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Where is Fernando de Noronha and how to get to the island

First of all, one thing is certain, Fernando de Noronha is a desired destination, whether for a trip for two or to enjoy with friends. You know that perfect place for you to reconnect with nature? Noronha for sure is this place! In this way, I believe that at that moment the desire to know this paradise only increased, right? So let’s stop delaying and find out not only where Fernando de Noronha is but how to get there!

Where is Fernando de Noronha?

But where is Noronha anyway? In summary, it is important to know that Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago (considered a district) located in the State of Pernambuco, 545 km from Recife! oh blue, they make any mortal’s jaw drop! Also, I could not fail to mention that Noronha also has Baía do Sancho, considered by many to be the most beautiful beach in Brazil. But the beauty of Noronha doesn’t stop there: Baía dos Porcos is a beautiful sight, and there’s no shortage of places to watch the sunset: go to Boldró viewpoint or Praia do Meio, and you’ll be delighted! Anyway, if you are looking for a paradise destination, buy your ticket right now and Noronhe!

How to get to Noronha

If you want to know Noronha, know that currently only two airlines operate there, they are: Gol and Azul. Flights depart only from 2 Brazilian cities: Natal and Recife. Flights take about 1 hour! If you are coming from another place in Brazil, you will need to make a pit stop in one of these 2 destinations.

The price to get to know Noronha is steep, certainly one of the most expensive in Brazil! But calm down, it is possible to find less aggressive prices and there is even the possibility of traveling there with a mile too. Above all, I recommend that you keep an eye on the site best destinations it warns whenever there’s a promotion!

Environmental Preservation Fee: How much does it cost

It is mandatory to pay the environmental preservation fee whenever a tourist enters Noronha! This can be paid in advance (by debit or credit card via the internet) or upon arrival on the island. The amount to be paid will depend primarily on the number of days the tourist will stay in the archipelago. See below:

Length of Stay (in days)

Value of TPA 2019


BRL 73.52


BRL 147.04


BRL 220.56


BRL 294.08


BRL 361.71


BRL 414.66


BRL 467.59


BRL 520.52


BRL 573.44


BRL 626.37

To check the updated value, just enter the Fernando de Noronha official page.


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