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Whitney Museum and Gansevoort Market

Updated November 18, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

Meatpacking District has always been one of my favorite neighborhoods, especially now with the Whitney Museuma new market and the High Line completely finished.

Calm down, I’m going to talk about all of them, but I have to say that Meatpacking Districtfamous for having some of the hottest restaurants in the city, is becoming a great day trip as well.

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Meatpacking District in New York

Meatpacking District is an upscale neighborhood in the southern part of the island of Manhattan, neighboring Chelsea and Greenwich Village.

It is in Meatpacking that the high linewhere the hottest restaurants and the offices of several technology giants, such as Google and Samsung, are located.

The curious thing is that fifty, sixty, seventy years ago no one imagined that Meatpacking would transform so much: Meatpacking was exactly what the name suggests, a huge collective of butchers, one next to the other.

Meatpacking District it was such a large industrial area that it was there that the first national American biscuit factories were born, in fact, the Oreo was created there.

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Today Meatpacking District is in transition: from a bohemian region with some of the most expensive and popular restaurants in the city, the neighborhood is transforming into a mix of a nightlife spot with a tourist area.

Oh, and one of the most sought after: Whitney Museum and High Line alone attract more than 20,000 tourists a day.

The Meatpacking District intersection in New York

Whitney Museum in New York

I went with my friend Lilian to see the Whitney Museum (access the website) and we ended up spending hours walking around the neighborhood before entering the museum which, by the way, was beautiful by the way.

It’s amazing how the building went up in such a short time. I remember a year before there was absolutely nothing there, just a huge vacant lot.

Now this has turned the official selfie corner in Meatpacking District. Just frame the High Line and Whitney in the background and smile for the photo:

high line

I can’t stop looking at this photo! Look at the start of the High Line right in front of Whitney

Legend has it that Mrs. Whitney, back in the 1920s, was so selfless and wealthy that she bought paintings and sculptures by poor, local artists.

Uhm. Know.

Anyway, the museum has existed since 1931 in Greenwich Village, but it was born in 1914 as a studio. It took almost 20 years to catalog and exhibit just over five hundred works in a place that had the infrastructure of a museum.

In fact, and this is where the story gets interesting, it is said that the studio only became a museum because Miss Whitney offered her collection to the Metropolitan who, targeting the Middle East, refused local art without a second thought.

Whitney Museum

The fire escapes got a special decoration

In this new address, which opened in May 2015, the museum has more than 21,000 pieces by around 3,000 American artists in its permanent collection.

the focus of Whitney Museum is American art from the 20th and 21st centuries, including the curators’ darlings: those same 500-odd pieces that opened the museum in 1931.

There are temporary and traveling exhibitions, including this one, which I show now, was available until mid-2017 and then moved to Los Angeles:

Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum

Feminism in American culture

Look, I loved walking around inside, but in my opinion the best thing about the museum is the building itself.

like the Whitney Museum nestled against the Hudson River and lower Manhattan Island, expect incredible views of New York from its rooftop terraces:

Whitney Museum

Meatpacking District

From Whitney you can see The Standard, one of the most iconic hotels in New York…

high line

…look at the beginning of the High Line running down there

Meatpacking District

In the right corner a little piece of the Empire State, see?

Gansevoort Market in New York

Then Lilian and I went down to the Gansevoort Market (access the website), which despite being pretty cool, didn’t stand out so much on a trip where we got to know at least five other amazing markets in the city.

Poor thing, the problem Gansevoort Market is that it has a direct competitor very close by, the famous Chelsea Market, which everyone wants to know.

Gansevoort Market

Gansevoort Market in Meatpacking District

when i went to Gansevoort Market for the first time, the market had barely opened and was already changing: it got even closer to the most famous competitor in less than ten months of operation.

It is said that the new market boomed so much that they had to grab that bigger space before it was too late. Now, in addition to the sidewalk tables during the warmer months, there are almost two hundred places protected from the winter cold, as well as new vendors such as Big Gay Ice Cream, Luke’s Lobster and The Truffleist.

Gansevoort Market

Gansevoort Market in Meatpacking District

Meatpacking District never tire of it: it has some of the best restaurants in town, two amazing markets, a recently opened museum, a huge Apple store and the beginning of the High Line that everyone loves to visit.

What did you like most about Meatpacking District? already met the new Whitney Museum?

Whitney Museum of American Art

22 dollars | Lines 1, 2 and 3, or A, C and E get off at station 14 st

The hours change according to the time of year, but in the summer it is from Sunday to Sunday

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