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Where to eat in Boston: the best tips!

Updated November 21, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

these are mine where to eat in boston (with interactive map!) for you to plan your itinerary according to the restaurants you find along the way.

I put my experiences in the Seaport District, Back Bay, Cambridge and other famous Boston neighborhoods:

Map with tips on where to eat in Boston – open on your mobile!

If you have other tips, don’t forget to contribute: just leave your comment and then I’ll update the post and the map with the readers’ indications!

Read on for the basics of Boston:

+ Boston: first impressions

+ Where to stay in Boston (with room tour!)

+ What travel insurance to buy for the United States? (with discount coupon!)

+ What is the best travel chip for the United States?

Boston restaurant tips

  • Beach Pastaat the Boston Harbor Hotel

Pasta Beach is a restaurant in Rhode Island, another state in the New England region, which has this very charming unit at the Boston Harbor Hotel, a five-star hotel where you may not even be a guest, but I’m sure you’ll take at least one photo at his entrance.

I had a delicious spaghetti alla carbonara for 18 dollars. The atmosphere is casual.

  • The Barking Crabin Seaport District

I didn’t eat at The Barking Crab because I ended up eating at the restaurant opposite, but I cannot fail to mention one of the most traditional seafood restaurants in town, famous for its colorful tent, reminiscent of a circus, and for the fresh seafood, especially the “king crab” for 51 dollars.

The place is very popular with people traveling, it doesn’t suit a journalist traveling alone.

  • Outlook Kitchen & Barat The Envoy Hotel

I already mentioned the restaurants at The Envoy when I gave my tips on where to stay in Boston, remember? I didn’t know the Lookout rooftop, only Outlook Kitchen & Bar, the lobby restaurant in front of the Barking Crab tent.

Outlook serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, of which I tried the first and the third – both were delicious, and for dinner I had to eat at the bar because there was no availability for a table.

The menus are elaborate, but there are few options, a single page: for breakfast, which was actually brunch, I ordered a french toast with Nutella for 14 dollars, for dinner I ordered a chicken with black rice for 26 dollars.

Pasta Beach at the Boston Harbor Hotel

Where to eat in Boston: restaurant tips

The Barking Crab and Envoy’s Outlook on opposite sidewalks – and the Daily Catch archway in the background!

  • Tuscan Kitchenin Seaport District

The Tuscan Kitchen is a very interesting place: restaurant, menu, service… It’s a neat exit, but unfortunately the only thing that was memorable was the dessert.

I ordered meat, I should have ordered pasta, so I would risk eating there again – and because of the dessert, what a dessert! I ordered a medium-sized steak, a mashed potato, and a soda for $60.

Tip: for those who follow the restaurant on Instagram, dessert is courtesy of the house – and, speaking of dessert, don’t forget: “torta calda al cioccolato”!

  • Babbo Pizzeriain Seaport District

The place is delicious, and I thought it was a chain of restaurants, but it’s not: despite being part of a bigger business, which even has hotels in New York, Babbo Pizzeria is just one and, to turn around, also in Seaport District – you may have already realized that the Seaport District is a gastronomic trip in itself, right?

I still want to go back to try the pizza because I ended up going carbonara one more time. I ended with the second best dessert of the trip: a shot of ice cream, almonds and caramel, the “Black and White”. I ate very well for 24 dollars.

Babbo’s carbonara and the house silver, the “Black and White”

  • Flour Bakeryin several neighborhoods of Boston

Flour Bakery is a chain of bakeries famous for breakfast, but they have a lunch menu full of sandwiches, indoors and outdoors, in ciabatta or focaccia.

There’s a Flour Bakery right next to where I stayed, but then I went to see others around town.

I liked it because the atmosphere is all fun, full of delicious and lean options – I had a chocolate muffin without wheat flour, refined sugar and gluten free (and different from what it may seem, it was delicious!).

  • Tatte Bakeryin several neighborhoods of Boston

While we’re on the subject of breakfast, don’t worry, break for the Tatte Bakery: this is the best bakery in the United States! If you’re in Boston, or Cambridge, be sure to eat some fat at Tatte’s that first catches your eye – the displays are beautiful, it’s hard to choose what to eat.

I tried the monkey bread croissant, the three-chocolate mousse, the almond tart and the water, because without water there is no glucose that can hold. There are also hot dishes, salads and soups.

  • Boulud Baron Boyston Street

The great thing about Bar Boulud, by the famous French chef Daniel Boulud, is eating delicious food (signed by a European chef who created an empire in the United States) at affordable prices.

On the brunch menu, I had the opportunity to eat a reinterpretation of what for years was considered the best burger in New York for less than 30 dollars – and that at the Mandarin Oriental in Back Bay, one of the most incredible hotels in Boston.

If I were you, I would never miss the opportunity to eat at Bar Boulud – I still want to go back to try the coq au vin for dinner, they say it’s to be eaten with prayers.

Where to eat in Boston: restaurant tips

The raclette cheese burger…

Where to eat in Boston: restaurant tips

And the house ice cream with almond cookies

  • Toscano Restaurantin Harvard Square

It looks like the Tuscan of the Seaport District, but the Toscano of Cambridge, close to Harvard Square, has nothing to do with the first one I met.

I ordered a breaded chicken with baby potatoes for 17 dollars. It was very tasty, but the presentation is not the prettiest. I came across Tuscano by chance, looking for something that was open in a city closed off for Harvard graduation events.

  • Pastoralin Seaport District

Finally, I’ll end the post as I ended my trip: with Pastoral’s pizza, which is handmade in a wood-fired oven and super fast.

The atmosphere is very informal: I sat down, ordered and ate in less than 30 minutes because I decided to catch a movie before leaving. I paid $25 for a prosciutto di parma pizza that was above average.

Want more tips on where to eat in Boston?

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to visit two places in the Seaport District that were on my list: Daily Catch and Committee. The Daily Catch serves seafood and looks like a happy hour, just down the street from the Barking Crab. The Committee is a Greek restaurant in the mouths of the people, but when I saw the Italian Babbo so close by I thought that the probability of making a mistake would be less if I opted for a pasta.

I can’t help but remember the Tasty Burger, the official Red Sox burger that has a drive-in-looking restaurant in Fenway, the stadium’s neighborhood.

Unfortunately, I had already tried the Boulud burger and thought it was wrong to expose anyone else to comparison, but it must be nice to try the Tasty, especially after a game at Fenway Stadium.

Other blog tips for planning your trip:

Already know where to stay in Boston? I stayed in the Seaport District, a new neighborhood full of restaurants and bars. Back Bay and Theater District are two other great and more traditional neighborhoods to stay in Boston.

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