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Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina? Hostels in Chapada Diamantina

Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, is one of the most important ecotourism and adventure tourism destinations in Brazil. The landscapes of the region are amazing and there are several trails and waterfalls to discover. The hardest thing for tourists is to choose Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina.

The National Park is quite large, including 24 municipalities and almost 42 thousand km². There are places to visit throughout the park, and you can even go trekking for several days.

It is best to split your accommodation in Chapada Diamantina into two base citiesin order to shorten the displacements and make the time yield more.

Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina?

The best cities to stay in Chapada Diamantina are:

Below we show the differences between these cities, with suggestions of quality inns in each of them, which will help you make the right choice about where to stay in Chapada Diamantina!

Where to stay at Chapada Diamantina in Lençóis?

The exuberant nature of Chapada Diamantina. Source: Pixabay

Without a doubt, Lençóis is the best place to stay in Chapada Diamantina, both for having the best structure in the region as for the tours that can be made from the place.

There are great inns in Chapada Diamantina in Lençóis, as well as restaurants for all tastes, shops and services. The small town still has colonial mansions and cobblestone streets.

There you will find tourist agencies to do the tours, including the inns themselves.

From Lençóis you can go to the caves, see rock inscriptions, visit waterfalls and, of course, visit the postcard, Morro do Pai Inácio.

Regarding the hotel chain, it is enough to plan (and not leave it to the last minute) to find accommodation with great prices, comfortable accommodation and a varied and regional breakfast.

See our list of worthwhile accommodations, with suggestions for excellent inns in Lençóis, Chapada Diamantina.

Modesty aside, this list is perfect, with accommodation for all budgets!

Best inns in Chapada Diamantina in Lençóis

Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina?  Best B&Bs in Chapada Diamantina
accommodation of Pousada Vila Serrano
  • Lencois Backpackers Hostel: bed in dormitory starting at R$ 30. Albergue de Lençois Backpackers is one of the cheapest accommodations in Chapada Diamantina. The hostel is simple, but just a few minutes from the center of Lençóis and has good prices. In addition, the service is highly praised.
  • Alley Hostel: bed in dormitory starting at R$ 35. Viela Hostel is ideal for those looking for a cheap and well located accommodation, in the center of Lençóis. The hostel has private rooms as well as dormitories.
  • New Heaven New Earth: double room starting at R$ 100. The Novo Ceu Nova Terra inn is a great option on where to stay in Lençóis for budget travelers looking for tranquility. The inn is simple, but new, and is located very close to the center. Another cozy cheap pousada in Chapada Diamantina is the Sheets from Chapada Casas.
  • Landing Trail Accommodation: double room with daily rate from R$ 170. Pouso da Trilha Hospedagem is a well located inn, with beautiful decoration and praised breakfast. Without a doubt, it is a good option on where to stay in Chapada Diamantina cheaply.
  • Pousada Solar Azul: double room with daily rate from R$ 200. Pousada Solar Azul is a well located inn, with simple rooms, but with good structure. Breakfast is highly praised by guests.
  • Villa Justin Inn: double room starting at R$ 240. Villa Justen Pousada has small chalets integrated with nature and close to the center. Breakfast and service are highly praised. Undoubtedly, it is a hostel in Lençóis with excellent value for money.
  • Pousada Vila Serrano: double room with daily rate from R$ 330. Pousada Vila Serrano is an ideal place for those looking for comfort with typical design of the region, a mix between colonial and rustic. The inn is also praised for the good size of the rooms and the tours offered.
  • Hotel de Lençois: double room starting at R$370. Hotel de Lençois is a great option for those looking for a more sophisticated hotel in Chapada Diamantina, with great accommodations and impeccable service.

In addition to the excellent inns in Chapada Diamantina in Lençóis, there are good options for studios and Houses for rent.

We recommend renting houses in Chapada Diamantina when your trip is long and you are traveling with family or a group of friends.

Typically, this type of hosting offers more privacy and usually pays off financially.

Check out our favorite accommodations in Lencois:

  • home rest: studio with a daily rate from R$ 100. It is a simple and economical place, but with a full kitchen, good cleaning and welcoming service.
  • Flat Chapada Diamantina: 1 bedroom house starting at R$ 160. It is a small house, but with good structure. The host’s tips on local tourism are praised.
  • Corner in Chi’apada: house for up to 5 guests with a daily rate from R$ 200. It is a well equipped and well located house.
  • Chapada Houses – Lençóis, Chapada Diamantina: 2 bedroom house starting at R$ 450. Houses in a closed condominium, with great structure and good space.

Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina in Vale do Capão?

Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina?  Best B&Bs in Chapada Diamantina
accommodation of Pousada Zazen

Vale do Capão is a part of the municipality of Caeté-Açu, sought after by those who want contact with nature and alternative therapies.

Even so, it is possible to find tourist agencies, inns for all budgets and restaurants, but in smaller numbers when compared to Lençóis, which is the center of tourism in Chapada Diamantina.

Vale do Capão is the best place for those who want to trekking to Vale do Patiwhich can vary from 2 to 5 days and includes accommodation in the house of residents.

Check below good inns in Chapada Diamantina in Vale do Capão:

  • Savi Chalets: double room starting at R$ 135. Chalés Savi is a simple accommodation, but with good prices. The accommodations are spacious and the service is welcoming, being a good cheap hostel in Chapada Diamantina.
  • Pousada Pé no Mato: double room with daily rate from R$ 150. Pousada Pé no Mato is an inn in Vale do Capão with good value for money. The inn has well decorated rooms and is well located, close to the center.
  • Pousada Tarumim: double room starting at R$ 190. Pousada Tarumim is a great option for those traveling by car, about 1.5 km from the center. The inn has beautiful rooms and good value for money.
  • Pousada Zazen: double room with daily rate from R$ 230. Pousada Zazen is an inn with a good location, comfortable rooms and good structure, being one of the best inns in Chapada Diamantina in Vale do Capão.

Chapada Diamantina Inns in Mucugê

Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina?  Best B&Bs in Chapada Diamantina
accommodations of Garimpo da Terra Suites

Mucugê is a small historic town in the region, place of discovery of the first diamonds in Chapada.

THE city ​​has less structure than those mentioned before, but it is a good base for exploring the southern part of Chapada Diamantina.

Regarding accommodation, there is not much variety, but we can highlight two great inns.

THE Pousada Monte Azul is the best known and most sought after in Mucugê. The inn has a good structure, breakfast is praised and the staff is knowledgeable about the trails and tours. The daily rate for a double room is R$ 250.

For those looking for a more economical inn, but with quality, it is worth mentioning the Garimpo da Terra Suiteswith a double room from R$ 160. The inn has good rooms and is highly praised for its service, being a good option for where to stay in Chapada Diamantina.

Map with the best cities and inns in Chapada Diamantina

Check the map for the location of cities and the best inns in Chapada Diamantina. Click on the “arrow button” on the top bar to access the map legend.

Book your accommodation through the links in the post or through the search box and help maintain the Digital Nomad Guide, without paying a penny more for it. Thank you!

Where to stay in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia?

The best city to stay in Chapada Diamantina is in Lençóis, which has good inns, restaurants and tourist agencies for tours.

What are the best pousadas in Chapada Diamantina?

There are many quality inns in Chapada Diamantina, concentrated in Lençóis, as we present in the article. Know that there are options for various budgets, including cheap inns.

We hope that the tips on where to stay in Chapada Diamantina have been helpful in planning your trip!

Good trip!

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