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Where not to stay in NY

My stay at this hotel was during the spring (more precisely in November 2016) and the expectation not only of how the city was in that period (I had never been to NY at that time of year) but also of the hotel was great. Upon arriving at it, the reception impressed a little. We checked in and paid all the daily rates, as I had already made a reservation months ago through booking. Unfortunately it was a big disappointment when I entered the room.

what i found

There was a huge hallway (inside the room), until then tolerable, but when we started to pack our belongings, two very serious problems:

– we heard a noise of huge furniture scratching as if coming from upstairs;

– there was no closet, just enough to last 2 coats and nothing else, not even a dresser.

Unable to stand the noise, we called the reception to inform them of what was happening and a few minutes later a hotel employee came to our room to check if our complaint was justified. As soon as he arrived he said that the noise we were hearing (AWESOME!) was from the elevator’s engine room. 🙁 And the most worrying thing is that that was it. What do you mean!? No one warned us about the noise or asked if it would be an inconvenience for us when checking in? Yes, that’s right! No one asked or said ANYTHING! !!

So, we went downstairs and went to reception to request a new room, suitable for what we booked and paid for! We were told that there was no availability! In a 22-story hotel, there wasn’t a small room that could accommodate us without having that absurd noise!

We stayed there, waiting for a solution to the case, the employee, seeing our impasse, called the manager and he still wanted to argue I don’t know what and ended up releasing a “room” with “separate” beds. We went back to the previous room, packed everything (which we had already arranged) back and went to a room that was made available to us on the fifteenth floor. Upon entering we saw a dresser, and a door where there was a closet to accommodate coats at least…

More disappointments…

Upon entering the bathroom, it is unbelievable that a hotel in the middle of Times Square still has only one (cloth) curtain, sad indeed! And there’s more, when picking up a face towel or bath, they all fall off! They should have at least 6 towels in total! There were many inconveniences in this hotel, this is incredible because I never had any problems, I usually choose well and at least I think reasonable the hotels where I stay. But this really I wouldn’t go back! Here you can check how it is in the Trip Advisor and also check out several photos taken by travelers.

I apologize to you readers for not having posted the photos of the second room available to us, but when we arrived at the hotel, it was about 11:00 pm, until we checked in, went up to the first room, and made the change. It was already around midnight and I ended up being overcome by exhaustion. The most unbelievable thing is that on the booking site the hotel does not have photos of the room I stayed in… Why is that? Maybe because it’s old and hasn’t been renovated? One might be wondering if the hotel has only negatives. Honestly no! The location is excellent, but in no way makes up for all the inconvenience experienced. There are many other hotels (the competition is huge) in the vicinity.

Other negatives:

– wifi is paid, even in the hotel lobby, and believe me, the hour is almost 4 dollars. A complete absurdity!

– when checking out and requesting luggage storage during that day, the hotel charges U$1.50 for the service (it is not for the value, but I have never seen such a thing). It is an immeasurable lack of kindness;

– around midnight, we went back to the hotel to make an hour, get our bags and then head to the airport. Can you believe that two security guards approached us to find out why we were waiting there, if we were guests, anyway!? Us and another couple! A real sadness.

In short…

I do not advise the accommodation, I would not stay again and I believe that even the location is very good, the cost benefit is terrible!

One word sums it up: disappointment! 🙁


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