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Where to eat in Bogotá

[atualizado mar/18] Where to eat in Bogotá It’s a very difficult choice. the gastronomy of Colombia It is one of the best in South America. Very tasty and with many options it is very difficult to choose between so many delicious things. It was a nice surprise for me while doing my script in Bogotá!

Typical Colombian dishes

In Bogotá we found some really different dishes for us. The most popular are the following:

  • ajiaco: a slightly different chicken soup, as it includes chicken, three types of potato (criolla, pastusa and sabanera), corn on the cob and guascas (a local herb). Served with white rice and avocado;
  • Obleas: round cookies of very thin crust, it looks like a large wafer, filled with various flavors, the most common is arequipe (dulce de leche);
  • arepa: a corn pie that is part of every Colombian breakfast, lunch and dinner. It can be baked, boiled or fried, to be eaten with jam or savory filling;
  • frying pan: frittata with different meats and sausages, potato, ripe plantain (banana) and arepa;
  • Chicha: an alcoholic beverage of indigenous origin made by fermenting corn. Artisanal production, as large-scale commercial production is not authorized by the government;
  • Patacones: are dishes made from plantains, a kind of plantain. They are like a rounded pizza, with the filling on top;
  • Lemonade: variations of lemonade, with coco (coconut juice with lemon), cerezada (cherry and lemon juice) and yerbabuena (mint and lemon); and
  • Tamal: salted pamonha, mixed with some kind of meat, beans and spices, wrapped in banana leaves, tied and steamed.
Ajiaco. Photo: Dear World.
where to eat bolivia food - Where to eat in Bogotá
Arepa with cheese and chorizo.

Where to eat in Bogotá

Bogotá has some areas with gastronomy as a strong point. Check out places to eat in Bogotá:

  • Park la 93: nearby restaurants in a pleasant square located between Calles 93A-93B and Carreras 11-13, in the Chicó district. The focus is on a young crowd and on-budget meals;
  • Usaquén: here are three important shopping centers (Hacienda Santa Barbara, Unicentro and Santa Ana). The restaurants are concentrated between Calles 114-120 and Carreras 5 and 6A;
  • Gourmet Zone (G zone): between Calles 67-72 and Carreras 4-7, where the best and most expensive restaurants in Bogotá are located;
  • Zona Rosa (or Zone T): good gastronomy, despite the focus being the excitement and nightclubs (places to “rumbar”);
  • La Macarena (Zone M): gastronomic area near the Museo Nacional and Plaza de Toros, between Calles 25A-30 and Carreras 1-5. Alternative and bohemian place and very cool.
  • La Candelaria (Zone C): the historic center of Bogotá has between Calles 7-12 and Carreras 3E-7 an area with simple restaurants famous for the good Colombian cuisine.

If you want to eat typical Colombian food, try La Puerta Falsa or a restaurant near the Cathedral of Bogotá. There you will find tamale, ajiaco and hot chocolate with cheese. Yes, this mix is ​​very strange and traditional. Unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to try it, but Juliana from Eu Ando Pelo Mundo went there and wrote about her experience in this famous and very traditional restaurant.

If you like coffee, go to a Juan Valedez. It’s the Colombian Starbucks, it’s everywhere. The difference is the quality of the coffee. I can’t vouch for that because… I don’t drink coffee! haha

where to eat bolivia cafe valdez - Where to eat in Bogotá
Photo: Juan Valdez.

Crepes & Waffles was a nice surprise. There are several stores around the city. A delicious option for a quick meal. In addition to the obvious crepes and waffles, there are also salads and sandwiches.

Stalls throughout the city or supermarkets are an option to eat obleas. The industrialized ones are not as delicious as the ones on the street, very fresh.

Finally, the most famous restaurant in Bogotá, Andre Carne de Res. There are two restaurants, I went to the branch in the pink zone of the city. It’s a very different place, four floors each with a theme (hell, earth, purgatory and heaven). The decoration of each floor reflects the theme, in a creative way. The restaurant is super lively, with good music and even better Colombian food. Just prepare your pocket, as it is more expensive than the local average.

where to eat bolivia andre dc bar - Where to eat in Bogotá
One of the restaurant floors.
where to eat bolivia andre dc - Where to eat in Bogotá
decoration detail

Other tips on where to eat in Bogotá

The people at Viajar, Ver e Viver also have several tips on good restaurants in Bogotá.

Carla from Dear World also wrote a great post with gastronomic tips about Bogotá, several super interesting restaurants.

Cynara do Cantinho de Ná has the tip of 5 gastronomic addresses in Bogotá where she would like to return.


Did you like the tips on where to eat in Bogotá? Leave yours in the comments!

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