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Where to stay in Santiago, Chile: my experience at the Hotel Diego de Velazquez

In my research to find out where to stay in Santiago, in Chile, I read great recommendations about Providencia. It is one of the main commercial areas in the city, safe, with good cost benefit, easy access and much sought after by Brazilians.

It was there that I stayed as soon as I arrived, at the Hotel Diego de Velazquez. When checking in, I saw that one of the employees was Brazilian, Gabriel, as helpful as all the others, but with a difference: he gave me all the information and tips in Portuguese!

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He helped me with the suitcase to the room and, upon entering, I was pleasantly surprised. What I got was huge! It had a delightful double bed with two side tables, a table with chairs, a dresser with a mirror, a fridge, a TV… I, at least) are used to seeing. Every time I enter, I mentally hum that song “It fits three whole lives/ It even fits a dresser…”, by Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade – who remembers? Haha ha



At the entrance there was also a mini hallway with a closet and the door to the bathroom, which was great: a bathtub with a hot shower and also a hair dryer – a very useful item, I think every hotel should have it. I would wake up early and, overcoming the laziness of getting out of that good bed, I would wash my hair and go out with it dry, because with an average of 7 or 8 degrees, which was more or less what I did in the morning, I couldn’t go out with he wet.

Room service was also great, every time I came back I found everything tidy! And the wi-fi had a perfect signal in the room and anywhere in the hotel – just ask for the password at reception when you check-in.




On the same floor as my room was the swimming pool, with several chairs around it. And a very nice lounge to sit and chat… I imagine that in the summer it must be a great atmosphere. There was also a gym space, with a bicycle, treadmill… I don’t know if that fits exactly as leisure, right? 😛




To eat

But let’s get down to business! Breakfast, served from 7 am to 10 am, is very complete. Savory breads and sweets, cakes, all very tasty. There was a cupcake that looked like a dream (literal dream, those from the bakery). In addition to butter, jam, cold cuts (a wonderful white cheese), fruit, chocolate and traditional drinks: milk, tea and coffee.

The hotel itself also has a restaurant service, both with room delivery and in an outdoor space on the sidewalk, which on some days even has live music.

In fact, there are plenty of restaurants and snack bars close by. On the same street (just cross) there are several, of all styles – fast foods, Japanese, bars, pizzerias… Just walk around and choose. Despite this movement, I had no problem with noise when sleeping.




And right in front of the hotel is a Big John chain market (there are several in the city). Perfect for buying water, soda, cookies, snacks, chocolates, anyway… items for a quick snack or even to leave in your bag and eat during the day between one trip and another.

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The Hotel Diego de Velázquez is one block from Av. Providencia, where there are many shops and commerce in general.


In addition to having two metro stations very close by – Pedro de Valdívia and Los Leones, both on Line 1 (Red), it also makes it possible to walk to some places that are always recommended in the itineraries of those who go to Santiago.

Among them, the Sky Costanera, the tallest building in Latin America, from where you have a panoramic view from the viewpoint on the 61st floor; and the Giratorio Restaurant, which is located on the 18th floor and, as the name suggests, rotates, changing the look while great dishes are served. Certainly a good option for those looking where to stay in Santiago.


Hotel Diego de Velazquez
Address: Guardia Vieja, 150, Providencia
Average daily price for two: BRL 400.00 (Search on Booking in Sep/17, subject to change)
Click here to see dates, prices and book.
More information: [email protected]

* I thank Hotel Diego de Velazquez for the courtesy in the daily rates, but I make it clear that this text only reflects my personal opinion, maintaining my commitment to transparency with readers.

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