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Where to stay in Catas Altas

Post updated on 12/28/2021

Where to stay in Catas Altas – review of Pousada Escarpas do Caraça
In recent years, we have always honored one of the most important parties in Catas Altas (Minas Gerais),citylocated at the foot of the Serra do Caraça, 120 kilometers from Belo Horizonte: the Wine Festival.And to enjoy this traditional event in the region with peace of mind, in 2017 we decided to stay at Pousada Escarpas do Caraça.And it’s our impressions of her that we’re going to talk about in today’s post.

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Catas Altas Wine Festival in 2017

Always held in May, the event pays tribute to the production of jabuticaba wine, a tradition in the city that dates back to 1949.

That year, Anastácio de Souza decided to create an alternative to help the municipality’s economy, changing the production of grape drink for jabuticaba.Since then, jabuticaba wine from Catas-Altense has been nationally known for its high quality.

In 2017, for three days, concerts were held with 14 Bis, Vanessa da Mata and Rockin’ Strings Orchesta.There were also presentations by local artists, circus interventions, a gastronomy fair, cooking workshops and a competition to choose the best wine from jabuticaba.

The party was a success.Success with the public, programming, structure and critics.Hey, I think I deserve a raise, huh lol.It’s just that I (Daniela) was working, because I’m a press officer for the City Hall and, at the time, I was covering the event.Of course I would speak well, right?But that’s not why, no.Everything was perfect!!!

And, as it couldn’t be otherwise, mamisand Danubia were also present and came every day to accompany me.

But instead of going back and forth after the schedule, at dawn, we decided to stay in the city, even though Catas Altas is just 13 kilometers from Santa Bárbara, where we live.

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Learn what to do in Catas Altas.

And it was the best thing, because everything there is charming and deserves a little extra time to enjoy it, peacefully.Despite this, the information, opinions and evaluations reported in all postsabout the trip are entirely personal and reflect real experiences. by the members of blog, whether they arepositive or negative.

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