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What to see in Osaka one day: 10 essential places

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan and a city that produces a certain love-hate for the traveler.There are people who speak wonders of her, and people who don’t like it at all.If you have included Osaka in your route through Japan, in this post we will tell youeverything you have to see in Osaka one day.

Osaka was pretty cool for me as my first contact in Japan.I hope you enjoy it to the fullest too 🙂 .


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What to see in Osaka for one day: 10 essential places

1.Osaka Castle

It was the first castle I saw in Japan and I thought it was really cool.Also, since we went during the sakura season,the gardens were in full bloomand it was sooo cute.

The castle, like almost all castles in Japan, is rebuilt.We had read a lot about how beautiful castles in Japan are on the outside and how disappointing they can be on the inside, so I decided not to go in, but Juanra did.I simply limited myself to seeing it from the outside and walking around.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles


Useful information for planning your visit to Osaka Castle:

2.Dōtonbori at night

Without a doubt, it is my favorite area of ​​Osaka.It is a very lively area, with lots of restaurants and neon lights, in true Times Square style but with the river in the middle.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

I recommend you go here At night, that’s when it’s coolest.And don’t forget to take a photo with the typical Glico Man🙂 .

Closest subway stop to Dōtonbori

The nearest subway stop to see Dōtonbori is Nambaon the Midosuji Red Line.

3.Tsutenkaku Tower and the Shinsekai neighborhood

Another area that I liked the most and that I recommend you see in Osaka is the Shinsekai neighborhood.In this area is the famous Tsūtenkaku Tower, although I called it the Hitachi Towerbecause of the sign it has of this well-known brand.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

I like Shinsekai because it is an area with a lot of atmosphere, with a lot of shops, pachinkos and restaurants to eat a good kushikatsu, one of the most typical dishes of Osaka.

In this area there is also the huge onsen Spa World, if you fancy a bit of relaxation it could be a good plan to spend the afternoon.

Nearest subway stop to Shinsekai

4.Isshin-ji temple and Shintennoji temple

Near the Shinsekai area, in fact, you can walk perfectly, there is the Isshin-ji Buddhist temple, the most important temple in Osaka and one of the most important temples in the entire country.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

Also, a five-minute walk from Isshin-ji temple is Shintennoji temple and its five-story pagoda.AlthoughI recommend you walk from Shinsekai.

5.Strolling through the geek neighborhood of Den Den Town

We continue the visit a little further up the Shinsekai neighborhood, to enter in the geek neighborhood of Osaka.

Saving distances, it is similar to the geek-neighborhood of Akihabara in Tokyo, but much smaller.

It has a lot of shops with geek figurines, magazines and anime movies , main cafes or cafes with waitresses dressed as maidsor schoolgirls (a bit shady, yes, I know).

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

It’s not as big as the one in Tokyo, not so showy, but it’s not bad as a first contact with Japanese geek-culture.If you are a bit of a geek, you will surely love it 🙂 .And, when you go to Tokyo I warn you that you will flip out in colors with the Akihabara one.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

Subway stop closest to visit the geek neighborhood of Osaka

You can do it on foot from Shinsekai, or from the Ebisuchosubway stop.

6.Strolling around in the Namba neighborhood

I liked the Namba area a lot.Especially, the contrast between the commercial streets and the traditional streets that you find when you walk around the main street.It is another essential place to see in Osaka and a good area to spend the last hour of the afternoon before ending the day in my beloved Dōtonbori.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

The nearest metro stop to Namba

The nearest metro stop is Namba.This one is very easy to locate on the map 🙂 .

7.See the Umeda Sky Building and the financial district

Near Umeda Station is the Umeda State Building, perhaps the most famous skyscraper in Osaka.For me, personally, I leave it a little “just like that”, but it’s good to come here tofeel a bit of the rhythm of the financial districtof this big city.

If you want, You can also go inside the building and go up to the cafeteria on the 40th floorto enjoy the views.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

Nearest subway stop

The closest subway stop to Umeda Sky Building is Umeda, this one is also easy 😉 .

8.These are the most typical dishes you have to eat in Osaka:

  • The Kushikatsu, a very tasty skewer of meat or fish accompanied by soy sauce.
  • The takoyaki, which are a kind of octopus balls.
  • The okonomiyaki, the Japanese omelette.It is made on the grill with a lot of ingredients chosen to your liking.It is one of the dishes that I discovered in Japan that I liked the most.

If food in Osaka is so famous, don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to put on your boots with la Japanese gastronomy.It’s the bomb!

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

9.More things to see in Osaka with more days?

If you have more days in Osaka, you can also visit the port area and the Osaka Aquarium, especially if you go with children.

10.Move around

These are some of the places that I recommend you visit relatively close to Osaka:

  • It is essential that you visit Kyoto, just 15 minutes by train from Osaka.It is one of the cities that I have liked the most in Japan.
  • Osaka Castle is fine, but Himeji Castle is the lemon pear.It is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan.You have it an hour and a half by train from Osaka.
  • Another essential place near Osaka is Nara.

Book here the best excursions from Osaka at the best price:

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

Are you looking for accommodation in Osaka?

If you want to live a different experience, how about trying to sleep in a capsule hotel?

In Osaka I tried sleeping one night in a capsule hotel.I stayed at the Hotel a-Style Shinbashifor women only.I really wanted to live the experience and the truth is that I loved it, it didn’t seem overwhelming at all.

Juanra, when she visited Osaka again, she also stayed in a capsule hotel in Hotel New Japan, only for men, you can read their experience here.

If the capsule hotel isn’t your thing, I recommend the Hotel Daiwa Roynet Osaka-Kitahama.According to Juanra, it is the best ramen in all of Japan.The restaurant is specifically for ramen.So, if you don’t like ramen, you’re screwed, because the only thing they can offer you, besides ramen, is gyozas.There are several Ippudo Ramen around Japan and in Osaka.But the first one, the original, is found in downtown Osaka.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

Location of the Ippudo Ramen

It’s just around the corner at 6-7 Kakudacho, Kita-ku, near Umeda Station.

  • Atchichi Hompo, in Dōtonbori.Specializing in one of the most typical dishes in Osaka, takoyaki.

A reader of the blog recommended this bar to me and I went there.After waiting for a queue, to say that these octopus balls are very good, although I haven’t quite gotten used to the flavor they have.I don’t know, you can call me weird 🙁 .

They say they are the best takoyaki in Osaka.The restaurant is cheap, a pack of 9 takoyaki costs 500 yen and you can take it to go.

Location of Atchichi Hompo

It is on 2-2 Shikitsuhigashi Naniwa-Ku street in Dotonbori.

How to get from the airport to the center?

How do we land at the Dotonbori International Airport Kansai, we took the JR trainKansai Airport Rapid Service to Osaka train station.The journey takes 1 hour and 10 minutes and there are trains every half hour.If you have the Jr Passthe journey is included.Instead, the price without the Jr Pass is 1,190 yen.

que ver en Osaka un día lugares imprescindibles

How to get around Osaka?

  • The The best option to get around Osaka is by subway with the rechargeable Icoca card or the Pasmo cardthat we take out directly at the airport.
  • The card costs 500 yen plus the price of the trip and is valid for all trains, buses, and even shops at train and subway stations.
  • The card is not only valid in Osaka, is valid throughout Japan, for Therefore, it is essential to have it.
  • At the end of the trip through Japan, you can return it at the station or the airport and they will return the 500 yen,and that’s it you can leave the country happier than a partridge 🙂 .
  • The price of the subway trip depends on the station where you get off, but it ranges between 180 and 210 yen for a short trip.
  • Also, if you have the JRPass (strongly recommended), you can use the Osaka Loop Line and JR trains for free, but it is not valid for other subway stations.

And this is how far our tour of Osaka has come.

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