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Where to stay in Ilha Grande

Where to stay in Ilha Grande? Are you looking for tips on good, beautiful and cheap inns on the island? Well, that was also one of our doubts before going there.

After 5 times in Ilha Grande, I was able to get to know some places and test some options. But our experience is a little limited: we always choose to stay in Vila do Abraão, the busiest part of Ilha Grande.

The advantage of staying in Vila do Abraão is a little obvious: as you are in the best structured region of the island, the options for restaurants, inns and tours are much more varied. On the other hand, for those looking for differentiated and more sophisticated places, or even more private ones, it might be worth leaving Abraão.

For us, Vila do Abraão has always been perfect for its practicality and nightlife options. Check out some options not for cheap inns, but for places that represent good value for money in Ilha Grande.

Where to stay in Ilha Grande

Tips for choosing an inn

  • Power outages are very common in Ilha Grande, especially in summer or high season. If you don’t want to go through this (we’ve already had 2 days without electricity, we’re desperate to charge the electronics), look for hostels with a generator.
  • Wifi is also often an issue. Check the hostel’s specific note for free Wi-Fi, available on
  • Most of the streets are dirt, so wheeled bags can be a problem. Therefore, if the inn is far from the pier, it is better to hire a porter.
  • Some inns are in front of the beach. Cool huh? Not necessarily. At certain points, there is not even a dirt path, and you will have to walk on the sand of the beach. Bad for those who are carrying suitcases.
View larger map on Google Maps
View larger map on Google Maps

On this last trip to Ilha Grande, we stayed in two inns: Solar da Praia and Caúca. On other occasions, we stayed at other inns, but since it’s been longer, we’ve sought the opinion of other travelers on and TripAdvisor. Check it out below.

1 – Pousada Solar da Praia – Click here to check price and availability


Solar da Praia was a pleasant surprise during our trip to Ilha Grande in May 2016. Located practically in front of the pier where boats from the mainland land, the inn has a perfect location.

In addition, the inn is very charming, both in the decoration of the external areas and in the accommodations. Don’t expect a pool or mWhere-To-Stay-Island-Big-Tips-2

For leisure, the beach is right in front. The wifi worked fine (rare thing in Ilha Grande), but also the inn was not so full, which I think contributes to the signal not being disputed.

The receptionist, Natalia, is perfect. Super friendly and efficient, she is one of those travelers who end up moving to their travel destination.

Breakfast is served at the table. It has a good variety and you can repeat it, but we particularly prefer it when we can help ourselves.

  • Booking Rating: Fabulous – 8.7 based on 160+ reviews
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars based on 163 reviews – #1 of 90 B&Bs in Vila do Abraao with Certificate of Excellence
  • BRL 220.00 (with breakfast) – reference May/2016
  • Strong point: Perfect location, almost in front of the landing pier of Vila do Abraão
  • Weak point: Breakfast is served at the table and not as a buffet, so it is a little inhibiting for those who like to help themselves.

2 – Pousada Caúca – Click here to check price and availability


Despite being well evaluated, Pousada Caúca did not please us as much as we had expected. We also stayed in May 2016. I think the main problem was the coldness of the staff. Despite being efficient and polite, everything is a bit impersonal, almost bureaucratic.

But for those who don’t care much about it, Caúca really enchanted us with its outdoor area. The gardens are very beautiful and have so many details that you can spend a lot of time relaxing and finding new cute details.

As it is a bit extensive, the wifi didn’t work in our room and we had to go to the breakfast area. In this case, repellent was indispensable. For the amount we paid, an unforgivable failure.

Another however is that the inn is relatively far from the pier, that is, prepare to walk about 10 minutes to reach the inn.

  • Booking Rating: Fabulous – 8.8 based on 700+ reviews
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars based on over 260 reviews – #5 of 90 B&Bs in Ilha Grande with Certificate of Excellence
  • BRL 300.00 (with breakfast) – reference May/2016
  • Strong Point: The outdoor area of ​​the gardens is charming, a delight to relax
  • Weakness: Price above the average for Ilha Grande, wifi did not work.

3 – Pousada Casablanca – Click here to check price and availability


I stayed at this hostel for some time now, but it still has a good rating on the booking sites. The advantage is to stay on Bouganville, a small stone street that is almost opposite the pier, so the location is great. She is painted all pink and very cute, but at the time I thought the rooms were a little small.

  • Booking Rating: Very good – 8.4 based on 400+ reviews
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 of 5 stars based on 140+ reviews – #12 of 18 Hotels in Ilha Grande
  • Strong Point: Location, in Bouganville, shopping street in Ilha Grande
  • Weakness: Size of the rooms and complaints from Booking users about the wi-fi signal.

4 – Pousada Sanhaço – Click here to check price and availability


Pousada Sanhaço was our choice a few years ago, to celebrate a birthday in Ilha Grande. The funny thing is that we stayed alone at the inn, and even so the preparation of breakfast was always exquisite. The location is great, on a street that starts from the beach, also close to the pier.

On our last trip, the only reason we didn’t come back is the information that the inn doesn’t have wi-fi. If the value compensates or the others are full, it can be a good alternative.

Another thing that we think is bad is that close to the inn there is a person who puts up a big screen showing masses at very high volume, which disturbs all the establishments nearby with the noise.

  • Booking Rating: Good – 7.9 based on 350+ reviews
  • TripAdvisor Rating: 4.0 of 5 stars, based on over 70 reviews – #44 of 90 B&Bs in Ilha Grande and Certificate of Excellence
  • Strong Point: Location close to the pier.
  • Weakness: Absence of wi-fi internet.

That’s it. We have also stayed at Pousada Estalagem Costa Verde but we sincerely do not recommend the accommodation. The inn is very simple, only worth it if the price is very good.

And you, do you have any tips for a hostel in Ilha Grande? Share with us.

Readers’ Recommendation

5 – Lonier Praia Inn Flats

Reader’s indication, the inn is located on Rua da Praia and offers a hearty breakfast, excellent location in front of the beach and a small bar at the inn that offers delicious portions.

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