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What to see in Vietnam in 15 days (includes detailed route)

The first destination of our honeymoon in Asia was Vietnam.A very complete country that we fell in love with.Here is this mega summary of the best places to see in Vietnam in 15 days .Everything we visit and the places we consider essential.Don’t forget your Vietnamese hat that we are taking off!

At the end of the article we will also tell you how we organized our route through Vietnam and Cambodia in 15 days.It will surely be useful for you when planning your trip to Vietnam.

10 things to see in Vietnam in 15 days

Imanes de Viaje tells you everything you have to see in Vietnam

Mandatory travel insurance to travel to Vietnam


Our first stop on our trip to Vietnam was Hanoi and the word that best defines this city is very clear to us: chaos, but it is chaos that is cool huh?We recognize that it can become overwhelming if you spend many days in it, but we consider a day or two essential to make contact with the country.

In Hanoi we recommend you visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, take a free tour in Spanish through the historic center of the city, or take advantage of shopping for very successful imitations at a bargain price in the alleys of the Old Quarter.

By the way, a super tip in Hanoi: look left and right before crossing a pedestrian crossing.Never forget it, it can save your life haha.

que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias hanoi
Streets of Hanoi

More information about Hanoi

que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias hanoi
Tran Quoc Pagoda in Hanoi.

2.Halong Bay Cruise (top)

The Halong Bay Cruise is another of the most famous places to visit in Vietnam.The fame is well deserved, which is why it is one of the seven natural wonders of the world.The karstic hummocks emerging from the bay are ultra top.

But not everything is pretty in Halong Bay, we recognize that the plastic bottles floating on the bay and the number of boatsthat there is in it may take away a little “the magic of the place”.Even so, it is one of the essential places to see in Vietnam and that we liked the most.Spending a night on the cruise in the middle of the bay was a wonderful experience.We recommend it without hesitation.

que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias
Halong Bay Travel Magnets.


que ver en Vietnam bahia de halong
One of the stops we made in Halong Bay, without a doubt one of the best places to see in Vietnam.

We spent two days in Halong Bay, but counting on the trips from Hanoi (about three and a half hours by bus) the time on the cruise may be a bit short.From the room, we had such amazing views of the bay that we didn’t even want to leave the cabin (well, and how good it was in there with the air conditioning lol).

Many people opt for the option of three days/two nightson the cruise to make a more in-depth visit to the bay and thus be able to get away from the most touristic places.If you are interested in this option, we recommend you take a look here.

que ver en vietnam crucero bahia de halong
Views from our room from the Halong Bay Cruise.

3.Sapa (top)

North Vietnam is full of treasures.Perhaps the best kept secret in the north of the country is Sapa.If you like trekking, you can’t miss this area for anything in the world.

This is one of the most authentic regions of the countrywhere tourism has not yet It has arrived en masse and where you will not get tired of seeing terraces and immense rice terraces .In addition, several tribes of different ethnic groups live in this area.


The best of all is visiting the rice fields with a guide native belonging to one of the tribes , even sharing moments in a homestay with them will be one of the best experiences of your vacation in Vietnam.Above all, the most authentic.That’s for sure.

que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias sapa
Our guide in Sapa.

To make the journey from Hanoi worth we recommend you to be at least one night in Sapa.This way you have at least two days to trek around.

By the way, You can only get to Sapa by bus or night train from Hanoi.There is no airport.

que ver en Vietnam sapa
Landscapes of rice fields in Sapa.

Recommended accommodation in Sapa:

4.Please, if you are traveling to Vietnam for 15 days, include it in your routebecause it is infinitely worth it.If you don’t like it on the way back, write to us and we’ll chat, but this place will truly conquer you.

It is considered the terrestrial Halong Bayand you have it just two hours from Hanoi.You don’t want to miss it, do you?

We loved Ninh Binh for its spectacular scenery.I recommend you take a boat ride through Tam Coc or Trang An and visit the Mua Caves temple.The views from the top of the temple are amazing.It really is the best thing to visit in Vietnam.And also without many people.🙂

que ver en Vietnam ninh binh
One of our favorite photos from our trip to Vietnam.

More information about Ninh Binh

que ver en Vietnam ninh binh
Mua Cave in Ninh Binh.


It was the former imperial capital of Vietnam until 1945, and it is a very interesting visit, especially because of the history of its temples, because the tombs of the country’s ancient emperorsand, above all, to get to know the old Forbidden Purple City, the most famous visit you have to do in the city.

As you can see, it has certain historical places that are very important that make it an essential stop in the center of Vietnam.

que ver en Vietnam hue
Temples of Hue

More information about Hue

6.Hoi An and surroundings (top)

We loved the city of lanterns in Hoi An..The lights at night hypnotize, you are warned.

que ver en Vietnam hoi an
The lanterns of Hoi An, a symbol of the city.

More information about Hoi An

que ver en Vietnam Golden Bridge
The golden bridge of Vietnam, one of the most touristic places in the country.

7.The city is a real chaos, even more than Hanoi, which is saying something.It’s also somewhat insecure when it comes to cell phone or wallet theft.

The rest of the country is very safe, but in Ho Chi Minh City, the old Saigon, you have to be a little crazy with your belongings.What’s more, several people on the street told us to keep our mobile because it could be stolen.

We, with great regret, consider it a completely expendable place on your trip to Vietnam.The War Museum is very interesting and there are places in the surrounding area that are very worthwhile, such as the Mekong Delta or the Cu Chi Tunnels, but the city itself did not dazzle us very much.


que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias ho chi minh
Ho Chi Minh.

More information about Ho Chi Minh City

8.Mekong Delta and Cu Chi Tunnels

The reason people usually go down to Ho Chi Minh is not because of the city itself, but because of its surroundings.46 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh are the Cu Chi tunnels.They form a network of tunnels in which the Viet Cong hid from American bombing during the Vietnam War.It is an essential place to learn more about this armed conflict.

Another attraction in the surrounding area is sailing through the Mouth of the Mekong Delta, 70 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City.This is where the longest river in Southeast Asia flows, which is born in the Himalayas and flows into the south of Vietnam, crossing a total of six countries.

que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias
que ver en Vietnam tuneles de cuchi
Visiting the Cu Chi tunnels.

9.We ate Vietnamese rolls even for breakfast.That says it all.Vietnamese cuisine is one of the best in Asia.We loved it.In fact, we have returned fatter from the trip.🙂

rollitos vietnamitas
Vietnamese rolls, one of the most typical dishes to eat in Vietnam.

10.Beaches in Vietnam

As you can see, we had a good time in Vietnam, but we still had to rest for a few days on the beach.But our honeymoon trip then continued to the beaches of Malaysia and Maldives and therefore we decided to skip the beaches of Vietnam.In addition, we went at the end of September and it was the rainy season in the south of the country.

We admit that the beaches of Vietnam did not attract as much attention as the beaches of other countries in Southeast Asia, such as Thailandor the Philippines.The Vietnamese beaches of Phu Quoc Island or the beaches near Nha Trangare famous.

Vietnam and Cambodia route in 15 days

Now we will tell you in detail everything there is to see in Vietnam and Cambodia in 15 days and how we organize the trip.

Day 1:arrival in Hanoi on the Santander-Madrid-Doha-Hanoi flight.Day in Hanoi.

Day 2:Hanoi

Day 3:Halong Bay Cruise .

Day 4:Halong Bay cruise + afternoon in Hanoi.In the evening, overnight train to Sapa.

Day 5:Sapa and overnight train back to Hanoi.(We did it this way because Regi has a back problem and couldn’t trek through Sapa durillos, but at the same time he didn’t want to miss the landscapes full of rice fields.Day in Hoi An.

Day 10:Excursion from Hoi An to Bana Hills and the Golden Gate.Return to Hoi An in the afternoon.

Day 11:Early flight from Hoi An (Da Nang) to Ho Chi Minh.Day in Ho Chi Minh.

Day 12:Excursion to the Mekong Delta and the Cu Chi Tunnels from Ho Chi Minh.We recommend that you do this over two days.

Day 13, 14 and 15:Flight from Ho Chi Minh to Siem Riep to visit the Angkor temples for three days.

que ver en Vietnam y camboya en 15 dias
Angkor Temples in Cambodia.

I leave you a map with all the places to see in Vietnamso that you can locate yourself better:

What to see in Vietnam in 10 days

Next, we tell you Other variables of the trip depending on the days you have to visit Vietnam:

If you only have 10 days to visit the country, we recommend that you focus on the north of Vietnam and do without going to Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta.We leave it to your choice.

If you have any questions about organizing the trip to Vietnam in 15 daysremember that you can leave us a comment at the end of this article and we will be happy to answer you in less 24 hours.If we take longer to answer, don’t worry, we probably don’t give signals because we are traveling somewhere in the world, but when we return we will answer you fixedly.🙂

Thank you very much for reading and until the next article about Vietnam!

que ver en Vietnam en 15 dias
Vietnam Tour Magnets

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