It is located at los pies del peñón and has views of the valley.

what to see in guatape
One of the most colorful streets to see in Guatapé

Where to eat in Guatapé?

I ate in it Tiki Taka restaurant, located right on the plaza del pueblo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat much because that day it was bad for my stomach, but to eat a country tray is fine, although it’s nothing from the other world. On tripadvisor ponen muy bien el restaurant La Fogata, Sam’s el Donthe latter of international food.

How long is it recommended in Guatapé?

I believe that visit Guatapé on a perfect day. Ese es el tiempo que yo estuve y es el que yo recomiendo. The pueblo is small and will not take you more than two hours. If the pueblo le sums up to the peñol and the trayecto de ida y vuelta from Medellín, the day goes perfectly.

what to see in guatape travel magnets
Regi in Guatapé

Can you recommend me something else to see in Guatapé? Do you know this picturesque pueblo de Colombia? If you are going to travel to Colombia within a few minutes and you have some doubts about organizing the trip, you can leave a comment at the end of this post and I will answer you, I will be delighted as soon as possible.

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