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Where to stay in Brotas, SP?Best Hotels and Inns in Brotas

Brotas is an adventure tourism destination in São Paulo that is popular with families, couples and travelers in general.The city has an organized tourism that pleases different audiences.But where to stay in Brotas to enjoy so many rides?

Brotas gained fame with rafting on the Rio Jacaré Pepira, but he delved into other types of extreme sports that can be practiced by all people, such as buoy cross, zip lines, tree climbing and others.In addition, Brotas has many waterfalls and trails.

Knowing where to stay in Brotas is a relevant question that must be answered according to the activities you want to do in the city, your travel itinerary.

So, there are regions of Brotas suitable for different types of tourism and for travelers with specific purposes.

In this article we will show you where to stay in Brotas with suggestions for quality inns, hotels and farm hotels.

Where to stay in Brotas, SP?

Where to stay in Brotas downtown?

Villa do Conde

The city center or Tourist Center is the region that concentrates the restaurants, the most of the cheap inns in Brotas, the basic services, as well as the headquarters of tourism agencies that organize tours.

In other words, the tourist structure is concentrated in the center, even if there are few attractions there.

It’s worth staying in the center when you don’t have a car, because traveling with tour operators to tourist attractions is easier.

Travelers who have the With the intention of getting to know the adventure parks as much as possible, doing sports and so many other outings, they also benefit from staying downtown.

Farm hotels and inns in rural areas are usually sought after by travelers with children, who are going to activities without rush, or couples who want to relax in an environment with plenty of nature.

Also, cheap hostels in Brotas are located in the central areaand there is a good variety of them.Of course, they are simple inns and hotels, but you can find good options on where to stay in Brotas cheaply.

So, if it’s your first time in the area and your intention is to visit the tourist spots in Brotas, it’s worth It’s worth staying in the center.

Here’s our selection of cost-effective hotels and B&Bs in Brotas for all budgets:

The prices shown below are for summer ( high season), so depending on the time of your holiday, you’ll find lower prices and promotions!To save money, always book the inn in advance.

Best hotels and inns in Brotas downtown

  • Pousada Charm: double room with a daily rate from R$ 170. Pousada Charm is a cheap hostel in Brotas, being simple, but with a great location, cleanliness and attentive service.
  • Brotas Suites Belo Quinto: double room starting at R$ 200. Brotas Suítes Belo Quinto is one of the most affordable inns in Brotas, being well located, but with tranquility.The staff also helps tourists with tourism tips.
  • Pousada Recanto das Maritacas: double room starting at R$200. Pousada Recanto das Maritacas is a guesthouse in Brotas located on the outskirts of the center, with a lot of tranquility.Guests praise the breakfast.
  • Casarão Hotel: double room starting at R$250. Casarão Hotel is more like a good inn than that for a hotel.The location of the inn is excellent, close to restaurants.
  • Brotas City Suites: double room from R$270.The service is highly praised.
  • Mirágua Refugios Pousada: chalet with a daily rate from R$280. ​​Miragua Refugios Pousada is one of the inns in Brotas close to the center with plenty of space and areas green, being a great inn in Brotas for couples.In the same price range and location, there is the Suites no Quintal, more modern and beautifully landscaped.
  • Biomas Hotel: double room starting at Rs. $ 300. Biomas Hotel in Brotas is located on the outskirts of the center, standing out for its common areas and for having loose animals, being a familiar place.In the same price range, there is the Pousada da Estação, with a modern structure and tranquility.
  • Villa do Conde: double room starting at R$320 Villa do Conde is a hotel in downtown Brotas, with quality accommodation and professional staff.In addition, breakfast is praised.
  • Vila Harmonia Brotas: studio with a daily rate from R$350. Vila Harmonia Brotas stands out for having new and well-equipped studios, ideal for those who are going to spend more time in Brotas or just like the atmosphere of home, but with a lot of modernity.
  • Pousada do Lago: double room with a daily rate from from R$ 350. Pousada do Lago is located just 1 kilometer from the heart of downtown Brotas and has one of the best value for money in the city.The structure of the inn is good, such as swimming pool, parking and comfortable rooms.It is worth mentioning the professional service.
  • Pousada Estalagem de Brotas: double room with a daily rate from R$450. downtown Brotas, because it makes it possible to use the structure of Recanto Alvorada Eco Resort, which is located in another part of the city, far from the center and which we will talk more about in this post.
  • Villa Maria Pousada de Charme: double room with a daily rate from R$ 600. Villa Maria Pousada de Charme can be considered a boutique hotel in Brotas, being close to the center, but keeping the peace.The decor of the accommodation is classic, sophisticated and beautiful.In addition, the service is perfect.

The traveler looking for a more rural place, but close to the central area, has Pousada Pé na Terraa good option.

With a double room starting at R$260, the Pousada Pé na Terra is family friendly, with a large green area, it is even a guesthouse that accepts dogs, something common in tourism in Brotas.

Where to stay in Brotas in Patrimônio de São Sebastião?

Onde ficar em BrotasOnde ficar em Brotas
Accommodations at the Hotel Frangipani

Another region that concentrates inns and hotels in Brotas is the São Sebastião Heritage District, which is located in a higher altitude part of the city, 27 kilometers away from the center.

What attracts tourists to Patrimônio is the dam on the Rio Jacaré Pepira and the waterfalls, in addition to the Cassorova Ecoparque.The most beautiful waterfalls in Brotas are located in the neighborhood.

It is important to note that the distance from Patrimônio de São Sebastião to the center of Brotas is great, making it suitable to stay in the neighborhood for those who want to discover this region or for those seeks to rest.

There are some inns in the São Sebastião Heritage region that stand out, such as the following:

  • Pousada Campeira: double room with a daily rate from R$ 380. Pousada Campeira is a modern accommodation in Brotas with a great restaurant, being a place to rest in comfort.
  • Hotel Boutique Frangipani: double room with daily rate from R$500. Hotel Frangipani is one of the accommodations in Brotas for couples or travelers looking for comfort and sophistication in an environment rich in nature.They need to maintain a certain physical structure.

    So, cheaper farm hotels have fewer activities and may have some restrictions on the structure, for example.

    The Farmhouse Nova AméricaIt is similar to a cheap farm hotel in Brotas and starts at R$ 320.

    This accommodation is located close to Rodovia Eng.Paulo Nilo Romano, which guarantees easy access, but is not close to the Center.

    The Hospedagem Fazenda Nova América has double rooms and chalets, as well as a swimming pool and other amenities.

    Another option is Hotel Fazenda Roseira, with a double room starting at R$380, praised for its excellent service and large green areas.

    The well-known Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta has a double room starting at R$500.

    For those traveling with childrenand looking for a farm hotel in Brotas with various activities and comfort, the Hotel Fazenda Areia Canta is a good option, although it is not cheap, but it has quality.

    It is worth mentioning that the Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta is far from downtown.

    In the same price range and distance from central area of ​​Brotas, is the well-known Recanto Alvorada Eco Resort, a farmhouse hotel in Brotas with plenty of structure.

    Map of Brotthose with the best hotels, inns and farm hotel

    On the map you can find the location of each hotel and inn in Brotas mentioned in this post, as well as important landmarks.

    Click on the “button with arrow” to access the map legend.

    When to go to Brotas?Best time of year to travel to Brotas

    Holidays and school holidays are times of high demand to visit Brotas, when the daily rate increases considerably.

    It is worth visiting Brotas in the April, May, October and November, when there is a better balance between rain and temperature, as well as less demand from tourists.

    These are the months that we consider to be great.If you are unable to travel during these months, try to go at a time very close together, such as early June (when the children are not on vacation yet) or late September, for example.

    The largest number of rain happens in summer.Winter is drier, but cold, especially when you want to enjoy the waterfalls.

    Conclusion on where to stay in Brotas

    Where to stay in Brotas, SP ?

    The best place to stay in Brotas is downtown, where there are cheap inns in Brotas, restaurants and tourist agencies for sightseeing.

    What are the best hotels in Brotas to relax?

    The farm hotels in Brotas are the best for relaxation, like the Hotel Fazenda Areia que Canta.The Frangipani Boutique Hotel for couples stands out.

    What are the best budget hostels in Brotas?

    The best budget hostels in Brotas are located downtown, such as Brotas Suites Belo Quinto and Pousada Recanto das Maritacas, as well as others featured in the article.

    We hope that the tips on where to stay in Brotas have been useful for planning your trip!

    Have a nice trip!

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