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Where to stay in Stuttgart, Germany?Best Hotels in Stuttgart

Stuttgart is known as the city in Germany where Porsche and Mercedes-Benz are headquartered.Despite not being as visited as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Cologne, the city has interesting and varied tourist attractions.In addition, Stuttgart is a great base city to meet locals in the surrounding area.For that, we are going to share tips that will help you decide where to stay in Stuttgart(Stuttgart).

Important information about where to stay in Stuttgart

First information What you should know when booking a hotel in Stuttgart is that the city receives a lot of business travelers.Therefore, it is necessary to book accommodation in advance to obtain better value for money.

Another important point is that public transport is of high quality, which greatly facilitates travel and impacts the decision on where to stay in Stuttgart.

Even if you are not staying so close to the city center, your hotel will probably be just a few minutes’ walk from a train or metro station.

So as in other big cities in Germany, hotels in Stuttgart are not so cheap.Even so, the budget traveler can find options to get around this problem and make the most of the trip.

Mapa de Stuttgart: onde ficar em Stuttgart
Districts of Stuttgart

In the image above you can see the districts that make up Stuttgart.Pay particular attention to the area called Mitte (downtown).

Also note that the airport (Flughafen) is far from downtown.Fortunately, lines S2 and S3 connect the airport to the center in 30 minutes.

Where to stay in Stuttgart, Stuttgart?Best neighborhoods in Stuttgart

  • Stuttgart Central (Mitte): city center, close to main attractions;
  • Stuttgart West, in the Feuersee area;
  • Stuttgart Süd , in the Karlshöhe area;
  • Bad Cannstatt
  • Esslingen: a pretty little town nearby that can be reached by train.

Where to stay in Stuttgart Central (Mitte )?

Onde ficar em Stuttgart: Stuttgart Central (Mitte)Onde ficar em Stuttgart: Stuttgart Central (Mitte)
Where to stay in Stuttgart: Stuttgart Central (Mitte).Photo: Flickr – k1rsch

The best area to stay in Stuttgart is calledStuttgart Central(Stuttgart-Mitte).Many hotels are located in this area, which is quite pleasant.

In the center of Stuttgart is the city’s main street (Königstraße), Stuttgart castle (Neues Schloss Stuttgart), the town hall (Rathaus), as well as several squares such as Marktplatz and Schlossplatz.

The center is reasonably sized, so there are a few areas within the center to choose from.

For example, you can stay in a hotel close to the city hall (Rathaus).That way, you’ll be right next to Stuttgart’s tourist attractions and you’ll be able to do a lot on foot without difficulty.

Another area in the center with hotels is close to the University of Stuttgartmain train (Hauptbahnhof).Hostel Alex 30 is one of the best hostels in central Stuttgart, with a great location and spacious rooms.

  • Pension am Heusteig: double room with daily rate from €55.Pension am Heusteig is another good downtown lodging, offering simple rooms with understated decor.Customer service is another plus.
  • Gästehaus Ziegler: double room from €75 per night.The Gästehaus Ziegler has great value for money as it offers good rooms without luxury in a great location, being one of the best hostels in Stuttgart.
  • Maritim Hotel Stuttgart: double room starting from of 75 €.The Maritim Hotel Stuttgart is one of the cheap hotels in Stuttgart for standard downtown prices.This hotel is praised for its location and attentive service.
  • Motel One Stuttgart-Mitte: double room from €95 a night.The Motel One Stuttgart-Mitte is a modern and well-located hotel in Stuttgart.
  • Jaz in the City Stuttgart: double room from €100 per night.The Jaz in the City Stuttgart is another good hotel in Stuttgart, notable for the quality of its modern accommodations.
  • Kronenhotel: double room starting at €120.The Kronenhotel is one of the most traditional hotels in Stuttgart, which is also quality and well located.
  • Where to stay in Stuttgart in other neighborhoods?

    Onde ficar em Stuttgart: bairros em volta do centroOnde ficar em Stuttgart: bairros em volta do centro
    Where to stay in Stuttgart: neighborhoods around the center.Photo: Flickr – barnyz

    Around the center of Stuttgart are areas called Stuttgart Nord (North), Stuttgart Ost (East), Stuttgart Süd (South) and Stuttgart West (West).You can find hotels in these neighborhoods, mainly in the west and south.

    In Stuttgart West, in the Feuersee area, you can find a pleasant neighborhood, including the beautiful Johanneskirche St. John) and its lake in front.

    In Stuttgart Süd, in the Karlshöhe area, you’ll be close to Marienplatz, parks and hills where there’s a beautiful view of the city .

    Bad Cannstatt tends to have cheap hotels in Stuttgart.What’s interesting about Bad Cannstatt is the fact that it’s a residential neighborhood with commerce, there’s even a promenade there.

    But beware of other areas of the city.It is not recommended to stay close to the factories of the automakers, as this is not the most beautiful area of ​​the city.But if you’re traveling for work, of course it can be an option to make your trip easier.

    Among the options for where to stay in Stuttgart, neighborhoods around the city center, we highlight:

    Best hotels in Stuttgart

    Central-Classic Hotel
    • Central-Classic Hotel: double room starting at €60.The ibis Styles Stuttgart is the best ibis hotel in Stuttgart, with easy access to the metro and praise for the rooms and cleanliness.In the same price range, there is List Five – Your British Guesthouse, a small inn in Stuttgart that is well located.
    • Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart: double room starting at €80.The Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart is an international hotel with good prices and a great structure.
    • Internationales Studierendenhotel: double room with a daily rate from €85.The Internationales Studierendenhotel is a conventional Stuttgart hotel with good, discreet rooms and a location close to the metro.
    • Motel One Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt: double room from €95 a night.The Motel One Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt is the best Motel One hotel in Stuttgart and is praised for its service and beautiful rooms.

    Where to stay in Esslingen?Hotels in Esslingen

    Onde ficar em Stuttgart: EsslingenOnde ficar em Stuttgart: Esslingen
    Where to stay in Stuttgart: Esslingen.Photo: Flickr – barnyz

    An option for those who don’t want to stay in Stuttgart, but rather in a quieter city, is to opt for a hotel in Esslingen.

    Esslingen is 16km from Stuttgart and is used as a place of residence by many workers in Stuttgart.

    The city is very beautiful and is highlighted by the beautiful architecture of its buildings and its busy market that is held on Esslingen Marktplatz.

    The Ecoinnis the most popular hotel in Esslingen, with a double room starting at €75.

    Even if you don’t stay for there, it is worth visiting Esslingen on your trip to Stuttgart.

    See the best hotel options in Esslingen.

    Map with the best hotels in Stuttgart

    On the map, there is the location of all hotels in Stuttgart mentioned in this post.Just click on the “button with arrow” to access the map legend.

    Book your accommodation using the links in the post or the search box and help maintain the Digital Nomad Guide, without paying a penny more for that.Thank you!

    Conclusion on where to stay in Stuttgart

    How to find cheap hotels in Stuttgart?

    You can search for budget hotels in the area downtown, in the Bad Cannstatt and Feuerbach districts or even in a neighboring town.Another tip is to use our hotel selector that identifies the best value for money.

    Is Stuttgart worth visiting?

    Yes, because it’s a capital with several events and cultural attractions, as well as parks and breweries.

    Here are our tips on where to stay in Stuttgart, Germany, with the best hotels in Stuttgart and the best areas of the city to stay.

    And you, have you stayed in the region of Stuttgart, Germany?Where do you think is best to stay?Comment!

    For more Stuttgart tips, check out the Talk Travel Podcast about Stuttgartor read our full article on What to do in Stuttgart!

    Have a nice trip!

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