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Where to stay in Valencia, Spain?Best hotels in Valencia

Valencia is Spain’s third largest city, a rising travel destination due to the variety of landscapes and places to visit.There is a lot to do in the city, but travelers often have doubts about where to stay in Valenciawell located.

Despite being a large city, most hotels in Valencia are concentrated in the center Historic, also known as Ciutat Vella.

In this post, we’ll show you which are the best neighborhoods in Valencia to stay, with tips for quality hostels, inns and hotels, including budget accommodation.

Where to stay in Valencia?Best neighborhoods in Valencia

Where to stay in Valencia in the Historic Center?

Onde se hospedar em Valência no Centro Histórico?
Plaça de la Mare de Déu with the Cathedral of See in the background.Source: Wikimedia

The best place to stay in Valencia is the Historic Center.This is where you’ll find most of the sights, such as the Cathedral and the Central Market.

The architectural beauty of the old area is another plus point.Narrow streets, medieval stone houses and the bohemian El Carmen district are part of Ciutat Vella.

Young people tend to enjoy the tapas bars and restaurants in El Carmen.Travelers who want to be close to everything prefer the vicinity of Plaza del Ayuntamiento (city hall).

To get around the Historic Center, the best alternative is to walk.This way, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the neighborhood and still find photogenic spots.

On the edge of the center are metro stations, which make it easy to access other neighborhoods in Valencia, but there is no station inside the old area.

Because it is very popular and has an excellent variety of accommodations, during the summer the Historic Center is very busy, with a chance of noise in the main streets.

  • Points positive: proximity to attractions;variety of accommodation;nightlife;
  • Negative points: hustle and bustle in summer;no subway station;
  • Good for: short trip;young people;location as a priority.

Check out our accommodation suggestions on where to stay in Valencia in the Historic Center below:

Best hotels in Valencia in the Center and other accommodations

Onde ficar em Valência, EspanhaOnde ficar em Valência, Espanha
Vincci Lys
  • Quart Youth HostelAccommodation: bed in dormitory with a daily rate from € 12. The Quart Youth Hostel is one of the best hostels in Valencia, with a new and modern structure, which is also praised for its cleanliness.In addition to the dorms, there are private rooms with a shared bathroom.
  • Colors Rooms: double room from €35 a night. Colors Rooms is one of the best budget hostels in Valencia -Benefit for budget travelers.The hostel is located in the El Carmen region, but on a quiet street.The accommodations have good structure and the service is highly praised.Ad Hoc Carmen is a great option on where to stay in Valencia in the Historic Center.The hotel is very well located and the accommodation is modern.In the same price range, there is the Hostal Antigua Morellana, ideal for those who like great, well-located inns.
  • Hostal Venecia: double room with a daily rate from from €60. Hostal Venecia is a popular hostel in Valencia.Its location on Plaza del Ayuntamiento makes it easy to see the sights and travel to the metro and Estació del Nord train station.In the same price range, there is the charming little guesthouse OttoH Charm Stay.
  • Sorolla Centro: double room starting at €75. Sorolla Centro It is an ideal hotel for those who want to stay in the Historic Center of Valencia, but it is close to the metro stations.The hotel is simply decorated, but has a good structure.In the same price range, there is the Melia Plaza Valencia, a very popular and super central hotel.
  • One Shot Mercat 09: double room with a daily rate from €80. The One Shot Mercat 09 is centrally located and offers modern accommodations.
  • Vincci Lys: double room starting at €85. The Vincci Lys is a beautifully decorated hotel, with comfortable accommodation and good location.In the same price range, there is the super central and excellent L’Esplai Valencia Bed & Breakfast.
  • Dear Hotel: double room from €150 The Caro Hotel is one of the most sophisticated hotels in Valencia, with richly decorated environments and accommodations.

Where to stay in Valencia at Extramuros and L’Eixample?

Onde ficar em Valência em Extramuros e L’Eixample?Onde ficar em Valência em Extramuros e L’Eixample?
Puerta de la Mar, between the Center and L’Eixample.Source: Wikimedia

Some neighborhoods close to the Historic Center have good hotels, a convenient location for visiting Valencia and metro stations.

The two best neighborhoods are Extramuros and L’Eixample.

Extramurosis a quieter neighborhood in the Jardim Botânico region, ideal for those looking for peace, but who want to be close to the Historic Center.

In one part of the neighborhood there is train station Estació del Nord.There are always people close to the station and there is a lot of demand for hotels.

In Extramuros, the following hotels stand out:

  • Zalamera BnB: double room with bathroom shared from €45. Zalamera BnB is strategically located near the Estació del Nord train station.The guesthouse has discreetly decorated rooms and a good breakfast, making it a good cheap guesthouse in Valencia.
  • Jardín Botánico Hotel: double room starting at €60. The Jardín Botánico Hotel is a traditional hotel close to an area with many gardens and very close to the Historic Center.The Jardín Botánico Hotel stands out for its good accommodations.
  • Zenit Valencia: double room starting at €70. The Zenit Valencia is ideally located between the Historic Center and the train station. train Estació del Nord.

However, the neighborhood near the Historic Center with the best location is L’Eixample, which also has beautiful architecture, large, tree-lined avenues, boutiques and plenty of shopping options.

The separate Estació del Nordtrain station L’Eixample and Extramuros.

Travelers looking for a more upscale environment will enjoy staying at L’Eixample.

To the south of the neighborhood, you can find a more modern area, with many trendy businesses, such as craft breweries and vegetarian restaurants.

See below for where to stay in Valencia in L ‘Eixample:

Onde ficar em Valência, EspanhaOnde ficar em Valência, Espanha
One Shot Colón 46
  • B&B Live in Chianti: double room with shared bathroom from €45.The accommodation’s decor is cozy, reminiscent of a house in the Valencian countryside.
  • One Shot Colón 46: double room starting at €65. The One Shot Colón 46 has an excellent location , between the Historic Center and the L’Eixample district.The hotel is modern but not luxurious.In the same price range, there is the City Garden Bed and Breakfast, a little further away from the central area.
  • Hospes Palau de La Mar: double room with daily rate from €115. Hospes Palau de La Mar is the most sophisticated and modern hotel in L’Eixample, but located in a beautiful 19th century building, making it a great choice for where to stay in Valencia.

Where to stay in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia?

Onde ficar em Valência, EspanhaOnde ficar em Valência, Espanha
Source: Wikimedia by Maribelle71

The City of Arts and Sciences is one of the tourist attractions in Valencia, with futuristic buildings that house a science museum, oceanarium, theater and other attractions.

Stay in the City of Arts and Sciences can be an alternative for business travelers who want to get away from the center.However, we believe that it is not the best neighborhood to stay in Valencia for your first time in the city.

This region is not far from the Historic Center, only 2 kilometers, but it has common hotels, which are not cost-effective. -benefits much better than central hotels.

For those looking for cheap accommodation close to the City of Arts and Sciences, a good option is Rooms Ciencias, with a double room starting at € 35.

The Hotel Malcom and Barrethas accommodation in the same price range, but is a little further away.

For those looking for a traditional hotel in the City of Arts and Sciences, it is worth visiting the Hotel Valencia Oceanic, with a double room from €70. The hotel is simple, but has large accommodations, making it a good option for where to stay in Valencia.

Where to stay in Valencia at Playa de las Arenas?

Acomodações do Las Arenas Balneario ResortAcomodações do Las Arenas Balneario Resort
Las AccommodationArenas Balneario Resort

Staying on Valencia’s beaches only makes sense in the warmer months of the year.In terms of accommodation, most hotels are located in Playa de las Arenas.

You can find cheap hotels in Playa de las Arenas, such as Sol Playa, with double rooms from from €55, being a simple hotel, but facing the sea.

Another option for a non-luxury hotel is the Hotel Miramar, with a double room from €65.

For those looking for quality hotels in Playa de las Arenas, the two best are: Hotel Boutique Balandret, with a double room from €75 and Las Arenas Balneario Resort, with a double room from €135.

Apartments in Valencia

The city of Valencia has many apartments for rent, which are great alternatives for those traveling in groups or families.

The Booking website has more than 600 apartments that are considered very good, 250 of which are located in the historic area, and the others are very close to the center.

Check out the apartmentsthe ones in Valencia on Booking that are worth it!

Another accommodation tip in Valencia is to use the Airbnb website to rent rooms, studios or apartments.

Using this link on Airbnb, you get a credit of BRL 130 to use for your first stay on the site.

Map with the best hotels in Valencia

Check the location of all the accommodations in Valencia mentioned in this post on the map.It will analyze the location, according to a specific methodology, and assign a grade.

It is worth mentioning that the best possible area to stay is that pleasant, safe area, with access to public transport, restaurants and close to main tourist attractions.

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