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Often overshadowed by the beauty of the Mexican Caribbeana Mexico Cityone of the largest metropolises in the world, keeps secrets that make a trip just there worth it.

The megalopolis still breathes the history and culture of pre-Hispanic peoples, it has an exciting nightlife, mouth-watering gastronomic options, fairs and markets, eye-popping parks and excellent attractions also in its surroundings, such as the incredible Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Add to that low prices and one of the largest subway of the Americas, which makes life easier for tourists. Welcome to)!



The climate is practically constant and pleasant all year. From May to October, in summer, it is hotter and the rains are abundant, but in isolated periods of the day. From November to April, the autumn winter it has a cooler climate, with temperatures close to zero in the morning. At that time, the dry weather affects the levels of pollution.


Mexico City

The best neighborhoods are in the region called pink zone, epicenter of the action with easy access to the subway. Between them La Condesa, la rome and surroundings of Chapultepec Park. At the Historic center there are good options, but the night is compromised. polanco it’s the trendy neighborhood, but it’s more residential and far from the subway (see discount hotels).


Mexico City

The currency is the Mexican Peso and the best is take US dollars. Exchange offices can be found in Zona Rosa and in some places in the Historic Center. The real, although it can be exchanged, has a bad price. If you prefer to withdraw, ATMs are plentiful. Prices are low. To give you an idea, the subway costs 5 pesos (US$0.35).

Mexico City

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