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When is Black Friday 2019? Know the date and tips

November is here and we just want to know one thing: when is black friday 2019! The best time of year to do those special purchases, ranging from electronics to travel and even grocery items.

For you to prepare in advance, in this post we will talk about when Black Friday 2019 is and give you some tips to buy well and not fall for scams.


Black Friday 2019 will take place on the 29th of Novemberbut promotions often start much earlier and last the entire month.

Every year Brazil’s Black Friday takes place at the same time as the United Statesthat is, always after the Day of Thanksgiving.

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Now that you know when Black Friday 2019 is, it’s good to pay attention to a few details:

Us United States, the offers are really unmissable. Americans get up early in stores and supermarkets and even fight to get the products. Shopkeepers do everything they can to get rid of the stock.

already here in Braziloften happens what we know as “half double”. Some stores purposely raise prices just to be able to lower them and create a false sense of offer. Therefore, our Black Friday became well known on the internet as Black Fraud.

The main tip is research before the value of the product you want to buy to get an idea if it really is at a good price or not.


If you want to buy something, it’s worth waiting for Black Friday to see if the price will go down.. What is important to remember is that most of the time, are not newly released productsbut items that need to go out of stock.

In addition to cell phones, televisions and other electronicsduring Black Friday 2019 it will be possible to find offers in clothes, supermarkets and even in travel agencies and Airlines. Remembering that offers happen in physical and virtual stores.

When is Black Friday 2019: See the date (Photo: Pixabay)

In some cases, promotions are opportunities to buy one item and get two, or pay less if you get more than one.

The important thing is to get organized beforehand, know what you want to buy and in which stores, do some research so you don’t fall for pranks and also don’t buy on impulse.


During the event, it is worth entering the official site and also follow up complaints in the Complain hereprice evolution on sites such as Buscapé and also in social networksO twitter it’s great for that.

Even during Black Friday, be wary of very miraculous offers and remember to see if the site is trustworthy. Also avoid clicking on links to promotions sent by WhatsApp.


In 2018, the sexta-feira Negra moved BRL 2.6 billionan increase of 23% compared to the previous year according to the Ebit | Nielsen. According to the official Black Friday website, there were 2.4 million consumers who shopped online and 4.27 million orders in e-commerce.

Got any questions about when Black Friday 2019 is? Leave it in the comments!

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