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Where to stay in Recife – make the best choice

Do you want tips on where to stay in Recife? So, you’ve just come to the right place! One of the most sought after Northeastern capitals during high season and carnival, Recife has countless wonderful attractions, and beaches to complete the paradisiacal scenery.

Here I will explain how the dynamics of the capital of Pernambuco works in relation to the neighborhoods and how to choose the best hotels for your trip.

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Recife – overview

The metropolis has two historic centers, and is full of resorts and hotels to please all tourists.

From the moment that Porto de Galinhas became the highlight of destination for those who want to enjoy a wonderful beach in Pernambuco, the cultural wealth of Recife and Olinda and entered the radar of many tourists.

And it’s not for nothing, the destiny is fantasticRecife is the birthplace of manguebeat and the frevo. In fact, there is no shortage of things to do in the city. Therefore, if you are going to the Northeast, you should make an itinerary and decide where to stay in Recife to make the most of your trip.

However, with so many options, it is even difficult to decide where to stay in Recife. Therefore, it is common to have doubts like: is it better to choose a place close to the center, closer to the main beaches and attractions, or to stay in Olinda? Here we will list explain everything!

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Is it worth staying in Olinda?

Where to stay in Recife
Olinda – photo Lu

The answer is simple: not worth staying in Olinda unless you are visiting the area for the Olinda carnival. The city is well known for its street carnival, by the Galo da Madrugada block. In this case, yes, it is infinitely better to stay in Olinda.

Although, if your trip has the objective of getting to know Recife and Olinda and all its tourist attractions, I recommend staying in Recife. It is closer to the main points of interest and has more options for hotels and inns.

Check here the complete list of hotels and B&Bs in Olinda

Where to stay in Recife

Where to stay in Recife
Boa Viagem beach – photo Lu

For those who still don’t know where to stay in Recife, there are some neighborhoods that deserve more attention of tourists. They have more options for hotels and resorts in the city, they are safer and closer to the main attractions. Let’s talk a little more about Boa Viagem, Pina, Downtown and Old Recife.

Opting for Centro and Recife Antigo is an excellent way to be close to restaurants and tourist attractions. However, I don’t think they are very safe neighborhoods and there are few accommodation options in them.

the neighborhood of Good trip it is relatively close to the airport, and has the highest concentration of hotels to stay in Recife. No doubt, Boa Viagem is one of the best options for those looking for where to stay in Recife.

The hotels have a good range of prices, there are plenty of gastronomic options. As well as an incredible view of the sea. A point of attention is the traffic, as most tourists stay in this neighborhood, high season traffic is more intense. Therefore, there is greater movement of people on the beaches and tourist attractions.

Pina is practically a continuation of Boa Viagem and also an excellent lodging option, with good moonlight and a little less traffic. The point of attention in Pina is that the sea is usually relatively rough there.

I think it is important to take into account whether will you have a rental car or not. If so, you will have a car in hand, the choice of hotel is more important than the neighborhood itself (Pina or Boa Viagem).

Now I will list the main hotels of these two neighborhoods that I recommend: Pina and Boa Viagem.

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#1 Ramada by Wyndham

what to do in reef
Ramada – Recife

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