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Where to Stay in Malta? | Best Hotels and Location

Where to stay in Malta is a very important issue when planning your trip. Although the bus system is great and even has night lines, the intervals between them are long.

To get to many parts of the country, two buses will be needed, if you don’t choose where to stay, which will make the trip too long.

Changing accommodation during your trip is definitely the best option. But let’s break that down a bit later. See the map to understand better.

Click on a point on the map to see its legend

For us, the ideal is to stay in Malta most of the time, as this island is the biggest and with the most attractions. Leave for one or two nights in Gozo, as it is smaller and has fewer interesting points.

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Where to Stay in Malta

We spent most of our time in St. Paul’s Bay. It’s a resort that, over the years, supposedly stopped being so touristy, so prices are lower. We said “supposedly” because we thought the place was wonderful!

It has many accommodation options, many bars and a beautiful boardwalk along the sea, perfect for sunsets.

There we stayed in two different accommodations. The best experience was at the Euroclub Hotel, a big hotel with a pool and everything. The price was ridiculously cheap (70 euros for 4 days a couple) and we felt very comfortable there.

Photo: Euroclub Hotel

For those who want to stay in a very well located and economical place, we recommend this hotel and also the Sea Breeze GuestHouse.

where to stay in malta
Photo: Sea Breeze GuestHouse

For those who prefer to stay in a resort, the best in the region is the Dolmen Hotel Malta, which has a wonderful pool and rooms with sea views:

Photo: Dolmen Hotel Malta
where to stay in malta
Photo: Dolmen Hotel Malta

Still about St. Paul’s Bay, the place is well connected to the airport and the northern part of the island, where the port connecting Gozo is located.

It is also easy to reach Rabat from there (where Mdina is located), Mosta and the capital Valetta, requiring only one bus to reach each of these places. If the idea is to enjoy more places during the day, this is a good location.

where to stay in malta
St Paul’s Bay

Paceville: Hostel in Malta!

It is the place for parties and nightlife, where most backpackers and young people stay in Malta.

The advantage of this region is to stay in hostels, which are concentrated here. The best without a doubt are the PV Hostel, super well located, and the Inhawi Hostel, which has this delightful pool:

where to stay in malta
Photo: Inhawi Hostel
Photo: PV Hostel

For those who prefer a private room without missing out on the party, Marco Polo Party Hostel has it all at low prices.

where to stay in malta
Photo: Marco Polo Party Hostel


To stay close to the best beach in Malta, in our opinion, stay in Melieha. The Melieha Holiday Center is an excellent option, facing the sea.

where to stay in malta
Photo: Melieha Holiday Center


The country’s capital. It is from where you can reach any part of the island with just one bus. But it has a very big problem with traffic, in addition to growing numbers of violence.

The suggestion would be to stay here for a day or two to be able to explore both the city (which is very beautiful and interesting) and the places in the south of Malta, the main ones being Marsaxlokk and St. Peter’s Pool.

One downside is that accommodation in Valletta is priced much higher than in St Paul’s Bay. Most are apartments or apart-hotels, not hotels or inns per se.

West Street Apartment is an excellent option that accommodates up to 5 people.

where to stay in malta
Photo: West Street Apartment

Princess Elena is a beautiful hotel, well located and with good prices for the region:

where to stay in malta
Photo: Princess Elena

south of malta

If you want to explore the incredibly beautiful southern region of Malta, in a calmer way, a good option might be to stay in Marsaxlokk, a very charming fishing town.

South Wind Guest House and Dun Gord Guest House are both great options.

Photo: Wonderful view from Dun Gord Guest House
Photo: South Wind Guest House


It’s where the airport is and it’s not a very interesting city. Despite having plenty of bus lines there connecting the entire island, the idea of ​​staying in Luqa did not seem very smart to us. It is far from the beach and any other interesting point.

Where to stay in Gozo

In Gozo, Victoria is the capital and more or less the geographic center of the island. Basically, all the bus lines from there depart from the capital to the rest of the island. So this is the best location to stay on the island.

Here the best hotels are The Duke Boutique Hotel and Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse, very well located and with excellent reviews.

Photo: The Duke Boutique Hotel
where to stay in malta
Photo: Casa Gemelli Boutique Guesthouse

Camping in Malta

There are some campsites scattered around the island, mainly on the main one (Malta). The difficulty is getting information about them. Basically just calling.

In our research, we found some, but they were poorly located and, given the price of accommodation in the country, not worth it at all.

The price is around 8 euros per person, while cheaper hotels cost 15 euros a couple. Best price and location.

Malta Travel Insurance

In some countries around the world, taking out travel insurance is mandatory. Most of them are in Europe and are signatories of the Schengen Treaty, which makes it mandatory for all tourists to take out travel insurance with a minimum value of €30,000. This is the case for Malta.

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