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Where to Travel in Brazil in November: 11 Destinations

Where to travel in Brazil in November mainly includes beaches in the Northeastand other coastal destinations.This month it starts to rain in the interior of the country and along the Southeast coast.

But there are a variety of destinations to travel in November, from famous places to quiet, unspoilt beaches.

See our tips on the 11 best destinations to travel in Brazil in november!

11 Best vacation destinations to travel in Brazil in november

Litoral Catarinense

11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro
Praia do Matadeiro in Florianópolis

November is a good month to visit the beautiful beaches of Santa Catarina, especially at the end of the month.

Learn November is usually a busy season in the more touristy cities, such as Florianópolis, Balneário Camboriú and Bombinhas, but it is hot enough and there are sunny days.

We really enjoyed this month. and the beginning of December to enjoy the beaches with more tranquility.In addition to making it easier to find hotels and inns at good prices.

In our article on Santa Catarina Travel Itineraries, we present suggestions for destinations for your vacation in November (and other months).

You can enjoy the good structure of Balneário Camboriúand also go to the Beto Carrero World amusement park.In Florianópolis, there are many beaches and neighborhoods with their own characteristics.

The city of Bombinhas is small in size, but very large in variety of beaches that are good for families.

For those who want to discover beaches with lush nature, we recommend Garopabaand Imbituba.

See also our suggestions on where to stay in Florianópolisand where to stay in Balneário Camboriú!

Fernando de Noronha

Dois irmãos. Fonte: WikimediaDois irmãos. Fonte: Wikimedia
Two brothers.Source: Wikimedia

November is the last month to enjoy Fernando de Noronha without so much movement and still with dry weather.

As Fernando de Noronha is an isolated and expensive holiday destination, It is essential to choose the right time to travel.

Know that November is much better than December for those who want to enjoy the natural beauties of the archipelago without going bankrupt, because in the last month of the year, accommodation is even more expensive.

In terms of attractions, one of the highlights of the archipelago is snorkeling in the clear waters of Praia do Sancho and Baía dos Porcos, two heavenly places that you will definitely visit.

At Porto de Santo Antônio Beach and Praia (Baía) do Sueste, travelers enjoy the opportunity to swim close to the turtles, an experience that marks any trip.

There are also trails and viewpoints with exuberant views, even during sunset.

Thus, one of the places to travelThe most unforgettable air in November is the paradise of Fernando de Noronha.


11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro
Praia da Lagoinha.In Jericoacoara, Lagoa do Paraísois a must see and you’ll want to visit it a few times.

Know that Fortaleza is a great place to visit, largely due to the many day trips to the east and west beaches, places a few kilometers from the capital, but which are great for enjoying nature.

Among the tours, the best are to Cumbuco Beach, close to Fortaleza, and Praia da Lagoinha, a peaceful place with beautiful and preserved landscapes.

On the Morro Branco beach, the highlight is the reddish cliffs.

To make a Even more complete travel itinerary through Ceará, is worth staying on the beaches of Canoa Quebrada.They are exuberant places, with beaches full of cliffs, walks on the dunes and wonderful sunsets.

From Canoa Quebrada, you can visit the beaches that are part of the Route of the Cliffs.

Also check out where to stay in Jericoacoara, including suggestions for budget hostels!

Rio Grande do Norte

A beleza estonteante da Baía Formosa. Fonte: WikimediaA beleza estonteante da Baía Formosa. Fonte: Wikimedia
The stunning beauty of Baía Formosa.Source: Wikimedia

Traveling in Brazil in November includes several states in the Northeast, such as the beautiful Rio Grande do Norte.There are great opportunities to enjoy the beaches there in November.

Of course, it is worth spending a few days in Natal, which highlights the Genipabu Dunes and the Golden Dunes, as well as several trips to lagoons and beaches.

The beaches in Pipaare lush and should be on your vacation itinerary.But just south of Pipa are two quiet places with beautiful landscapes, Barra do Cunhaú and Baía Formosa.

Baia Formosa stands out for being a region with Atlantic forest. preserved, beautiful beaches and very quiet at any time of the year.

Be aware that north of Natal there are also many places to visit, especially São Miguel do Gostoso.

Also check out our tips aboutwhere to stay in Natalin the best neighborhoods and inns and suggestions for pousadas in Pipathat are worth the money!


11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro
Lago Negro

November is an excellent month to visit Gramado and Serra Gaúcha if you want to enjoy the Natal Luz performances and Christmas decorations .

Normally, the Natal Luzprogram starts at the end of October, so in November the presentations will be in full operation, but without excessof tourists as in December.

In addition, it will be easier to find cost-effective accommodation.

Also know that November is one of the months with the least rainfall in Serra Gaúcha and the temperature is pleasant both during the day and at night.

See also our suggestions on What to do in Gramado and Canelaand on Where to stay in Gramado!


Source: Wikimedia” class=”wp-image-17109″ srcset=” Destinos.jpg 992w,×169.jpg 300w, content/uploads/2019/04/recife-boa-viagem-capa-768×432.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 992px) 100vw, 992px”/>
Praia de Boa Viagem in Recife. Source: Wikimedia

As Pernambuco is very popular in summer, it is worth visiting the state in November, when the weather is good, that is, dry and sunny.

The travel itinerary to Pernambuco should include a visit to Recife and Olinda for those who like historic cities.

It is worth it if stay in Recifedue to the best hotels and facilities. make at least one trip to Olinda, preferring to tour with a local guide.Alto da Sé will surprise you.

To continue your cultural tour, head to the Recife Antigo district, which is home to churches and old buildings, as well as great museums.

Among the museums, stand out the important Ricardo Brennand Institute, the Paço do Frevo and the Cais do Sertão Museum can be found.

Of course, holidays in Pernambuco include plenty of beaches.For example, 1 hour by car from the capital is Cabo de Santo Agostinho, with beaches visited by the locals themselves.

The most famous beaches in the state are in Porto de Galinhas, where possible to enjoy natural pools at low tide.Also visit Muro Alto Beach, one of the best in the region and in Brazil.

From Porto de Galinhas you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia dos Carneiros in Tamandaré, with a sandy climate and plenty of natural beauty.

For those who like a complete trip, with city and beach, where to go in November in Brazil includes Pernambuco.


11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro
São Francisco Square in São Cristóvão.Source: Wikimedia

Sergipe also has very good weather in November, in addition to offering a variety of tourist attractions.

In Aracaju there are beaches and typical cuisine, as well as good prices and tours .

São Cristóvão is a historic city that can be visited on a day trip from the capital.

São Cristóvão was the first capital of Sergipe, being one of the oldest cities in the country.Its historic houses are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The main highlight of the Historic Center is Praça São Francisco, where you can find churches, old palaces and colonial mansions.

Further south of the state is Praia do Saco and its white sands, an ideal place to enjoy unspoilt and lush beaches.

Don’t forget the mouth of the São Francisco River, on the border with Alagoas, a good walk and quite different from the others.

Also see our suggestions on where to stay in Aracajuon the best beaches!

Rio de Janeiro

Fonte: PixabayFonte: Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Despite the fact that the coast of Rio de Janeiro will suffer from more rains from November onwards, you can still enjoy the Marvelous City and its various tourist attractions.

Of course, iconic attractions abound, such as: the tour to Corcovado to go to the foot of Christ the Redeemer;use the Sugar Loaf cable cars;Discover the Botanical Gardens and Maracanã.

With Rio’s hot weather, it’s always worth going to the beaches, such as the famous beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and Barra da Tijuca.

My My first trip to Rio was in November and I hardly caught any rain, as I managed to escape the heat of the summer.

Also read our special article where to stay cheap in Rio de Janeiroin various neighborhoods !


11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro
Maragogi.This way, you’ll discover the most famous attractions, but with fewer people and for less.

Even from Maceió, you can go to beaches with greenish and bluish waters, especially Ipioca and Barra de São Miguel. , in addition to the popular Praia do Francês.

As you are on vacation in November in the state, it is highly recommended staying in Maragogifor a few days to calmly enjoy the natural pools and beauty of the Brazilian Caribbean.

For those who are looking for maximum peace and inns on the beach, São Miguel dos Milagres should be on your itinerary on where to travel in Brazil in November.

Read our article with suggestions of hotels and inns about where to stay in Maceióon the best beaches!


Praia da Barra do Gramame. Fonte: WikimediaPraia da Barra do Gramame. Fonte: Wikimedia
Praia da Barra of Gramame.Source: Wikimedia

The state of Paraíba has João Pessoa as its main tourist city, because it is easy to get to know the north and south coast of the state from the capital.

João Pessoahas an excellent cultural and architectural heritage, in addition to its famous beaches (Praia de Tambaú and Praia de Cabo Branco) and the natural pools of Seixas.

In the Historic Center, the beautiful Church of São Francisco, today part of the Cultural Center, and Praça João Pessoa, with old buildings.Antenor Navarro Square is charming, with colorful houses.

It’s worth renting a car in João Pessoa and making your own route along the north coast, visiting Camboinha Beach and Areia Vermelha Island (bank of sand), for example.

On the south coast, there are a variety of beaches, with views to be enchanted.This is where the famous naturist beach of Tambaba is located, as well as the exuberant Praia do Coqueirinho and Praia da Barra do Gramame.

Also know where to stay in João Pessoaat the hotels and inns with the best value for money and see how was our trip to the south coast, the famous Costa do Conde!

Ilha do Mel

11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro11 Destinos de férias para viajar no Brasil em novembro
Shell Lighthouse.Source: Wikimedia

Ilha do Mel is the main holiday destination on the coast of Paraná, with many white sandy beaches and preserved forest.

All this climate is on the sand , still preserved nature and rusticity can be used in the hot months.However, in summer it is more expensive to stay at Ilha do Mel.

So it’s worth spending your holidays there in November, when the temperature rises considerably in southern Brazil.

The main attraction of Ilha do Mel is the beaches, but there are also trails and places to photograph, such as the Farol das Conchas and the historic Fortaleza.

See the best tips on Things to do on Ilha do Melin our full article!

We hope that the suggestions on where to go in Brazil in November have been inspiring to plan your vacation!Check out all Brazil posts by Month!

Have a nice trip!

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